My new favorite gel eyeliner – by Illuminare

I have used gel eyeliners for a very long time.  Right now I have 32 different gel liners in my personal stash.  But I have never, ever come across anything like the gel liner from IlluminareIlluminare is famous for making beautiful cosmetic products that really last.  I have and love the foundation (that’s for another review) and I was just blown away by this gel eye liner.

The eye liner is called Beyond Black Everlasting Eyeliner ($21), and as the name implies, it comes in one color:   Beyond Black.  The product is actually creamy – really creamy, almost wet.  Take a look at what it looks like inside:

You want a BLACK eye liner?  Here you go.  This is extremely pigmented and super dark black.  You want an eye liner that doesn’t fade, flake, or smudge?  Here you go.  This is the longest lasting eye liner I have ever used.  It’s waterproof, but washes off easily with soap. 

I love Illuminare’s Eye Liner/Brow brush ($10), it applies the eye liner perfectly.  The eye liner is great because it’s creamy at first, so it’s easy to apply and work with.  This liner brush gives a nice thin line, but it’s stiff enough to be able to work the product to smudge it out, or make a thicker dark line.

The bristles are Taklon so they are perfect for the creamy gel liner.  It has a flat angled tip which is great for lining and for filling in the brows.

Here is an eye look with a thin line on the eyelid.

And here is one with a thicker line.

Eyes open with a thin line here.

And eyes open with a thicker line and a thin line on the bottom lashes.  I did find that this worked fabulous on the waterline, but you need hold the waterline out to dry for a few seconds.  If your eyes can take it, wow, what a great look that lasts and lasts.  Here is a close up pic with the waterline done:

And here is a shot of the whole look with the waterline done:

Illuminare is mostly known for its amazing foundations and eye shadows, but I have to urge you to check out this gel liner first – it is genuinely unique and essential to any stash!  – Lisa


  1. HOLY CRAP I love that brush!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What an interesting look to that liner. I’ve never seen one that looked creamy like that. I think I’m going to need to buy it!

  3. Marcia,you really should!! I am SO happy I won the arm wresting match to be able to review this product, lol!! – Lisa

  4. I have never seen a gel eyeliner like that one. I am for sure going to check this out. What a great find.

  5. That looks very different. The brush looks amazing too.

  6. SuePhilly says:

    It’s fabulous. Best gel liner I’ve ever used. Great for tightlining. TY so much for the recommendation. You rock.


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