No bugs allowed using the PROVEN way

With Memorial Day just a few short weeks away and then summer after that we need to be prepared. I’m always talking about sunscreen and I want to emphasize how important that is. But I also have some information about bugs, specifically mosquitoes. I know that they are important ecologically but they are also big nuisances. They are a food source for a food source for birds and bats while their young – as larvae – are consumed by fish and frogs. This could have an effect further up and down the food chain.*

To most of us though they are not only pests but they can be potentially dangerous to health. My husband is one example of them being dangerous. Mosquitoes seem to flock to him and he’ll end up with uncomfortable red welts that bother him for days. He seriously ended up in the hospital for weeks from a bug bite. Not fun. We now leave so many outdoor events early because of this. Most repellents don’t work on him or the fragrance is so overwhelming that he’d rather hide inside.

When PROVEN INSECT REPELLENT sent me their two products late last summer he was an eager test volunteer to try these out. He was thrilled to use them and has asked me to make sure we have them for this warmer weather.

PROVEN Insect Repellents

PROVEN comes in two formulas and two scent options. You can use the Lotion or the Spray in either Gentle Scent or Odorless. The lotion is even recommended for babies from 2 months up and children since there is nothing to inhale and it has a 14 hour protection time. Especially with the lotion it will be like applying sunscreen which they should be used to.

PROVEN Lotion in Odorless

The lotion is a soft white cream that spreads with ease. I prefer to put it on and let it settle before applying sunscreen over it. I’ll need to reapply my SPF when I’m out or at the lake but I won’t have to reapply Proven.

PROVEN Spray in Gentle Scent

The spray isn’t in an aerosol container since Proven insists their products are non-toxic in all ways. Spray it lightly on your arms, body, legs etc and lightly rub it on. It feels like it’s conditioning my skin but doesn’t leave a greasy feel on you or your clothing. It’s a colorless organic compound.

Odorless has a very slight sweet smell at first but it dissipates within minutes. The Gentle Scent is very gentle and non-bothersome even for those of us with sensitive noses.

How is PROVEN protecting you? It’s especially effective against mosquitoes and ticks because of safe ingredients that it uses. Many mosquitoes transmit disease while ticks can are known because they can carry Lime Disease. Saltidin® is a patented ingredient that effective against these and other flying insects.

  • Lotion is preferred for face application
  • Long lasting: PROVEN lotion protects for 14 hours
  • Effectively repels: mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, biting flies, stable flies, gnats, chiggers, sand flies and No-see-ums (biting midges)
  • Family protection: safe for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, and for children and babies older than 2 months
  • Disease protection: effective protection from mosquitoes that may transmit Zika, Dengue, West Nile Virus, and Chikungunya, and ticks carrying Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis.
  • Non-Toxic: low acute toxicity and low skin absorption
  • DEET-Free
  • People-friendly: smooth and non-greasy, enriched with Aloe Vera
  • Planet-friendly: non-toxic to fish and other wildlife
  • Proudly made in de USA by EPA-approved factories
  • PROVEN® uses Saltidin®, a patented ingredient
  • Recommended: Saltidin is recommended by the EPA, CDC, and the World Health Organization
  • Active Ingredient: Picaridin, 20%

Prices range from $7.95 for a 2 oz travel size to $12.95 for an 8 oz family size.

As my dad always said “Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite” but I’ll say “Sleep tight and don’t let mosquitoes and ticks bite”. Stick with PROVEN INSECT REPELLENTS.  —  Marcia


*information from Wikipedia



  1. Cassie Tucker | 14th May 19

    Living in South Carolina I need that Mosquito and Tick spray in my life!

  2. Antoinette M | 16th May 19

    Seems like a great product. I would like to try the spray.

  3. Brandon Sparks | 16th May 19

    Wow.. This sounds amazing.. I am going to have to try and find this..

  4. Ehmkay nails | 21st May 19

    Love that it’s odorless. I hate the scent of bug spray but it’s soooo needed!

  5. Cindy Ingalls | 21st May 19

    These products sound great! Glad there not tht awful smell.

  6. Kathryne | 21st May 19

    Mosquitos love to attack me. My husband and I will be standing in the same spot but mosquitoes prefer my blood

  7. My Nail Polish Obsession | 22nd May 19

    I defiantly need the spray for my family this summer.

  8. Courtney | 22nd May 19

    This sounds really effective!

  9. 25 Sweetpeas | 22nd May 19

    If we are going OUT and will be out in those sorts areas I always have bug spray with me!

  10. Krystal E | 22nd May 19

    Being a pregnant person in the South, I NEED this. I also get welts from bites so it’s terrible. Also my husband goes hunting a lot so mosquitoes and ticks are a problem for sure.

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