More Tri-Thermal love for KBShimmer Polishes

KBShimmer tri-thermal polishes and nail clean up brush

We’ve been sharing the new KBShimmer Sun’s Out Tri-Thermal nail collection with you the last 2 weeks and we are loving all 9 of these polishes. You can see our other reviews here and here. Today I have the last three to share with you: Grow With the Flow, Aloe There, and That’s S’more Like It ($11 each). What you see in the above picture is not exactly what you’ll see on your nails. So let’s see what they are all about.



KBShimmer Grow With The Flow in the salon light

GROW WITH THE FLOW appears to be a dark purple which is exactly how it starts out but as you are applying it you’ll notice it changing to a lavender and then a robin’s egg blue. Temperature is what affects these polishes so the color changes depending what your surroundings are like. For me Grow With The Flow was primarily the amazing robin’s egg blue that made me think of beautiful summer skies. The tips changed to different shades of purple.

KBShimmer Grow With The Flow

This is the one polish that makes me think “what you see is NOT what you get” but that’s not a negative. I love wearing this and as usual it lasted a good week on me without any problems. Go with the flow and order this one if you are a blue lover like I am.

KBShimmer Grow With The Flow in my kitchen

KBShimmer Grow With The Flow

ALOE THERE is another tri-thermal that starts off cold as a rich forest green. The aurora shimmer in this is so beautiful with lots of reddish orange, a tad of pink and gorgeous green. As it warms it turns into a bold lime green that will make any green polish lover scream with delight.

KBShimmer Aloe There

KBShimmer Aloe There

KBShimmer Aloe There

THAT’S S’MORE LIKE IT surprised me the most. Lisa and I sit next to each other when deciding which product we each will review. I felt I wasn’t going to like That’s S’more Like It because I just saw a rust shade. Not only was I wrong, but I turned out to love this the most. The transition doesn’t jump out at you, it’s more subtle, but it definitely transforms into three shades.

KBShimmer That’s S’More Like It

KBShimmer That’s S’More Like It

This is everything I love in a red polish. It may look like a chocolate/rust in the bottle when hanging out in my house but once on my nails I see this beautiful cherry pink with a dark red to cranberry tip. When warm I see a light pinky orchid.

KBShimmer That’s S’More Like It when warm (and wet)

I took this photo as I was getting out of the shower to show how pretty it is when warm. The shimmer in this shade is red, gold and even a touch of green. KBShimmer was reminded of S’mores off the campfire when she created this shade. I’ll be wearing it often.

One more fun item is the KBShimmer Vegan Clean Up Brush ($8). I don’t know about you but I make this biggest mess when attempting to polish my own nails so a brush is a necessity. But why not have a fantastic looking one?

KBShimmer Vegan Clean Up Brush

“Ideal for detailed clean-up work, this silver-toned, acetone-resistant brush features a secure cap to protect the bristles, a chic aluminum body with KBShimmer logo, and a rhinestone-accented handle.

To use, simply dip the bristles in acetone and swipe away polish from around your cuticles and skin. For best results, we suggest swiping away fresh polish mistakes as you go instead of waiting until the polish is dry.”

I keep mine in my pencil cup on my desk so I can look at the prettiness and not lose it. Even if I try to touch up my nails I’ll make a mess so this has been the best nail tool ever.

If you haven’t bought at least one of the 9 KBShimmer Suns Out Tri-Thermal polishes you don’t know what you are missing. —  Marcia


  1. Dana Rodriguez says

    These polishes are gorgeous! I really love the red!

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  11. Tracey L says

    These shades are gorgeous! I’m really loving Grow With the Flow!

  12. Pretty collection. I need to get that brush though because I always get polish everywhere when I do my own pedicures.

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  14. 25 Sweetpeas says

    These look really nice and pretty!