Pixi Pixi Pixi, what summer wonders have you brought?

While the PIXI BEAUTY products I have to share today are wonderful in other seasons, they totally project summer. And we are far from done with this season. Pixi by Petra is always right on with their products and these are some extremely fun items.

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Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stains

I admit I’m a fool for the 3 Sheer Cheek Gels that Pixi has created. I love cream blush but it’s not always convenient in hot or steamy weather. Instead using these Cheek Stains makes summer life a whole lot easier.

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stains

There are 3 Cheek Gels available ($14) and I think you’re going to want them all.

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stain in Natural

Natural is probably the easiest to wear, it’s a neutral that blends with ease making you look refreshed but not made up.

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stain in Rosy

Rosy is a beautiful rosy stain. It’s my favorite, enough of a favorite that I even used one up completely. I apply this with my finger and at first it looks like it’s going to really stain both my finger and cheeks but it blends into a happy pink that looks like you’ve been out and about and feeling your best.

Flushed Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel Stain

Flushed is scary dark in the tube. It’s the one that I think most people will be surprised by since it looks sort of goth. But once applied and blended you’ll be surprised by the the ease of the plum stain.

Rosy Sheer Cheek Gel Stain

Things to know about these Sheer Cheek Gels: like all Pixi products they are cruelty free. These are also oil free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. You can build these up if you want but I’d definitely start with just a little bit and blend before deciding how deep to go. They are travel friendly and need no tools. Plus you can use them as a stain on your lips. You are going to love them!

Pixi is available at Target stores and online as well as Pixi’s website. Thanks to Pixi for making sure summer is filled with summer beauty.  —  Marcia


  1. Lola Seicento | 14th Aug 17

    These are so pretty! These look gorgeous on your skin! I need to pick one of these up on my next trip to Target!

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 14th Aug 17

    Very very cute, and great shades. It’s been ages since I’ve used a cheek gel. They look like fun!

  3. Stacie Hamilton | 14th Aug 17

    I absolutely adore these. They’re so light and refreshing. I think they’ll work great on dry winter skin too.

  4. Jen Mathews | 14th Aug 17

    I like Flushed the best!

  5. Kathryne | 14th Aug 17

    Pixi makes some nice makeup products! I would love to try these next

  6. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 14th Aug 17

    I love these for summer, they are so natural looking and last all day even in the heat.

  7. CosmetopiaDigest | 15th Aug 17

    Flushed is such a pretty neutral shade. I haven’t ever tried a cheek stain in my life – I’m too chicken for anything that isn’t a powder blush/bronzer.

  8. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 15th Aug 17

    I LOVE the sheer cheek gels. they give such natural color to the face.

  9. The Beauty of Life | 15th Aug 17

    I never wear blush, but now I definitely want to — these are so pretty!

  10. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 15th Aug 17

    Ohh, I have never used a cheek gel! I think Rosy is the prettiest too.

  11. Honeygirlk | 17th Aug 17

    I am absolutely in love with these. I use them all the time and can’t get enough of them.

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