My favorite foundations for winter – Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday has rolled around again and I’m excited to be sharing my favorites for foundation. I have more than on my list but just as important as my favorites are my two tools of choice so that took two spots. I purposely left out CC Creams even though I will use them in the winter but I wanted to stick with foundations for a change.

These are in no particular order. These are all sitting on my vanity right now! I may not be neat but I’m happy!!
BOBBI BROWN INTENSIVE SKIN SERUM FOUNDATION is pretty new to me and pretty impressive too. It has SPF 40 in it and is available in 18 shades plus it’s very forgiving. I’ve been wanting a serum foundation and the one I bought from Armani a few years ago never felt right. The makeup artist I went to loves this foundation and gave me a sample. That brought me back to buy it. It’s very lightweight and you wouldn’t expect it to hide imperfections but it does. It feels great on my skin too.
TOO FACED BORN THIS WAY ABSOLUTE PERFECTION FOUNDATION just moved into my house last week. I keep reading about it and Sephora F&F finally put me over the edge. I’ve worn it twice which really isn’t enough to put it on a list but both times I was quite happy with the way it looked and lasted. This $38 foundation comes in 18 shades and is oil-free. I love that it has ingredients to help with hydration (coconut water and hyaluronic acid are two).
IT COSMETICS O2 O2 ULTRA REPAIR LIQUID OXYGEN FOUNDATION ($38) was my foundation favorite of the year for 2014 and remains a favorite 11 months later. I’m a huge fan of IT Cosmetics but with all brands some products are better than others. This is a ‘better than others’ foundation. Fair matches me perfectly but it only is available in 5 shades which might be a problem for some. One of the biggest reasons to love IT is their anti-aging ingredients (Peptides, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Niacin, Hyaluronic Acid and Grape Seed Oil plus Vitamins A, C, & E). This is actually a serum foundation which I didn’t realize until I was typing this up!!
SENNA LASTING ILLUSION FOUNDATION* has been one that I’ve counted on for an airbrushed finish for almost two years. This is a fuller coverage than most of the others I own and there are many days and occasions that I crave that coverage. It’s a matte satin that reflects light away from imperfections. Senna isn’t talked about enough but in my opinion people are missing out on this great Hollywood indie brand. ($48, 7 shades)
MALLY BEAUTY EFFORTLESS AIRBRUSH PERFECT SKIN MOUSSE is another foundation that people need to know about. One of the problems with Mally Beauty is that it’s hard to find – all the great places that carry the line only carry parts of Mally. This is only sold at Mally’s website and it’s worth it to shop there. The coverage with this mousse is perfection. I need so little but I could build it up if necessary. Plus it comes with a fabulous foundation brush that feels wonderful and works like a dream ($45*).
GIORGIO ARMANI LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION – there are no words for this foundation. I’ve gone through 3 bottles since I started using it and I’m sure to go through more. It’s available in 23 shades and it’s worth every penny of the $62 cost to me. It’s weightless and oil-free and the coverage is like silk.
RIMMEL LONDON LASTING FINISH FOUNDATION is the opposite in cost from Armani and not similar to it in finish, but it’s the best drugstore foundation I’ve ever bought. The problem with drugstores is being unable to test colors but I got lucky with O91 Light Ivory. At first I noticed a perfumey fragrance but once applied I noticed it for about 15 seconds and never again. If you are looking for great coverage to last through the day and you have $6.99 laying around, this is what to spend it on.
GERI G INNOCENT FOUNDATION isn’t known at all. I just reviewed it again along with their Transceutical Canvas so I hope that this comes more to the forefront. It’s a medium coverage that can be built up. On the days I’m looking a little worse for the wear, I turn to this to make my skin look its best. The downside is that it only comes in 4 shades and the swatches on the website aren’t really helpful. ($38)
BEAUTY BLENDER SPONGE is amazing. Don’t accept imitations. I don’t care that it’s $20 while others are much less, this is the one that works. It now comes in many colors like the new royal purple. The black one is called the Pro one but I don’t think it’s any different than my pink ones. Trust me when I tell you that this could change your makeup application.
ARTIS OVAL 10 ELITE BRUSH* has become holy grail to me. It changes your paradigm about what a foundation brush is and you won’t want to look back. The softness, the bristles (2500 of them!), the ergonomics, and the luxuriousness of this $72 brush make it worth the high cost. If was told I could just take a few items out of my house this would be high up on the list. It’s that precious. Review here.
Which of these 10 products do you have or want? What’s your top 10? — Marcia

*denotes products sent for review consideration, some affilate links used


  1. I love that there are new things on here for me to try! I apply most of mine with a beautyblender… idk what I did before it came along!

  2. Whenever I see these posts, I always remember products that I could have pulled! The Senna Foundation is a good one! And yes to Giorgio Armani! Holy grail!

  3. Great list! I haven’t tried any of these but some of these sound so perfect for me! I’m also so curious about that ARTIS brush! Love the concept.

  4. Nice choices! I must try that Too Faced one!

  5. Like your list!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    This was a very interesting list Marcia, as I’ve heard very little of some and none of others. I am curious which you use the most in applying your foundation, the bb or this brush and why? Thanks for a great list.

  7. I have one foundation that I’ve never left… it’s hard to experiment with trying new brands because I’m afraid to buy the wrong shade and then be stuck with a whole product that’s useless to me!

  8. Rachel, don’t become a beauty blogger with just one foundation. LOL. You’d be surprised if you branched out. Get samples from a department store or Sephora to try them out. Stores like CVS, Nordstrom and Sephora are good about returns.

  9. Hi Christy, at this point I’m 33% with each of the tools and 33% with my fingers. Before I had the Artis brush I was at 60% with the Beauty Blender sponge.

  10. I love your picks, Marcia! I can’t believe the only one that I have is the Rimmel foundation, and I completely agree with you about the ARTIS OVAL 10 ELITE BRUSH!

  11. I just bought a Bobbi Brown Foundation at the VIB sale & I love it! I have to see if it’s the same one that you recommended! I love it!

  12. I feel like I try a lot of foundations, but haven’t used any of your picks. I do love a blender type sponge though. They give such a great finish.

  13. Awesome picks. I’m an IT girl myself but would love to try the Too Faced foundation if it impressed you so much after two uses.

  14. The beauty blender is definitely amazing!

  15. Nice choices! I’ve been loving the born this way foundation lately. It really lasts on my skin.

  16. Funny enough, I’ve had the Born This Way Foundation since it came out and I’ve never actually worn it. I’ve only swatched it to check the color and put it right back in the box. I so need to give it a try.

  17. I keep hoping QVC will make those Artis brushes a TSV. I want.

  18. The beauty blender is my holy grail, it can work miracles with just about anything!

  19. The Rimmel 25 hour foundation is fantastic! It was one of my faves during summer since it’s sweatproof but it’s also great for all the running around and events we do during the winter!

  20. Several of these are my favs too! Senna, IT Cosmetics & Too Faced Born This Way!

  21. I have heard so many great things about the Too Faced Born This Way foundation… and the Rimmel. A great round up of products for sure.

  22. I want to try Born This Way

  23. These all sounds amazing! I really want to try that Senna one

  24. Great picks!There are a few on here I’ve never tried!

  25. I Love the Bobbi Serum Foundation, especially with their full coverage foundation brush!

  26. Love your list! I love the finish on the Born This Way, wish the pale shades were paler.