POP your winter nails with these 4 beauties

POP Beauty Nail Glam

POP Beauty created a collection of Nail Glam polishes for the holidays and winter that are simply beautiful and a delight to wear. These gems are only $5 each and wear better than brands like Chanel on me. I have been so impressed with these polishes and hope that you’ll put them on your list. The 4 I have are wonderful for this season and they will be just as wonderful for the rest of winter.


Each shade is a staying power sensation with its non-chip barrier! In addition, the formula is non-occlusive so it won’t stain nails and it contains nylon to help strengthen.

The first one I wore was XMAS. I am a huge fan of red nail polish and if it glows then I’m a bigger fan of it. Xmas is a textured bright red with lots of red sparkle. I used three layers of my top coat over it since I like a smooth finish. The color lasted the week without a problem.

POP Beauty Nail Glam in Xmas
POP Beauty Nail Glam in Xmas

You can see from the picture that there is sparkle in Xmas but it isn’t what I’d call a sparkly polish. It’s more subtle so if you have a conservative workplace you can be comfortable in knowing this looks right but that you have your own little secret.

Next I tried ICED GLITZ over Xmas to bring a merry change to my nails at the end of the week.

POP Beauty Nail Glam in Iced Glitz

This beautiful polish looks white but it’s actually got a clear base that’s simply loaded with shimmer. Depending on what you wear it over it will look iridescent in the light too. It could be worn alone if you want your nails to completely sparkle, I think you’d need three coats for that.

POP Beauty Nail Glam in Xmas topped by Iced Glitz

Now for my true love out of this group. NAKED METAL is gold but a subtle gold. I feel like molten gold was poured over my nails and dried to a satin finish. I couldn’t stop looking at my hands when wearing this. It looked as perfect at the end of a week as it did on day one.

POP Beauty Nail Glam in Naked Metal
POP Beauty Nail Glam in Naked Metal

At times it even has a silver hue to it. I can’t wait to wear this again. I had compliments galore. No streaking either which is difficult to get with a solid metallic but that’s because of the wonderful finish.

POP Beauty Nail Glam in Naked Metal

WINE WONDER is the drink of choice for the holidays and the nail of choice for cold weather. This red wine polish is shiny and long lasting. Wearing two coats is perfect, wearing three coats deepens it to look more of a burgundy.

POP Beauty Nail Glam in Wine Wonder

I don’t have a voice you want to hear but pretend I’m singing to share the praises I have for these Pop Beauty polishes. Everything you want and yet only $5. Plus the bottles are so contemporary and don’t take up much space.  —  Marcia

POP Beauty Nail Glam in Wine Wonder and Xmas
POP Beauty Nail Glam in Iced Glitz Naked Metal


  1. Lola Seicento | 20th Dec 19

    Your nails look gorgeous, Marcia! I love these polishes! Wine Wonder is especially gorgeous!

  2. Glamorable | 22nd Dec 19

    Iced Glitz is so festive! It’s a nice-looking topper indeed.

  3. Madhubani | 22nd Dec 19

    I am loving Xmas and Wine Wonder. How gorgeous they are and looks amazing on you.

  4. 25 Sweetpeas | 23rd Dec 19

    These look like really nice polishes!

  5. Jen Walker | 24th Dec 19

    These are pretty! Naked Metal in particular is fantastic!

  6. Terri Shaw | 24th Dec 19

    These colors are great! So pretty. They would be good for the winter holidays and 4th of July.

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