More Panda-Monium from Fragrant Jewels…the ring inside the panda!

Back on October 5th I posted a review of the Panda-Monium – Jewel Candle ($29.95) from the Wildlife Collection at Fragrant Jewels (which you can read HERE).  Fragrant Jewels has beautiful themed products that include items like candles, bath bombs, and body scrubs, and the products all have a delightful surprise inside – it could be a Swarovski® ring, or it could be a Swarovski® necklace.  The jewelry is in a sealed plastic pouch, and once you burn the candle down enough, or the bath bomb dissolves, or you dig far enough into body scrub, you find your prize!  It’s like Cracker Jacks, but even better.

The candle I have is one of two products available in the Panda Wildlife Collection.  You can buy the candle, or the bath bomb, or both – the set is $42.95. Every bath bomb or candle purchase provides 6 meals for Panda cubs who don’t have moms thanks to Fragrant Jewel’s partnership with’s Project Peril.

Fragrant Jewels Panda-Monium Candle

The candle is in a simply wonderful panda jar that you can continue to use long after the candle is gone. The candle has two wicks and it smells beautiful, like a floral rainforest, with notes of grapefruit, wild daisy, summer greens, and soft woods. You will love the candle as it’s burning, but you won’t be sad when it’s gone because you will be left with a terrific reusable jar as well as a gorgeous ring.  Oh, and I almost forgot – with every jewel there is a chance to win a ring with a retail value between $100 and $10,000!

The Panda-Monium products all have one of 10 panda-inspired rhodium-plated rings. Each ring is beautifully highlighted by Graphite and White Opal Swarovski® stones. You don’t know which ring you are getting when you order, which makes it even more fun since there is a surprise inside. You do get to choose your ring size, however.

I was so excited about my ring I burned my candle constantly, watching like a vulture for that packet to show up.  It finally did, and here is what I found inside:

The ring is fabulous!  It is rhodium-plated, which is a very good thing – rhodium increases jewelry’s shine, luster, and durability.  Silver rings tend to tarnish, and rhodium doesn’t – plus, it’s more resistant to scratches and it won’t cause a reaction if you are allergic to nickel.

All of the rings in this collection are panda-inspired, and you can see the cute little pandas on the sides of my ring next to the stone.  The gemstone itself is a Graphite Swarovski® stone.  The Graphite gemstone has a lot of meaning – it helps you create new ideas, enhances expressive skills like artistry, helps to calm you and repels negative energy.

The other stone available in the Panda-Monium Collection is the Swarovski® White Opal, which is the official gemstone for October.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about what I would find in terms of the quality level of the ring…but it is TERRIFIC.  Really beautiful, and something that I would pick up and buy from a store.

I have become a bit obsessed with Fragrant Jewels and what they have to offer.  Everything looks so amazing!  They have a huge variety of products, like bath bombs, both large and mini:

Fragrant Jewels Dragon Bath Bomb
Fragrant Jewels Mini Bath Bombs


As well as body scrubs, which give the most immediate gratification since you can just dig around in the scrub to find your jewel:

Fragrant Jewels Body Scrub

And of course they have candles.  The candles are all very high quality.  They are hand-made in the USA, vegan, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.  The candles are made with a proprietary coconut wax blend for a cleaner burn, and Fragrant Jewels uses only the highest-quality ingredients in their unique fragrance oils.

They have lots of really cool collections, like the Birthstone Collection:

Fragrant Jewels Monthly Birthstone collection

And you can get a necklace instead of a ring inside the Zodiac Collection Candles (the bath bombs have rings in them) – and all of the candles have different fragrances, by the way:


Fragrant Jewels Zodiac Collection with necklaces

There is also a Classic Collection, and you can buy the items separately or in a set for a discounted price:

Fragrant Jewels Classic Sets

Fragrant Jewels comes out with new collections all the time.  Right now they have a fabulous Halloween Collection, as well as the 2019 Fall Collection:

Fragrant Jewels 2019 Fall Collection

They also have photos showing all of the jewelry available within the collection.  Here are all the rings available in the Satin Collection Candles – you can see they have something for every taste and preference:

All the rings available inside the Fragrant Jewels Satin Collection Candles

And I love how Fragrant Jewels gets very creative and sassy, not only with their collections – like Unicorn Tears – but also with the jewelry that is inside the products.

Check out the fun, unique rings that are found inside the Unicorn Tears products – every ring in the collection is made with authentic Swarovski® crystals. Each crystal is coated with a special “aurore boreale”, giving it a glittering luminescence:

All the rings inside the Fragrant Jewels Unicorn Tears Collection products

If you want, you can join the Fragrant Jewels Inner Circle, which is a $33 subscription box that includes two or more of their best-selling products once a month. What I like is you can take the set they automatically send or you can choose a different set – they have about six other options. There are other benefits to the Inner Circle:

Get monthly gift sets with 2 or more of our best-selling products.
Get up to 30% off + free shipping on your order.
Get automatically entered into our sweepstakes to win a $10,000 ring.
Enjoy 2x FJ Reward Points on your Inner Circle gift sets.
Unlock early access on our most popular items.
Gain access to the exclusive Inner Circle Store where all products are discounted up to 30% and you’ll be able to buy items not available to the general public.
Enjoy a VIP customer service phone line dedicated to Inner Circle Members.
Cancel anytime. You’re not locked into a contract.

Check it out along with all the other amazing products at Fragrant Jewels online at Also, if you make an account you get 15% off and a free gift, and you can also get another 20% off your purchase with the code: SAVE20 at checkout. This code is valid for savings up to $90.

I absolutely love my Panda-Monium candle and I wear the ring every day now.  You have got to go to the Fragrant Jewels website to check out all this lovely line has to offer!  – Lisa is an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization devoted to improving the health and well-being of people, pets, and the planet. Project Peril, a program of, is committed to the conservation and care of the Giant Panda, including helping provide vital formula to the rejected cubs of twin families. Formula for panda cubs is imperative to their survival and ultimately aids in the conservation of the species.


  1. Christy Peeples DuBois | 18th Oct 19

    These products are so neat. And your ring looks like a good quality ring. It is so pretty. I’m sure I would be hoping to get to the ring quickly myself.

  2. Cassandra D | 18th Oct 19

    This looks really nice to have.

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