Perfectly primed with Decorte Priming Essence

Decorte Priming Essence
Decorte Priming Essence

I am a little weird when it comes to primers.  Ok, so that’s not my only area of weirdness…but it’s definitely one of them.  I have probably bought and tested more primers than any other cosmetic product.  My skin does not hold onto product without a good primer – blush and foundation are gone within an hour.  It’s bizarre.  A primer makes all the difference, and a great primer does even more than keep foundation and blush in place.Decorte Priming Essence

I was recently sent the Decorte Priming Essence ($65) to test, and I am going to have to go back and update my article on my top ten favorite primers to add this one (check out my top ten list HERE).  I have used this every day since I got it, and am dreading the day I run out.

Decorte is sold only at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Saks says, “Always air-light, the Priming Essence creates an endlessly even and uniform pre-surface to extend and make the most of the foundation experience. Rice emollients gently hydrate as self-optimizing color technology neutralizes redness and off-tones for a newly transparent illumination. Skin-loving infusions are embedded within. Composed from the Japanese White Birch, Shirakaba Tonic lends exceptional antioxidant activity. Its generous calming properties are known to both protect and renew. Disappears instantly.”

Decorte Priming Essence
Decorte Priming Essence

The Priming Essence is a light primer that immediately sinks in and doesn’t leave skin sticky or tacky.  It has a opalescence that gives skin an instant glow that looks natural and wonderful.  On days when I don’t want to wear makeup, I still put this on to even my skin tone and give my skin some brightness.   On days I do wear makeup, it keeps my foundation in place all day long.  My blush lasts and lasts, and looks vibrant and fresh after 7 hours of wears.  I don’t have to powder my nose every hour, probably because of the rice powder, but it doesn’t dry out my skin at all.  It’s just wonderful.

Decorte Priming Essence
Decorte Priming Essence

So far everything I have tried from Decorte has been a total home run.  You have GOT to stop by Saks to check out this fabulous import from Japan, and if you are in need of a primer put the Priming Essence on your list pronto.  – Lisa

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  1. Lynne B | 23rd Jun 17

    I love primers and this one sounds terrific. I also checked out your top 10 list of primers. I also have the Algenist one. It worked great for me pre-menopause. Now it leaves me a bit oily and my makeup starts to slide. boo.

  2. Crystal Fuentes | 25th Jun 17

    Well if it’s only sold at Saxs Fith Ave then it has to be great!! I am also weirdish about primers and you’re correct, it makes all the difference in my makeup ! I also check out your tip 10 primer list and there’s 7 of them that I have also tried. My favorite right now is the Smashbox Photo Finish

  3. Joyce Chitwood | 28th Jun 17

    Why does the really Good stuff always cost so much. Lol. Sounds like it would be Great for me that for sure. Thanks so much

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