Perfect that pucker with Pur Minerals Pout Pens

You know that sinking feeling you get when you pass by a mirror and realize that almost all of your lipstick has worn off, except for an unsightly ring around the outside? You won’t get that feeling with Pur Minerals Pout Pens.

A good lip stain doesn’t wear off…in fact, they can be difficult to remove even when you are trying! They can also be drying, so continual hydration over the stain is necessary. Pur Minerals recently sent two shades of their new stain/lip balm hybrid Pout Pens ($20) to test – Sangria and Mai Tai.

Pur Minerals Pout Pens

Pur Minerals Pout Pens

These are very handy because the stain really lasts and the opposite end is a hydrating balm that keeps lips soft and provides some slip. Sangria is a pretty purple/wine shade and Mai Tai is a bright pinky-peach.

Pur MInerals Pout Pen in Sangria

Pur MInerals Pout Pen in Sangria

Pur Minerals Pout Pen in Mai Tai

Pur Minerals Pout Pen in Mai Tai

Pur Minerals Pout Pen in Sangria (top) and Mai Tai

Pur Minerals Pout Pen in Sangria (top) and Mai Tai

The hydrating end has such a small amount of tint that I couldn’t get any good pics of swatches. They gives some shine and also have vitamin C to help fight free radicals. The marker end is very easy to apply as the sharp tip makes for great precision.

I really like these, especially for long days without mirrors! They come in two more shades, Cosmo (red) and Fuzzy Navel (peach). You can find these handy additions to the lip stain world at Ulta and  – Lisa

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  1. I like that they have lasting power but these colors aren’t for me. I could use a lippie that stays put though so I’ll check them out.

  2. Sangria is just gorgeous!

  3. Really cool idea! I like that these are double ended.

  4. Anything double-ended appeals to me! I would love this except that they could be drying on my already dry lips in spite of the hydration balm. Nevertheless, cool design

  5. Both are nice, bright shades! I will have to try these, haven’t had much luck in the past with the pen-type lip products.

  6. I love stains!

  7. That pink is pretty!

  8. I love a stain, but not that dry feeling. At least you don’t need a mirror to apply the balm, but you still amp up the color.

  9. Cool idea. I will check these out says lipstick junkie!

  10. Wow – the color on this is really nice. I think it’s a pretty neat concept in general.

  11. I swear I’m not biased because I work with PUR but every time I go in to an Ulta I wear Mai Tai because it LASTS and I don’t need to worry about looking hilarious while I’m talking to people!

  12. Sangria is so pretty. I love the marker style applicator.

  13. Jess Scull says

    omgggg I am dying over Sangria! Gorg!