Peek into my IPSY December Glam Bag Plus

IPSY December Glam Bag Plus

I have subscribed to IPSY for quite a few years, at least 3. The original $10 bag was fun but I ended up using most of the deluxe samples in giveaways. I kept it up since I always like to put extras in my packages and I knew that my winners would get some nice items. When the chance came to upgrade to the new Glam Bag Plus I knew that’s where I was headed. This is my second box and so far I’ve been more than pleased.

I read the review of the bag that Alison of Never Say Die Beauty received and noticed a slight variation and for me the variation is perfect. Without Alison’s review I’d still be searching for the word “paillettes” and never found it.

Speaking of the word paillettes there is a really nice bag in this month’s IPSY. This will be the last one though since IPSY has decided to put the money into products rather than bags. I think this is a great idea.

IPSY’s navy evening/cosmetic bag

This is the nicest bag that I’ve received from IPSY. I have a ton of their regular cosmetic bags plus I’ve given away loads of them so I certainly didn’t need them coming each month. The bag has paillettes that flip to silver. I wouldn’t carry this to a black tie affair but when we go for a nice dinner this will be fun. Plus I can make designs when I flip the paillettes so I won’t get bored!

Lancome Le Monochromatique in Eclat

Lancome Le Monochromatique is a new product for Lancome and I’m really happy this was my variation. It’s available in 10 shades:

• Petit Bisou (light blue-pink with opalescent pearls)
• Magique (translucent pink holographic pearl highlighter)
• Ooh La La! (neutral bronze with soft gold pearls)MATTE
• S’Il Vous Plait (bubblegum-pink with blue undertones)
• Soiree (Raspberry with blue undertone)
• French Affair (coral with red undertones)METALLIC PEARL
• A La Mode (brown with pink-gold pearl)
• Haute Couture (burgundy with warm redundertones)
• Mademoiselle (orange copper with red undertones)
• Eclat (champagne with pink-gold pearl)

What makes this unique is that it’s a cream to powder that can be applied anywhere on your face so use this as a blush (or highlighter depending on the shade), eyeshadow and it even can be used as a lip tint. There’s no fragrance which is unique in itself from Lancome and it’s packed with vitamin E. A winner! ($25)

Lancome Le Monochromatique in Eclat

I am most excited about the SMITH & CULT Book of Eyes Palette. I’d seen this online and was immediately attracted to it. There are 6 variations and the one I received is Interlewed aka Plume which I’d have picked for myself. From Smith & Cult: “Intensely vibrant, extremely-refined powder-to-créme formulas are packed with rich, velvety pigment, metallic micro-particles and a soft veil of translucent shimmer. The result is a multi-dimensional wash the can be applied wet or dry, stubbornly resists creasing and provides enduring wear…with no drying or fading. Gluten Free, Paraben Free = zero fear of ingredients” (I’ve shown both names Interlewd and Plume since Beautylish shows it as Plume yet Smith & Cult shows it as Interlewd and Neiman Marcus shares both names.)

Smith & Cult Interlewd aka Plume

The shadows swatched less purple than they appear in my photo but on me with a primer they have a purple cast. These are soft shadows yet there isn’t fall out when I apply them. 3 of the shades are satiny while the bottom left corner has some shimmer to it. That’s the one I apply with my finger in the way that I learned from Charlotte Tilbury. It brings out the light sparkle yet it doesn’t spread it. Just an extra pop of shine. After wearing this I definitely want another. ($44)

Smith & Cult Interlewd aka Plume

There always seems to be cosmetic brushes in both my Ipsy and Boxycharm subscriptions and there’s no exception in Glam Bag Plus. This time it’s a set of full size brushes from F.A.R.A.H., the Gold Face Brush Trio ($40). These 100% vegan bristles make for some luxurious brushes.

F.A.R.A.H., the Gold Face Brush Trio

It contains a large powder brush, a stippler brush for powders and creams, and an angled contour brush. The reason I’m not showing them out of the package is that I’m collecting my new unused brushes for Valentine’s Day giveaway.

The next product goes directly to my blog partner Lisa – KLORANE DRY SHAMPOO WITH OAT MILK ($20). Lisa lives for dry shampoo. If I went to her house I bet I’d find a cupboard full. She goes through a lot so I’ll be a good friend and give her a new Klorane to add to her life.

KLORANE Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

The big ticket item that brings up the value of this subscription to $309 is 111Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster ($180).  I love using Vitamin C products because the ingredient brightens and hydrates skin, plus it helps diminish dark spots. I have only used this once so far and am thrilled that it doesn’t add fragrance to my moisturizer when I add it in.

111Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster

Directions say to shake it well and add just 1 – 2 drops into your moisturizer or to apply it directly after cleansing. It also says to wear sunscreen which is a good reminder. Will this be worth $180? That’s hard to say. Am I glad I am getting the chance to try this? As my Magic 8 Ball would say ‘the answer is yes’.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus for December

The cost of the new IPSY Glam Bag is $25 and you’ll always get 5 full size products. I think it’s a great price for all that I received and I’m very happy with it. What’s your opinion of the bag? Is it worth $25 to you?  —  Marcia

If you decide to subscribe I’d be thrilled if you used my referral code.

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  1. Mary W | 31st Dec 18

    I have really enjoyed the Smith & Cult products I have tried. Nice to see the eye shadow included here. I am not a big fan of purple so the lighter tones would appeal to me. I am so impressed that you add samples to prizes that you award. A friend of mine recently won and was thrilled to find samples included. Thank you for your generosity!

  2. Wanda B | 31st Dec 18

    There is a lot of great stuff in there. I especially love that IPSY navy evening/cosmetic bag. It would be so much fun to use.

  3. gloria patterson | 31st Dec 18

    I have been thinking about trying IPSY and you convinced me —- ordered using your code

  4. Susan Gillam | 31st Dec 18

    I switched to get the Deluxe Glam and I’m so glad that I did!!

  5. Carol | 31st Dec 18

    Good idea to ditch the bag, too many free ones just pile up! The eye shadow palette looks nice!

  6. Lola Seicento | 2nd Jan 19

    This is a really amazing value! I think thatches is much better than the regular Ipsy boxes because of all of the deluxe samples. These full size products are impressive– especially for $25.00! The Smith & Cult palette and that Lancome shadow are really lovely!

  7. Judy | 2nd Jan 19

    I would have been so happy with this subscription month! I didn’t realize there is now another level of sub – this makes me want to check it out.

  8. Never Say Die Beauty | 2nd Jan 19

    Oh wow, I love the new Lancome product that you got in your bag! I was so curious about this product, though I am still happy with my EL Pure Color lipstick. And thank you so much for the shout out (but fyi, I am a 2 L Allison, lol!) xoxoxo

  9. Claudia Materdomini | 2nd Jan 19

    Wow, definitely some items I ould have been very excited to try like the Lancome and Smith and Cult and the brushes. I feel like Klorane is everywhere so meeeh. lol. But the sequin bag is SUPER cute! I’m all about anything sequins now

  10. Ehmkay Nails | 2nd Jan 19

    The smith and cult palette is really pretty. I love trying new dry shampoos though!

  11. Glamorable | 2nd Jan 19

    That is a wonderful bag and absolutely worth the $25 spent in my opinion. I love my new Lancome Monochromatique singles, so I wouldn’t mind getting an extra.

  12. Kristi V BeginNails | 2nd Jan 19

    That Lancome single is stunning! I love the shade of it! Beautiful!

  13. Cindy Ingalls | 2nd Jan 19

    That’s a fabulous bag, I love everything in it. definitely worth the extra $$

  14. Mai | 2nd Jan 19

    Wow you got a ton of stuff, I’d say it’s worth the $25 price tag especially when it’s not that much more expensive than a regular subscription

  15. Jen Walker | 3rd Jan 19

    Wow, this is a great box! I am glad to read they’re doing away with the bags though. As cute as they have been, nobody really needs a new cosmetic bag every single month!

  16. | 3rd Jan 19

    All these brands are so luxe! I love the look of that Lancome, and 111Skin is a great choice. I haven’t tried Smith and Cult eyeshadows, though I like their nail polishes and lippies. Enjoy all these goodies!

  17. 25 Sweetpeas | 3rd Jan 19

    Its nice there are so many full sizes!

  18. Nina Kasper | 3rd Jan 19

    I love the Book of Eyes palette!!! Looks like a great box for December!

  19. Krystal | 3rd Jan 19

    Holy cow that’s a great box! I really like the eyeshadow palette.

  20. Cassie Tucker | 4th Jan 19

    I agree, I would have liked your Lancome blush over her Estee Lauder lipstick.

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    […] of Beauty Info Zone got very excited about her December Ipsy Glam Bag. See the fun she received in this $25 […]

  22. Dawn Ransom | 6th Jan 19

    Love the eye quad and the new I spy option of the glam nag

  23. Polarbelle | 7th Jan 19

    you got Lancome in your IPSY?

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