Poppy power! Fleur’s Delightful Body Exfoliating Mist

Every day I learn something new about skin care – who knew that poppies were super moisturizing and helped skin store moisture? Poppies and enzymes are the featured ingredients in a very cool product by Fleur’s, a beautiful skin care line with a lovely French flair thanks to the creator, Brigitte Gédouin, who is also extremely passionate about painting and flowers. The entire line has that hip, artsy vibe and the products are excellent – effective, based on strong science, with fantastic ingredients and elegant formulas.


Fleur’s Delightful Body Exfoliating Mist

Fleur’s Delightful Body Exfoliating Mist ($53.50) is a light body mist that not only envelopes you with a floral fragrance, it also moisturizes  and exfoliates your skin at the same time without having to be rinsed off. With daily use, skin just gets better – softer, more hydrated, and smoother. Fleur’s conducted some tests are here are their results:

The skin is 4 times better exfoliated*.

Refreshing effect upon application 100%**
After 1 hour: +40% hydration***

*In-vivo test.

**Satisfaction test on 23 volunteers, after 28 days of daily use.

***Instrumental test on 11 volunteers, after a single application.

Fleur’s Delightful Body Exfoliating Mist

The body mist is very refreshing and the fragrance is quite floral. It’s a warm scent with notes of citrus fruit, orange blossom and red berries. If you like floral you will love it. It leaves skin feeling very moist and soft. After you spray on, you massage in to exfoliate and moisturize. Natural enzymes do the exfoliating, eliminating dead skin cells at four times its normal rate, and poppy does the moisturizing, actually helping to improve the water storage ability of your skin.

You can find Fleur’s products at lespausa.com in the USA, and right now they have a nice special – receive a FREE Fleur’s swimsuit pouch as a gift with purchase of Delightful Body Exfoliating mist!  – Lisa


  1. I wonder how long that bottle will last? I guess that would depend on the size of one’s body and how much is applied? It does sound super easy though. I really don’t like having to clean up the tub after those traditional body scrubs and exfoliators and trying to rinse all that fine grit out. I don’t like florals except for gardenia and rose. but I love citrus and fruity scents. I might have to check this out.