Phytomer Oligoforce Wrinkle and Dark Spot Correction

The bane of my existence? Wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Ok, so I deal with the wrinkles by reassuring myself that they are there mostly due to smiling (thank you for not mentioning my frown lines). But there is no way to love my uneven skin tone which seems to get worse with age. I guess I am just going to keep on fighting the good fight, and I have been getting some profoundly impressive help from Phytomer Oligoforce Advanced Wrinkle and Dark Spot Correction Moisturizing Serum with Oligomer® ($126).

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Yes, that name is a mouthful, but it says almost everything you need to know about this anti-wrinkle and anti-dark spot moisturizing booster. Oligoforce Advanced is a thin green tinted serum that dries almost immediately after application. This is a treatment serum so you apply it after cleansing and before moisturizing. It has a light ozone scent that lingers, but isn’t overwhelming. The first few times I used it, I thought – um, no, this is not moisturizing at all! But what was happening was exfoliation, and all those dead skin cells that were sloughing off were fooling me into thinking my skin wasn’t moisturized. After a few days I could really tell the difference and loved how soft and hydrated my skin was.

Like all Phytomer products, Oligoforce Advanced has active ingredients that come from the sea. OLIGOMER® is concentrated sea water and Marine Eternal is blue micro-algae that tackles dark spots and wrinkles.

Its dewy texture, combining all the comfort of an oil and the effectiveness of a serum, envelops the skin in light and delivers intense hydration. Day after day, skin is radiant, dark spots are reduced and wrinkles are smoothed away.

Phytomer is known for their clinical tests of all their products and Oligoforce Advanced shows great results.

    In 1H: +72% – In 3H: +54% – In 6H: +37%
  • CORRECTED WRINKLES**  In 1 month, number of wrinkles: -37%
  • LESS VISIBLE DARK SPOTS** In 2 months, total area of dark spots: -15%

*Hydration test, one single application on 11 volunteers. **Scientific tests, twice daily application during 2 months on 23 volunteers.

I understand the value of sea water, but the Marine Eternal was new to me. Phytomer cultivates Phormidium, a blue micro-alga, which is a protective antioxidant. The reason Phytomer chose this particular algae is because it is a  scientist’s dream. Basically, it delays skin aging. Technically, “Éternelle Marine owes its survival and longevity to a highly developed photo-protection mechanism that it has developed to adapt to the extreme conditions of life. This defense system is based on Thioredoxin, a potent antioxidant molecule found naturally in the skin. Once deposited on the skin, Éternelle Marine is able to stimulate the natural synthesis of Thioredoxin, by a biomimetic effect, for enhanced antioxidant protection.”

Even after reading that description about ten times, I still don’t understand why it works. I do know, however, that it does work. Using it every morning and evening for the past month my fine lines and wrinkles are definitely reduced and those hyperpigmentation areas are much lighter…in fact, they look like they are disappearing! Color me happy.

Dermstore is an authorized retailer for Phytomer and I found the serum there for just $78 plus a free gift.  You can also find Oligoforce Advanced Wrinkle and Dark Spot Correction Moisturizing Serum with Oligomer® online at  – Lisa

Marine Eternal: Increases the production of Thioredoxins, natural anti-oxydant defense proteins in the skin, to provide an efficient anti-oxydant* and anti-inflammatory* protection to prevent wrinkles and dark spots.

OLIGOMER®: Stimulates cell vitality for a remineralized, strengthened and healthier skin, more resistant to external aggression.

*In-vitro test on the ingredient.


  1. Mary Kirkland | 16th Feb 20

    This is a new item for me. Looks interesting though.

  2. Kelly Kimmell | 16th Feb 20

    I have dark under eyes circles, I’d love to try this.

  3. Dana Rodriguez | 16th Feb 20

    These sound like great products. I love quality skin care the provides actual results.

  4. monique s | 16th Feb 20

    I love the continuous hydration. Could really use this for the fine lines I am seeing on my face

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