My Inglot Freedom System four pan eyeshadow palette – pics and eye of the day

Inglot four pan Freedom System eyeshadow palette

One of the highlights of our trip last June to the California IMATS was our visit to the Inglot store.  I literally was a kid in a candy store.  I could have spent a week in there and still not gotten through everything I wanted to try.  I wrote down colors and formulas in a frenzy, making a huge wish list for the IMATS sale prices.  I bought tons of Inglot items – eyeshadows, blushes, eyeliners, lip glosses…and nothing has been a disappointment.  One of my most reached for items is the custom four pan Freedom System Palette that I bought.  

Four pan palettes are $12 for the palette itself, and $5 for each eyeshadow pan.  It has an amazingly strong magnetic top, I think it’s very pretty and I love how it’s see through so I know which combination I am grabbing.

Inside my Inglot custom 4 pan palette

I made my own custom palette although there are pre-made color combinations you can buy if you want.  The eyeshadows are unbelievably pigmented and long wearing.  I find that the only big drawback to this system is it’s difficult to remove the eyeshadows once they are in the palette.  Oh, and I really dislike how the eyeshadows have numbers for names.  With so many colors to choose from, the numbers are very confusing to me.

Inglot four pan - another view

I ended up purchasing mostly DS (which stands for Double Sparkle) eyeshadows.  They don’t have major sparkle like the name suggests.  I find they have a fine shimmer that isn’t too over the top.  All the eyeshadows blend easily.

The method I use to combine these colors is described beautifully here by Olivia from Into the Palette

For my eye of the day, I started with Pearl 397.

Inglot 397 Pearl eyeshadow

This is a pearlized peachy-pink.  I used this on my mobile lid and on the brow.

Inglot EOD

Next, I used 460 DS, a light cool brown with golden shimmer.

Inglot 460 DS light brown eyeshadow

I put the 460 DS in the crease.

Inglot EOD - different lighting

Then, I used 457 DS, a warmer, darker brown with golden sparkle.

Inglot 457 DS deep brown eyeshadow

I used a smaller, round tipped crease brush and drew a thin, darker line over top of the lighter shadow in the crease, bringing it down the outer corner of the mobile lid.  This method helps to contour and shape my hooded eyes.

Inglot EOD, both eyes

Next, using a small liner brush, I lined the top and bottom with 504 DS.

504 DS is a teal green with silver shimmer.

Inglot 504 DS green eyeshadow

I like to use a small amount of green eyeshadow because it brings out the green in my hazel eyes.

In addition to my Inglot eyeshadows, I lined my waterline with MAC’s PearlGlide eye pencil in Undercurrent, and I tightlined my upper lid with Inglot #24 liquid liner (brown).

Inlgot eyes and face of the day

 And here is my Inglot face of the day.  Additional products used were Marcelle Power Volume mascara ($11.95), Classified Cosmetics ERA Everyday Foundation ($33) in R4, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer ($24), Motives Blush in Instinctive ($15.50), and Inglot Sleek Lip Gloss ($10) in #34.

You can order Inglot online if you aren’t lucky enough to have a store in your area.  The eyeshadows are absolutely beautiful and a great price, so have some fun and order your own personal favorite combination of colors!  – Lisa


  1. Do these work wet?

  2. Yes, they sure do – although I can’t speak to using them with water, as I always use sealant.

  3. not normaly my colour pallet but really really like it!

  4. I’ve heard really good things about Inglot. Great post!

  5. Damn, that green looks great on you which makes me want to line my eyes with green! And the light brown color is nice too…wait, I have enough neutrals. I can’t look at this post anymore, just too much temptation!