More than a mascara…Peter Lamas Lash Masque

Peter Lamas Lash MasqueI am usually a ‘bigger is better’ girl when it comes to mascara – I want longer lashes, thicker lashes, all the drama I can get. So I didn’t think I would like the Peter Lamas Lash Masque ($22) as a mascara…but surprisingly this has quickly become a favorite of mine.

Peter Lamas Lash Masque

Peter Lamas Lash Masque

The Lash Masque actually does three things:

  1.  As a mascara, it slightly tints lashes with natural extracts, separates, lengthens, and gives a very pretty natural look. It’s not drama, but it’s way better than my lashes on their own. I really like this on weekends or when I am in a hurry because I don’t have to be careful when I apply it and it goes on quickly and easily.
  2. It’s a great primer and lash conditioner. If I am feeling fancy, I use this first then use my mascara. Then it does give me even more drama! The masque doesn’t have any chemicals to dry out lashes, so it conditions them, promotes healthy lashes, and reduces lash fallout.
  3. Lash Masque is a terrific brow gel! I have been using it every day to darken my brows and brush them into place.
Peter Lamas Lash Masque

Peter Lamas Lash Masque

Ingredients include Spirulina, Biotin, Panthenol, and natural proteins to repair, strengthen and improve lash growth and thickness. Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Almond Oils coat each lash to condition and protect from damage

The Lash Masque is 100% vegan, sulfate-free, petrochemical-free and paraben-free. With three great reasons to try out the Lash Masque, why wait? Head on over to to get a tube for yourself.  – Lisa

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  1. Tamra Gibson says:

    Im like u bigger the better. The cost seems high but sounds like it would b worth it to get a product that makes a difference.

  2. Never heard of the brand. But first impressions are good!

  3. I’ve never tried any products from this company before! The mascara sounds great 🙂