Pamper your hair with the Volo Hero Quick Dry Towel!

Hair towels can be luxurious, but in my world they aren’t a luxury – they are a necessity. With all this hair, I need something that keeps my wet strands off my shoulders (eww I hate the feeling of cold wet hair!), that stays in place without constantly unraveling, and as a bonus that also cuts down on hair drying time. A regular towel just doesn’t cut it – they are too big, too unwieldy, and add up to more trouble than they are worth. I have a favorite hair towel is truly my hero every time I shampoo – the Volo Hero Quick Dry Towel ($39).

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The Volo Hero is a beautifully lush microfiber hair towel that is the ideal size for everyone. My hair is long, to mid-back, and it’s perfect for me. My daughter’s hair is short – above her shoulders – and it’s perfect for her! It’s the Goldilocks hair towel – not too big, not too small…just right. The Volo Hero has a Snug Strap that secures the towel and because the microfiber material is so lightweight the hair towel stays without wobbling or coming apart.

Volo says you can ”dance around, make breakfast, chase the dog” without fear of losing that snug fit, so I tested it by busting out my best moves to Cool by the Jonas Brothers. 

While my dance moves were shaky the Volo Hero was perfectly in step the entire time.

There’s more to love about the Hero than its staying power. It also absorbs up to 10x its weight in water so it cuts drying time by up to 50%. What an incredible time saver! My hair takes forever to dry so I am always looking for ways to save dry time.  I am blown away (ha!) by the difference – yes, it really does take about half the time to dry my hair after having the Hero on for about 5 minutes. Incredible.

The Volo Hero Quick Dry Towel is billed as ‘The Most Gentle Hair Towel Ever’ thanks to the soft microfiber material. Regular bath towels are pretty rough on hair, especially when they are too big for the job. They pull at your scalp and cause hair strands to break and frizz. The Volo Hero is soo soft – seriously, I want to make a bed out of nothing but about twenty of these babies.  Because the microfiber is so plush, absorbent, and lightweight, it actually helps to increase the health of your hair.

I can’t recommend the Volo Hero Quick Dry Towel highly enough. I think it is the perfect hair towel. You can find it online at (I love this online store – they have the most wonderfully curated items!) or else at Right now, at Volo Beauty you can get 3 towels for $99 and FREE SHIPPING* – just use discount code 3PACK at checkout.  – Lisa


  1. Leah Davis | 1st Oct 19

    Wow, this is so tempting! Just recently bought an Aquis hair towel & was shocked how much of a difference it made in hair drying!
    I love how plush this one seems to be and the tab you can secure the end with…this is definitely going onto my wish list!

  2. Marisela Zuniga | 1st Oct 19

    I definitely need one, it looks nice!

  3. Kathryne | 1st Oct 19

    I actually need a new hair towel like this. Mine is like really old and need replacement

  4. Kristi V BeginNails | 1st Oct 19

    This is interesting! I would never think about towel material but now I’m wanting this! I let my hair air dry and would love to get it dry faster!

  5. Nancy | 1st Oct 19

    I think I would like to try one of those.

  6. Laurie Nykaza | 2nd Oct 19

    I have really fragile hair so this looks perfect to wrap it up in to get the moisture out. Love to have one to use when coming in from the pool too.

  7. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 2nd Oct 19

    This looks so plush and perfect for my fragile hair after being color treated!

  8. Jen Walker | 2nd Oct 19

    I definitely would have loved this when I kept my hair long! I may have to get one now; even with really short hair, there is a lot of it, and a faster blow dry time is great for me!

  9. Glamorable | 2nd Oct 19

    it looks so incredibly soft! I would just to sit there and the towel while my hair dries haha 🙂

  10. Katie Marie | 2nd Oct 19

    I love using a hair towel after the shower! So much easier than the towels I use to dry off my body when I get out!

  11. Donna | 2nd Oct 19

    This is so neat! I would love to cut down on the drying time for my hair.

  12. 25.Sweetpeas | 2nd Oct 19

    Wow, had no clue a towel could make that much of a difference!

  13. Nina Kasper | 2nd Oct 19

    This looks amazing!!!! I need to cut down on drying times too, I have super thin hair so it breaks for easily. I’ve been looking for a towel for my hair so I will have to check this one out.

  14. Cassie Tucker | 2nd Oct 19

    I switched to using a hair towel instead of a regular towel when I was in cosmetology school. With all the benefits I’ve seen, I probably won’t ever switch back to a regular towel.

  15. patricia caradonna | 10th Oct 19

    This towel looks amazing. I definitely need one.

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