On the Town and Loveable lips by Beauty Junkees

Beauty Junkees Lips

Beauty Junkees has tons of great color products at fantastic prices, and they do lips exceptionally well.  Today I have swatches from two of their collections – On the Town Liquid Lip Gloss Collection and Loveable Mini Mint Lip Gloss Collection.

Beauty Junkees Vitamin E Moisturizer Stick

First, I want to give a shout out to their Vitamin E Moisturizer Stick.  In the winter months I really battle dry, cracked lips, which is a major problem particularly when trying to wear matte shades.  This handy little moisturizing stick has been my best friend lately, so if you are doing a little lippie buying spree over at Beauty Junkees why not pick this up too?  It’s only $10, and the Vitamin E is fantastic for healing sore lips and even helps heal cold sores.  Plus, it’s colorless, unscented, paraben free, gluten-free, and cruelty free.

On the Town – top shade is Metallic Mauve, bottom shade is Dinner Party

I only have two of the 3 colors from the On the Town Liquid Lipstick Collection ($34.97).  This collection features red liquid lip shades ranging from deep cranberry to subtle mauve.  They are super pigmented and very long-lasting – in fact, they can last all day if you don’t eat anything greasy.  The liquid lipsticks apply like a lip gloss but have the pigmentation of a lipstick, and then dry down to a matte finish. Beauty Junkees says these have three times more pigment than any other liquid lipstick on the market.  They definitely are impressively pigmented, and if you aren’t a fan of the matte finish you can top them with a clear gloss and they will still have the same long wear time.

Top: Metallic Mauve; Bottom: Dinner Party

The top shade above is my favorite, Metallic Mauve.  It’s gorgeous – a beautiful light metallic mauve that gives lips tremendous depth.  The bottom shade is Dinner Party, a matte deep berry.  This is very pretty although a tough shade for my thin lips to pull off – I end up topping it with a shimmery clear gloss.  The shade I am missing is Vampirette, a matte deep cranberry stain.

Loveable Mini Mint Lip Gloss Collection

What’s not to love about the Loveable Mini Mint Lip Gloss Collection ($14.97)?  I always really appreciate the smaller sized lip glosses because you know you will use them up before they have a chance to go bad.  There is no doubt you will use up this super pretty trio of pastel shades – rose, mauve, and peach – feminine, girly, definitely loveable.

Top to bottom: Mint Charming, Mint Blossom, Mint Sugar Glaze

Mint Charming goes on with a slight rosy tint and lots of shimmer. Mint Blossom has the most pigment, with a slightly shimmery finish and a mauve plum tint. Mint Sugar Glaze has a matte finish and a peachy tint.

These lip glosses have a lovely slip and aren’t the least bit sticky.  They give lips just the right amount of color and are wonderful for a casual daytime look.  The ‘mint’ part of the name come from the spearmint extract in the formula, which makes them taste minty and also gives them a cooling sensation.  The ingredients also include aloe and vitamins C and E so the glosses are very hydrating.

Beauty Junkees does lips right, and these two lip collections are wonderful.  Head over to beautyjunkees.com and take a look! – Lisa


  1. Dana Rodriguez | 8th Mar 18

    I haven’t seen these before but they look so nice. I love the colors!

  2. Teresa Koedyker | 8th Mar 18

    Love all of these!! Colors are gorgeous!!??

  3. Judy | 8th Mar 18

    Oh…the toppers look so pretty!

  4. susan byrne | 8th Mar 18

    I want to get my fingers on these! very pretty.

  5. Maryann D. | 13th Mar 18

    Loveable lips by Beauty Junkees seems terrific for me to try. I love the colors and it seems that these won’t dry out my lips!

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