nügg Beauty giveaway time

This past week I shared with you the impressive products that I’ve been using from nügg Beauty and now it’s time for a small giveaway for one of each kind of product I shared. This giveaway is open through May 13th to US subscribers. I don’t know though when I’ll be able to mail it so I hope the winner will be patient.

Here’s what you can win

nügg Beauty Miracle Mud Super Detox Treatment Mask will remind you of the mud masks you’ve tried before. This is great for clearing pores and attacking excess oil. Leave it on for 10 minutes before washing off. With ingredients like Limonene, Citrus Limon Peel Oil, Grapefruit Peel Oil, Juniper Fruit Oil and Sage Oil the smell is great and different than the muddy one you’ve sensed before.

nügg Beauty Miracle Mud Super Detox Treatment Mask

nügg Beauty Aqua Boost is similar in texture and use as Morning Glow but it’s more hydrating. It’s noted to be used as a face mask to leave on clean, dry skin for up to 15 minutes. It too can be used as an overnight sleep mask. This is a super gentle gel that you can use several times a week. It’s meant to get rid of dryness, not create it. Ingredients again are excellent and beneficial.

nügg Beauty Morning Glow and Aqua Boost pouches

nügg Beauty lip scrub in Coffee Fix. These little nuggets of lip scrub are sugar scrubs that help reveal natural soft lips after you’ve taken a few moments to massage them onto your lips in a circular motion. You can choose to dab off the little bits of sugar or leave them on to dissolve into a natural lip balm.

nügg Beauty in Coffee Fix

I hope you’ll enjoy the pick-me-up of these three products if you are the winner. —  Marcia

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  1. Diane M Gooding | 10th May 20

    Although I am a mp face mask fanatic, i am most excited tho use the lip scrub.

  2. Lisa Williams | 11th May 20

    I’m excited to try the coffee lip scrub,this sounds amazing!

  3. YVONNE WOODSTOCK | 12th May 20

    I’m most eager to try the Aqua Boost mask which I’d probably leave on overnight because at my age I can use as much hydrating boost to my skin as possible.

  4. Breanne | 12th May 20

    I’m excited to try the Aqua Boost.

  5. Francine Anchondo | 12th May 20

    nügg Beauty Miracle Mud Super Detox Treatment Mask

  6. Robert Shook | 12th May 20

    I’m most excited to try the lip scrub

  7. Megan Wilson | 13th May 20

    The beauty patches and lip scrub!

  8. Cassandra D | 13th May 20

    The lip scrub.

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