My Juvederm experience at Laser Away

When our fabulous foursome (Marcia, Lisa, Cindy of Prime Beauty and Patty) were in California we were invited to Laser Away to have a complimentary service done. Laser Away is a California studio with 10 outlets in southern CA that’s beginning to move to northern CA (San Francisco and Walnut Creek for now). They offer some wonderful services including Botox, Juvederm, Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Thermage and Photofacials. Everyone we met there was not only friendly and helpful but extremely professional. Their staff has to have the proper training and certification to do any procedures on you. They have PAs, RNs, and NPs that work for them as well. Laser Away is also the leading Botox center in the state.

When we first arrived I wasn’t sure what I wanted to have done. I’m anxious to have laser hair removal done on my face but I wanted to be able to show results in my article about them and with laser hair removal it takes approximately 6 treatments, 1 month apart to be successful. Their charge for that is $700, I’ve been pricing it in Michigan and it’s almost always more money here. They also have a Sunset package that includes your underarms and bikini area for $999.

I asked their advice and showed them my areas of concern and they recommended JUVÉDERM® on the two lines at the side of my lower lips. Since that’s always bothered me I decided that’s what I’d do. In general Juvederm costs $550 at Laser Away.

Before I go any farther I want you to see my before and after pictures. I have to tell you I’m so happy that I had this done. However it looks here, it looks even better now a few weeks down the road.

Now that you’ve seen those I’ll tell you the good and the bad about the procedure. The good: it didn’t hurt!! I was so hyped up for pain that I almost didn’t know if I would be able to take it. Crystal, who did my work, cleaned off the area and gave me an ice pack to hold over the lines. While she was getting everything ready, including forms I needed to sign, I took turns from side to side with the icepack. I had two shots on each side and there was barely any pain at all. I felt the needle going in but that was all. I was in shock – happy shock. She then studied what she had done and decided one side needed a little more added. I only held the ice pack on there for a short time prior to that second time so I felt that more but it wasn’t bad at all. Afterwards Crystal massaged an antibiotic cream onto the area and I was done! For the next 48 hours I was told not to take aspirin, not to massage the area, no hot liquids or alcohol. That night I felt a little bit of discomfort but it was minimal.

Here I am right after the procedure:

Next morning:

Now for the bad, I bruise very easily because I’m anemic. When I have blood taken I stay bruised for a good week or two from the needle. I didn’t think about that when I had this done so my experience with bruising isn’t what others I’ve talked to have had. Most people that I know who have had this done told me they had some black and blue marks for a few days – I had them for two weeks. They didn’t cover with makeup on my extremely pale skin. I sort of looked like someone had punched me in the mouth on each side. But it wasn’t bad, or at least no one told me it was bad. I was comfortable doing everything I’d normally do though I did explain it to a few close friends. After two weeks the bruising was gone and I could see how much fuller the area was.

Day 2:

Day 4:

Fading away:

After from the side:

The rest of the good: this lasts for 6 to 18 months according to Todd Heckmann, the owner of this location. I can tolerate 2 weeks of small black and blue marks to look this refreshed and feel this much more confident for about a year. I feel absolutely nothing under my skin. JUVÉDERM® is actually Hyaluronic Acid (mixed with Lidocaine for numbing) which is being deposited in the areas to plump them out. At first I could feel small bumps underneath my skin but now I really don’t feel them. Plus it looks so natural.

There’s one more bad to report – I am dying to have this done on my Nasiolabial folds! I know the bruising will be more visible there but if I can find a time that I can do this and not have any events to attend I’m seriously thinking about it. What Laser Away did for me when they did JUVÉDERM® made me feel better about how I look and feel.

Check out Patty’s experience with having JUVÉDERM® done to her lips on Prime Beauty’s Blog.

If you are in West Hollywood the Laser Away location we went to is at 8953 West Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA and the phone number is 310-385-8329. Or check out their other locations in California. I can tell you that the fabulous foursome recommend them highly. — Marcia


  1. That looks great! I so want to try some Juvederm or Restalyn and really given what I spend on makeup I “could” do this instead and lay off the makeup splurges BUT there is no way to hide this from hubby like I can little boxes 😉

  2. that place is 2 miles from my son’s apartment….hummm. but i too bruise easily and stuff always happens to me. best to try anything even slightly invasive here. i think LA and Vegas are pretty equal in face work, only LA has more places. i’d need an MD. just too allergic.

  3. Wow, what a difference Marcia! I wasn’t able to see you 2 weeks after. I really want to have my undereye area done. Maybe on our next trip to Calif!

  4. Looks great Marcia!!

  5. I’m so pleased with this work. I have noticed an absolute difference in that area. Maybe by the time you see me again Cindy I’ll have done more!

  6. I wasn’t going to tell my hubby and see if he noticed a difference but of course he noticed the bruising. I may not be able to hide it but I’m able to justify it by the results.

  7. I can see a big difference.

  8. YOU LOOK AMAZING! OMG that is such a difference! I wish I wasn’t so afraid of needles!!! WOW!

  9. I am just as afraid so I was so pleased that it didn’t hurt. I had an offer once before to do this (by a medical student) and turned it down because of the needles. I wouldn’t turn it down again.

  10. You must be really pleased since there’s a noticeable difference. Thanks for sharing the cons along with the pros since that helps the most.

  11. Wow…loved reading your experiences and the pictures really helped! And you look great!!

  12. I think your result is great….I also did a Juvederm treatment for wrinkles at Skin Vitality and my result was amazing, over my expectations. It’s unbelievable how a few injections can change the appearance of a person.
    I also heard that juvederm will be used for breast augmentation and if that’s true, I will definitely go for it, too see how I’m gonna look with my bigger breasts, eve if it’s just for a year. 🙂


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