Pack your tiniest bags for a trip with Stowaway Cosmetics

Stowaway CosmeticsSTOWAWAY Cosmetics call themselves the Right Size Makeup Company for a good reason. All their products are small enough to stow away in a purse, pocket, or cosmetic bag. They are small yet powerful and a great size for those of us with commitment issues, overnights, quick trips, workout trips, and more.

Our product formulas are simple, refined, and hardworking, eliminating any guesswork and offering just beautiful solutions. They are packaged in a thoughtful, minimalist, and portable way—because you are busy and are doing big things. Stowaway knows that if you’re on-the-move, your beauty products are too. Stowaway is a cosmetics brand built on the philosophy that makeup should be designed to go wherever women go. Finally, the makeup you love in the sizes you can carry.

We were sent some of their products which we are happily using. We love the concept of having products that we can actually use up before trying something else. As makeup bloggers and makeup junkies STOWAWAY COSMETICS is just right for us too.


Stowaway Essential Eye Palette
Stowaway Essential Eye Palette

No surprise to any Beauty Info Zone readers but when we received a box (tiny box) from Stowaway I wanted the eyeshadow palette instantly. Lisa allowed me to have my wish since she ended up with a very nice collection of products that you’ll soon see.

The eyeshadow palette is the size of a credit card. A long time ago Trish McEvoy used to sell palettes this size for double the price of the Stowaway Essential Eye Palette. At $25 this might seem high because of the size but when you see how useful this is, you won’t think twice about the cost.

Stowaway Essential Eye Palette
Stowaway Essential Eye Palette

Inside the palette are 4 shimmer shadows on the top row and 4 matte shadows on the bottom. At first I was a bit dismayed when 0pening since the shimmers looked like glitters. My dismay turned to pleasure once I applied these and saw that they not only glided on with ease but they were shimmery without being glittery.

Stowaway Essential Eye Palette shimmer shadow swatches
Stowaway Essential Eye Palette shimmer shadow swatches
Stowaway Essential Eye Palette
Stowaway Essential Eye Palette

S1 is a light creamy linen shade. I had trouble showing it on my arm which is fine with me since I like the subtlety of it. S2 is a very pretty rose gold that I love on my lid. S3 is more of a golden brown which can be intensified or worn as is. This is a great crease shade for me. S4 is the darkest of the shimmers and harder to categorize color wise. The swatch looks brown but there’s a lot of purple in this shade.

Stowaway Essential Eye Palette all swatches
Stowaway Essential Eye Palette all swatches

The bottom row are the mattes but they apply and look more like satins except for the black shade. They all have a silkiness to them that make them easy to wear and easy to work with. M1 is a milk chocolate with a touch of cream added to it. M2 is a darker milk chocolate so they left out the cream! M3 is the darkest of the browns. On my eyes it looks warm as I see some burnished undertones. M4 is a matte black. The pigment is great and works well as an eyeliner but the texture is harder than the other shadows.

Wearing S1, S2, and S4
Wearing S1, S2, and S4

In spite of the blazing heat we’ve been having, these last very well and don’t need touch up. But rest assured, when we need touch up we can easily find it in this pint size palette.


Stowaway Cosmetics



I recently had a wonderful reason to fully appreciate the size and quality of Stowaway Cosmetics products, because I took a trip to Spain with my mom. There we are, inside the Palacio Real de Madrid. Getting to Spain was interesting as I had never traveled to Europe before and I was determined to bring only one bag that I didn’t have to check. Have you tried packing for a nine-day trip with just one carry on bag?? It was a challenge but oh so freeing once I achieved it! Stowaway Cosmetics constituted my only lipstick, blush, eyeliner and mascara (ok I lied…I also brought one other eyeliner!). But the size of these gems is incredible and the quality is definitely impressive.

SpainI walked, on average, 10 miles each day through the streets of Madrid, Segovia, and Toledo in stultifying heat, and Stowaway never let me down! The Cream Lipstick ($15) has wonderful pigmentation and is hydrating, so even those 100 degree days didn’t dry out my lips. The size is small but the lipstick is mighty and I love the pinky/peach Peony shade.Stowaway Cosmetics Cream Lipstick in Peony

I love a multi-tasker, so the creamy Cheek and Lip Rouge ($15) is a favorite. Again, small but mighty – the pot is about 1/3 the size of a typical blush. My shade is the pretty pinky/peach Peony, and it looks lovely on cheeks and as a lip stain.Stowaway Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Rouge and Mascara

 I tested two products for eyes – the Extreme Lash Mascara ($12) and the Effortless Eyeliner ($10). The mascara is terrific! It has thickening fibers so it makes lashes lush and long, and the brush has a thick and a thin side, making application easy. The mascara lasts all day without smudging or smearing.

Stowaway Cosmetics Effortless EyelinerStowaway Cosmetics Effortless EyelinerStowaway Cosmetics Effortless Eyeliner

You will be shocked at the size of the Effortless Eyeliner ($10) – it’s literally the size of a q-tip! No need to sharpen this gel-textured pencil and it glides on beautifully. The Spice shade is a gorgeous shimmery copper that doesn’t smudge once it sets, which takes less than a minute.
I can’t imagine taking another trip without my Stowaway Cosmetics. No matter how tiny your bags are, you never have to be without great color products so you can rock any country you choose to explore!!
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  1. Carol | 25th Jul 16

    I love this concept, but I think the prices should reflect the sizes!

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 25th Jul 16

    Love the pics of Lisa and her mom – gorgeous ladies! I tried Stowaway last year, and I was impressed with a number of the products. I wish I had gotten that pretty pink lippie instead of the too light nude shade I got. I love your swatches from the shadow palette. I had seen this on another blog, but the pigmentation looked wan whereas yours look fabulous. I would love that palette for travel. Size of a credit card? Sign me up

  3. Lola Seicento | 25th Jul 16

    I absolutely love Stowaway Cosmetics, and always have their products in my travel bag!

  4. Destany | 25th Jul 16

    M3 in the palette looks like a shade I’d wear the heck out of. I’d hit pan on it pretty quick haha

  5. Heather | 25th Jul 16

    I have never tried this brand but I have heard nothing but great things! That pink lipstick is such a me color!

  6. CosmetopiaDigest | 25th Jul 16

    That is a beautiful, compact palette for travel. Using this range while travelling will make all the more room in the suitcase for shopping.

  7. Erika | 25th Jul 16

    That palette is so pretty and packable, too. I am reading nothing but good things about this line.

  8. Phyrra | 25th Jul 16

    Looks like a useful, portable neutral palette.

  9. Miranda Mendoza | 25th Jul 16

    I wish they were just a little cheaper for the size but they do seem very convenient!!

  10. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 25th Jul 16

    I think the smaller size is a great idea!

  11. Lisa Heath | 25th Jul 16

    Loving this whole concept. I always try to pack light, but my makeup palettes and such are way too bulky for that!

  12. Babi | 26th Jul 16

    These are so adorable! Totally perfect for those of us with a wee bit too much makeup!

  13. Anastasia | 26th Jul 16

    That little palette is so cute!

  14. Justina | 26th Jul 16

    These products are so adorable. I love the eyeshadow shades.

  15. Bailey | 26th Jul 16

    This is such a great concept and the shades look really wearable/versatile.

  16. Honeygirlk | 27th Jul 16

    I am really loving this little collection of goodies. I got some to try and I’ve been enjoying them.

  17. Oren Oden | 5th Aug 16

    This was really great to read. Thank you!

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