Purse first! Urban Originals Luxury Vegan Handbags Original Custom Clutch

Any diva worth the title knows what ‘purse first’ means.  Your accessories should be so fabulous that they can capture the attention of the room all by themselves…and they don’t have to cost a fortune.  Why pay $3000 for a bag when you can find one that is even more adorable at a fraction of the price tag?  I found an insanely great purse that seems to go with every pair of shoes I own – and it doesn’t damage the wallet, either.  Urban Originals has all sorts of handbags from totes to crossbody to clutch, and every single one of them is completely animal-free.  Urban Originals uses premium vegan leather, and their mission is to protect you, animals, and the environment.  They say “Choose us, choose kindness.”


Urban Originals handbags are totally practical, yet they are also drop-dead gorgeous enough to go purse first.  Their 100% cruelty free bags are in line with their fashion philosophy of being ethical and sustainable.  This marvelous company donates 10% of their profits to causes for human rights, and they are especially passionate about ending slavery and human trafficking.  You can feel confident in every single way when purchasing one of their beautiful bags – fashion, function, environment, and human rights…you can’t go wrong.

I am loving the Custom Clutch in Khaki ($78, also available in Rose Pink and Black).  This fabulous bag really goes with everything.  You can dress it up or dress it down, and it pairs beautifully with almost every color and style of shoe.

The Custom Clutch is a mid-sized bag made with vegan leather.  It has a classic clutch shape, but with a bit of a modern twist.  The gold hardware plays perfectly with the pebble finish, and the design is so practical.  It has a rear magnetic snap pocket, an internal zip pocket, a magnetic snap closure, and a convenient wristlet strap.

Urban Originals Custom Clutch in Khaki
Urban Originals Custom Clutch in Khaki
Urban Originals Custom Clutch in Khaki
Urban Originals Custom Clutch in Khaki
Urban Originals Custom Clutch in Khaki
Urban Originals Custom Clutch in Khaki

Normally I go for black purses.  I never have to worry about them clashing because they go with everything, and it’s easier to dress them up and dress them down.  However, the khaki Custom Clutch has me changing my mind.  I love the design since it lets me carry a ton of stuff without looking super bulky, and the color is amazing.  It really seems to match everything I wear!  I’ve put all my black bags away and made the Custom Clutch my every day purse.

I love the size of this bag since it’s not too big and not too small.  The dimensions are H19cm x W29cm x D4.5cm.  And here is your warning – the Custom Clutch in Khaki is an incredibly popular purse – since I got mine, I’ve seen the stock go from high to low to out of stock within two weeks.  It’s currently at low stock, so I would advise that you grab it while you can!  And remember, it is made from PETA certified vegan leather and is cruelty free, plus it’s made from low chemical and Eco-conscious fabrics.

Urban Originals products are designed in Australia, and the company is based out of both Sydney and Los Angeles.  Urban Originals can now be found in boutiques across Australia, the United States, Japan, South Korea and the UK.  Check them out at www.uobags.com and get ready to go purse first!  – Lisa


  1. NeverSayDieBeauty | 20th Nov 19

    Ooooh, that clutch is so sophisticated! It definitely goes with everything!

  2. Lola Seicento | 20th Nov 19

    That is a lovely vegan clutch!

  3. Kathryne | 20th Nov 19

    I like the clutch and the color you chose! I bought a hobo bag from them as Christmas gift to my co worker. Hope she won’t read this haha.

  4. Cindy Ingalls | 21st Nov 19

    I love the color and the style but I can’t seem to keep ahold of cluches, I always lose them!

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