OzNaturals Vitamin C line keeps your skin in tip top shape

Not every skincare ingredient is meant for everyone so investigating which ones are for you is a good idea. OzNaturals has a variety of Vitamin C products that are 98% natural that could be perfect for keeping your skin in the shape you want it be. I have 3 to share with you and a giveaway tomorrow for two of those.

OzNaturals Vitamin C products

Why Vitamin C? “For starters, Vitamin C is an incredibly powerful antioxidant. While your body benefits from the antioxidant action of Vitamin C every time you drink a glass of OJ or enjoy other Vitamin C-rich foods, the full effects don’t make it all the way to your skin. You might enjoy the healthy glow that comes from nourishing a healthy body, but the real skin positive benefits of Vitamin C happen when it’s applied topically – which is the main reason why using a Vitamin C serum is so important.” Vitamin C is one of those ingredients that works well for almost all skin types.

Reasons you want to use it – 1) Vitamin C Brightens Your Skin 2) Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory 3) Vitamin C Pushes Back Against the Hands of Time.

I shared OzNaturals Vitamin C Facial Serum with you in the past. It’s one of the three OzNaturals serums that I use. It’s good for oily skin as well as aging skin and sensitive skin. It enhances the use of other products so it can be combined for the best of all worlds.

OZNaturals Vitamin C Facial Serum
OZNaturals Vitamin C Facial Serum

Prior to using this serum though I’ll use OzNaturals Vitamin C Facial Cleanser which contains Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Hips, and Vitamin E. It’s like washing your face in creamy orange juice with its delicious fresh aroma. At $16 for this 4 fl oz tube you won’t feel as if you’re washing your money down the drain.

OzNaturals Vitamin C Facial Cleanser

A gentle cleanser that will wash away dirt, oil and makeup using a powerful combination of natural antioxidants and ingredients to stimulate brightness and a smoother complexion. It helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, large pores, and uneven skin tone and texture, while leaving your skin soft and hydrated. It also works for sensitive skin.

OzNaturals Vitamin C Facial Cleanser

OzNaturals Vitamin C + Sea Hydration Mask is the third product I have. Now OZN says to use this twice a day but that would never happen for me. I use this about twice a month (but I do have a big collection of masks). What I like about this particular mask is the hydration it provides. OzNaturals uses Cold Processing to create their products which keeps the ingredients effective and potent since they aren’t destroyed by heat.

OZNaturals Vitamin C + Sea Hydration Mask

DEEP HYDRATION TREATMENT: Our face masks deliver moisture to the skin to ease dryness and irritation GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE: The Vitamin C facemask is packed with antioxidants and soothing ocean extracts ADVANCED FORMULATION: Non-GMO formula with Biopreserve Complex to be free of harmful preservatives.

The mask dries down most of the way, it stays on the moist side but doesn’t slip off my face so I’m comfortable applying it and going on with my life. Afterwards I feel much more hydrated, especially if I use the Vitamin C Serum after washing off the mask.

OzNaturals Hydration Mask
OZNaturals Vitamin C + Sea Hydration Mask

All in all I like these three OzNaturals Vitamin C products. They are cruelty free, vegan, 98% natural, and wallet friendly. OzNaturals is always a brand I can count on for authentic natural products. — Marcia



  1. Lola Seicento | 14th Sep 20

    This is such a great brand, and they don’t get nearly enough love!

  2. Laura | 14th Sep 20

    I haven’t heard of this brand before, thanks for the review! I always love hearing about new vit c products

  3. Miranda | 14th Sep 20

    Using vitamin C in my routine has really transformed my skin– so much smoother and brighter!

  4. Kristi V BeginNails | 14th Sep 20

    I’m really trying to find my new routine that works. I don’t know why, but I swear as soon as I find something that works – the line is discontinued.

  5. Cindy Ingalls | 14th Sep 20

    I love OZ Naturals Vitamin C line. The serum is one of the best priced most effective Vitamin C serums on the market!

  6. Never Say Die Beauty | 14th Sep 20

    Once I get caught up with all the serum oils I have, I will try this one. I love OZ Naturals, and I have used their Vitamin C serum in the past. However, this version has everything I look for in a serum in this one little bottle. Awesome!

  7. Natalie | 15th Sep 20

    I haven’t heard of this brand at all, but I’ve heard they vitamin c does wonders for your skin. Thanks for the review!

  8. Kathryne | 15th Sep 20

    I love vitamin c in skincare

  9. Krystal | 15th Sep 20

    I’ve been needing a new mask!

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