Mehron Celebré Pro-HD™ Conceal-It Palette review and swatches

I recently reviewed the excellent Mehron Celebré Pro-HD™ Correct-It Palette, a multi-use cream makeup palette that has everything you need to correct every single skin sin.  Today I am reviewing the Celebré Pro-HD™ Conceal-It Palette ($19.95), the sister palette for concealing blemishes and discolored areas.

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Mehron Celebré Pro-HD™ Conceal-It Palette

While the Correct-It Palette features color correcting shades that work for various issues such as sallow areas, bruised areas, and red areas.  The Celebre Pro-HD Conceal-It Palette has the same creamy texture, but the pots are various shades of concealer that are applied over top of the color correcting shades for a perfect finish.

Mehron Celebré Pro-HD™ Conceal-It Palette swatches

The coverage of the concealers is light but buildable with a satin finish.  I find that they need a setting powder to last all day.  I like having the six different shades all in one palette, especially to use in tandem with the color correcting shades.  Even without the color correcting shades, I like to use the lighter concealing shades on my darker areas, and the darker shades under my cheekbones and on the sides of my nose for contouring.

The formula for the concealers includes the antioxidants pomegranate and vitamin E as well as aloe vera.  It has no refined oils and is fragrance-free.   You can find Mehron products online at Camera Ready Cosmetics, and also try your local costume shops – they often carry Mehron and you may find Mehron Celebré Pro-HD™ Conceal-It Palette as well as the terrific Correct-It Palette. – Lisa


  1. Kelly Freeman | 7th Jun 18

    great variety of shades!

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 7th Jun 18

    I’m a fan of creams. Tho Toasted Walnut looks a bit dark, it does look like a nice conceal, highlight and contour palette at a good price!

  3. Judy | 7th Jun 18

    I love Mehron. I have a larger palette from Mehron with these foundations that’s meant for contouring that I keep in my makeup kit, I just used them on someone the other day, helping her find her foundation match.

  4. Stacie A Hamilton | 7th Jun 18

    Looks like a nice palette. I like these types of palettes so that I can mix shades together to get my perfect match.

  5. Kathryne | 7th Jun 18

    Looks like a nice palette especially amongst makeup artists!

  6. Courtney B | 7th Jun 18

    This looks like a great way to mix up your perfect concealer!

  7. Glamorable | 7th Jun 18

    Oh wow, Golden Wheat is like the PERFECT color match for your skin tone! Also, I am totally loving this palette and would use it for contouring and concealing.

  8. Jen Mathews | 7th Jun 18

    This sounds like it would be good for dry skin types.

  9. Cindy Ingalls | 7th Jun 18

    I like creams so much better than powders for contouring.

  10. Kristi V BeginNails | 7th Jun 18

    I love the finish of these! I need to learn how to contour so I can utilize products like these!

  11. Nikki | 8th Jun 18

    This looks like a really nice palette! I’ve been very into cream products lately and straying from powders, so I’ll look into this for sure.

  12. Justina | 8th Jun 18

    This looks like a great palette of really opaque shades!

  13. Lola Seicento | 8th Jun 18

    This looks like a great palette! This would be a great way to customize your concealer shade.

  14. Babi | 8th Jun 18

    I’m impressed with the range of shades! Might work for my skin tone too!

  15. My Nail Polish Obsesion | 8th Jun 18

    I like the range of colors offered in this concealer palette.

  16. Lulle | 8th Jun 18

    The texture looks really nice on your swatches! It looks creamy but light and thin.

  17. Lynne B | 8th Jun 18

    I have such problem finding the right concealer for my skin tone. This palette makes that easier.

  18. Gabrielle | 8th Jun 18

    This is a fantastic palette. I think it’s great that it’s inclusive enough to work for a great many people.

  19. 25 Sweetpeas | 8th Jun 18

    I’ve not heard of this brand but they look like they swatch well!

  20. Helga | 9th Jun 18

    Nice selection of shades, and the texture of the creams sounds just right.

  21. Nina Kasper | 10th Jun 18

    This looks like a great palette with great coverage for all skin types!

  22. Gwendolyn Jordan | 10th Jun 18

    Beautiful colors

  23. Susan Gillam | 10th Jun 18

    This palette looks like it would be light for me!! Might have to get it.

  24. Diane M Gooding | 10th Jun 18

    I love that this can be used for concealing and highlighting

  25. Polarbelle | 11th Jun 18

    They look like really workable shades. I could actually wear most of them in one way or another myself.

  26. Anita Jude | 11th Jun 18

    Love all the shades in this pallette

  27. Ehmkay Nails | 11th Jun 18

    I like the idea of these with color correcting colors! Not sure how I would use the darker colors in this.

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