New Arm & Hammer Athlete’s Foot Spray giveaway

My husband and I have been using several Arm & Hammer products for the last few months and now we have the newest item from them and the timing is just right. ARM & HAMMER ATHLETE’S FOOT 2 WAY SPRAY is great for home or gym use. With the weather changing outdoor activities just aren’t as enjoyable so that means turning to the gym (or for me physical therapy). Being in contact with other people and their germs isn’t the best thing to look forward to in my opinion.

Arm & Hammer Athlete’s Foot 2 Way Spray

Now with Arm & Hammer’s new Athlete’s Foot Spray there’s a new protection against athlete’s foot and the bonus is that it’s also a moisturizing spray. ARM & HAMMER ATHLETE’S FOOT 2 WAY SPRAY has a combination of Tolnaftate and Shea Butter so it moisturizes your dry, cracked Athlete’s Foot. Plus the application method is unique since the spray is a hands free applicator that works two ways. Now you can reach between toes or all over your foot. The last thing you need is to spread the infection even more. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that usually begins between the toes.

When you spray this it dries clear so there’s no messy residue on your feet or in your shoes and socks. This spray gives effective relief from itching, cracking and burning.

Arm & Hammer Athlete’s Foot 2 Way Spray

And if you don’t have athlete’s foot? Spray it for the moisturizing benefit it provides.

Helpful hints for you if you do have Athlete’s Foot:

  • You want to moisturize well in between your toes.
  • Wear well fitting, ventilated shoes. Athlete’s Foot commonly occurs in people whose feet have become very sweaty while confined within tightfitting shoes.
  • Change your shoes and socks daily.

    Arm & Hammer Athlete’s Foot 2 Way Spray

Arm & Hammer Athlete’s Foot 2 Way Spray is available at Target ($6.99) and CVS ($8.69)

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: There will be two US winners and the prize will be sent by Arm & Hammer’s representative. The last day to enter is Friday, 10/18/19 at 11:59 pm Eastern time. It may be a small prize compared to most of Beauty Info Zone’s giveaways but it’s one you’ll definitely appreciate if you win. If untreated, skin blisters and cracks caused by athlete’s foot can lead to severe bacterial infections. —  Marcia

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  1. monique s | 4th Oct 19

    I am fairly athletic I like to jog

  2. bn100 | 4th Oct 19

    not really

  3. Mary W | 4th Oct 19

    We wear boots for work every day and this foot spray would be a great addition to our routine. My family is very athletic but I’m just a hard worker!

  4. Susan P. | 4th Oct 19

    Some of my family are runners and this would be great for them.

  5. Leela | 4th Oct 19

    I do just about everything, I’m very active.

  6. jeanette Denning | 4th Oct 19

    I’m a runner , sure could use it ??????

  7. Lisa Williams | 5th Oct 19

    I’m not athletic but I go for lots of walks and hikes in the woods and on the beach.

  8. patricia caradonna | 5th Oct 19

    Yes, I am athletic. I jog/walk each morning. I enjoy riding my bike and I workout at the gym 2 to 3 times a week. I used to play softball, tennis and basketball when I was a kid.

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  10. amybelle2001 | 5th Oct 19

    Yes, and I like to run and do HIIT classes.

  11. Lynn Tran | 5th Oct 19

    I’m worried that i am getting athletes foot, they’ve been itchy at night. But it maybe the cooler weather.
    I’ve also been taking walks during lunch and switching in and out of my sneakers, I hope this eliminates odors a well

  12. Kim Avery | 5th Oct 19

    I’m not athletic due to disabilities. My husband likes to use foot sprays due to always wearing boots and it helps keep his feet from cracking.

  13. gloria patterson | 5th Oct 19

    I am a couch warmer……………… watch, drink, eat and cheer

  14. Vicki Wurgler | 5th Oct 19

    no I am not athletic

  15. Melinda | 6th Oct 19

    I like to hike on trails.

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  17. Kim V | 6th Oct 19

    I walk – everywhere!

  18. Sara | 6th Oct 19

    Not really athletic but enjoy nice walks

  19. Gia Welch | 7th Oct 19

    I’m trying to get more athletic. I cycle 20 miles a week and walk when I can.

  20. gala | 9th Oct 19

    I’m a walker

  21. Megan Wilson | 12th Oct 19

    My 2 little ones give me a workout every day, but love riding bikes and swimming!

  22. Robin Abrams | 13th Oct 19

    I am not but my Children and grand kids are. They love playing any kind of sports like football and soccer

  23. Nancy Jachcik | 13th Oct 19

    No I am not athletic but I do love to take long walks

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