Merle Norman Cosmetics gives me Betty Davis eyes

Get out your ToDo list and add “Go to Merle Norman Studio” on it. That’s the only way you can buy Merle Norman Cosmetics but it’s worth the trip. I have found some on Amazon but the prices seem highly inflated and I personally wouldn’t trust ebay. So to a studio it is. You can find your closest one on their website.

The three eye products I’ve been using from Merle Norman Cosmetics have shown me why they’ve been popular for 88 years.

Merle Norman Cosmetics Knockout Nudes eyeshadow palette, Fat Lash Mascara and ProPen Eyeliner

I’ve been wearing these three almost non-stop for the past few weeks and each time I do I appreciate them more and more. All three have exceeded my expectations.

KNOCKOUT NUDES EYESHADOW PALETTE ($48) is basically your typical nude palette that we’ve been seeing for a long time. The biggest difference with this palette of neutrals is that I’ve experienced no fallout from the shadows. NO fallout. That is a coup. I always experience fallout so I keep a damp pad nearby but I haven’t needed it.

Merle Norman Knockout Nudes eyeshadow palette

There are 10 shades in matte, luminous and metallic formulas. As someone who really doesn’t choose matte often I’ve been pleased with how nice the mattes in Knockout Nudes apply. Beside the 10 pans there’s a double sided brush that is soft on one end and firm on the other. The brush is a taklon/nylon one. I recommend using an eyeshadow primer on it so that the colors show up more easily and last longer.

Moonstone (1) is a very light matte that a creamy shade.

Rose Quartz (2) is the lightest of the luminous shades and is a very light rose gold shade.

Gold Star (3) is also a light luminous shade with tones of yellow/gold.

Smitten (4) and Caramel (5) are both matte shades which I find to be good as transition shades; Caramel is true to its name while Smitten has a reddish brown undertone.

Bold as Brass (6) is a metallic and one I’ve gotten the most use out of. It’s not deep like you think of with brass, it has a nice pizzazz to it.

Beauty Mark (7) is another matte. I’ve mixed it with #10 Cafe Society several times to get a darker shade.

Tiger Eye (8) is a cool taupe metallic that I like a lot. Cosmic (9) is a luminous shadow that I love even though it doesn’t work well with most of the shades in the palette. On me there’s more of a gray cast to it. I really like wearing Cosmic with a charcoal shadow along with either Rose Quartz or Tiger Eye.

Last is Cafe Society (10) which I ignored at first and now I’ve realized it’s a great dark brown. It can be used as a liner but I like a dark shadow to emphasize the outer corners of my eyes and Cafe Society does just that.

Merle Norman Cosmetics Knockout Nudes eyeshadow palette

FAT LASH MASCARA lives up to its name. It’s a great volumizing mascara that lasts well on me. I curl my lashes first even though the curve of the brush would help improve a curl. The brush is designed to hug your lashes. I can wear this mascara the entire day without flaking, smudging or having it transfer. I remove with an eye makeup remover since I think it would be stubborn to take off otherwise.

Merle Norman Fat Lash Mascara
Merle Norman Fat Lash Mascara

Merle Norman Fat Lash Mascara is a wet mascara with brush bristles. Sometimes I have to wipe away excess before applying. I think when this “ages” a little it will be even better.

A few years ago I searched everywhere for a brown liquid liner. I did an article comparing all the ones I found. Only 2 met my expectations. Well now I have a third. PRO PEN EYELINER ($14) comes in both black and brown. I am so happy to have this in brown. It lasts me 10 or so hours before getting funny looking on my bottom lashline but stays the entire day on the top.

Merle Norman ProPen Eyeliner

I like a thin liner look but if you like it thicker it works just as well. Just press harder and on a little more of an angle to get that look.

All three of these eye products from Merle Norman Cosmetics are enough to make me remind you that a trip to a studio is something you’ll enjoy. Lisa’s shared the foundation which is a favorite for her as well as a few other pieces of their collection so it would be an excellent time to find some new cosmetics to widen your cosmetic horizons.  —  Marcia

Merle Norman Cosmetics Knockout Nudes eyeshadow palette, Fat Lash Mascara and ProPen Eyeliner





  1. Allison | 31st Jul 19

    Years ago when I worked for a NYC ad agency, we pitched the Merle Norman account, and the creative director and I flew to Cali to meet with them. Sadly, we didn’t get the account, but it turned me on to some great makeup! Glad they’re still around. Love the neutral palette

  2. Judy | 31st Jul 19

    Thts a great Nude palette. I like Merle Norman’s lipsticks.

  3. Claudia Materdomini | 31st Jul 19

    I dont think id be a fan of the mascara since you need to wipe it clean of excess but the palette looks nice!

  4. Lola Seicento | 31st Jul 19

    That is such a pretty neutral palette! I don’t think that I have tried anything from them.

  5. Polished Hippy | 31st Jul 19

    These look great! Going to a studio won’t be an option for me in the rural midwest, though, lol.

  6. Glamorable | 31st Jul 19

    That is a lovely neutral palette, and those are the kinds of colors I like to use for my everyday looks. Can’t go wrong with neutrals!

  7. Phyllis | 31st Jul 19

    One of my favorite make up lines.

  8. Cindy Ingalls | 31st Jul 19

    I worked at Merle Norman when I first got divorced, they have some nice products. Their eyeliners are especially nice.

  9. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 1st Aug 19

    That looks like a staple palette for sure!

  10. T | 1st Aug 19

    Love this palette!!! The colors are great neutrals.

  11. Kathryne | 1st Aug 19

    I know there’s a branch of Merle Norman in a mall near me.

  12. Erika | 1st Aug 19

    Blast from the past! I remember seeing the Merle Norman ads in magazines, when I was growing up and wishing that I could afford to get a makeover and some of their products. That eye palette looks so nice. I never get tired of great neutral palettes.

  13. Courtney | 1st Aug 19

    That looks like an essential nudes palette!

  14. Lynne B | 1st Aug 19

    I haven’t been in a Merle Norman store in years! I love that the palette comes with a double-sided brush.

  15. Laura | 1st Aug 19

    That palette has such a cute neutral color story!

  16. monique s | 1st Aug 19

    I really love the palette on this. I think it will really allow me to make great but natural looks with my eyes and really add nice shape and contour to my eye area.

  17. 25 Sweetpeas | 1st Aug 19

    Really nice assortment of neutrals!

  18. Jen Walker | 1st Aug 19

    This is such a great palette for a natural every day look at the office! It’s certainly a brand that flows under the radar often and I need to check out all the offerings.

  19. denise | 1st Aug 19

    beautiful palette

  20. Dana Rodriguez | 2nd Aug 19

    I really love the palette. These are the types of colors I wear most.

  21. Nina Kasper | 2nd Aug 19

    I really like that palette! I tend to buy more nude, earthy palettes so this would be perfect for me!

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