Mascara Mania

Today I want to share with you all of the mascaras I have open and in use. I’m a bit of a fiend with these since I get unhappy quickly so I’ll move on only to realize that the one I stopped using isn’t so bad.

I never have guilt opening a sample size mascara since it’s rare that I’ve paid for it other than indirectly like a subscription box. Full size I’m more careful about so I’ll try to keep it to a mass market mascara and a more prestige one.

So here are the 4 I’ve got going and my opinions of them. Enjoy the read.

Mallywood Smoky Mama! Mascara

I’m not going to say more about Mally Beauty’s Mallywood Smoky Mama Mascara since I have reviewed it and shared what I love about it. I’m just beyond the 2 month mark and it’s starting to get thicker so it proves that 3 months is the max I should use mascara.

L’Oreal Voluminous LASH PARADISE

L’Oreal Voluminous LASH PARADISE is one of the most talked about drugstore mascara around. It does what it says – provides volume and length. I bought Blackest Black and it is truly blackest. The color is dark and the mascara gives a dramatic look. It’s the one mascara that I’ve rebought this year. It’s reminiscent of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara so if that worked for you then you’ll want this too.

L’Oreal Voluminous LASH PARADISE

It can be hard to remove so don’t try it with just water. I use my eye makeup remover on a cotton pad and hold it on to loosen the mascara before attempting to wipe it off. It usually takes me two times to get it all off. That is not a complaint since this does what I want.

I obviously disagree with the back of the package since I don’t think soap would work on this thick mascara and I always do two coats but you know your mileage may vary.

L’Oreal Voluminous LASH PARADISE
L’Oreal Voluminous LASH PARADISE

The next are sample sizes that came in various subscription boxes or purchases. I love these smaller sizes since it gives me a good idea of whether or not I’m going to like the mascara. But they can be deceiving too. I had a mini Smashbox and loved it enough to buy the full size which then disappointed me so much that I wanted to kick myself. I had a mini Benefit RollerLash that was god’s gift to eyelashes but as much as I loved it my next full size didn’t match up to it. But I haven’t given up on RollerLash.

Speaking of Benefit RollerLash there’s Benefit’s BAD gal BANGOne really nice thing about this mascara is that you can actually buy the mini ($12) to see if you like it. Yes it’s more than a drugstore mascara but IMO it lasts as long as their full size one for half the cost.

Benefit Bad Gal BANG!

But what’s my opinion of it? I’m very much on the fence with it. I’ve been using it on a typical day that doesn’t include anything special but I’m not going to be wearing it when I want my lashes to pop. It’s not bad but it’s not special on my particular lashes (short, straight, but they will accept a fake curl). Reviews are mixed on Sephora about the mascara which goes to show that it’s a product that can work magic on one person and bomb out on another.

Benefit Bad Gal BANG!

MAC had a mini (and I mean mini) in my last IPSY bag. I was happy about that since MAC False Lashes used to be one of my favorites. Guess what … it’s not one of my favorites now and this didn’t tempt me to buy it again.

MAC False Lashes mini mascara
MAC False Lashes mini mascara

I thought for sure I’d like it because of the natural bristles but it didn’t really show up much. It didn’t matter how many coats I applied, it just didn’t like me. It even smudged on me. With a $45 MAC order at Ulta you can try this for yourself. But don’t go spend $45 just to try it.

My report card:





What’s your mascara of choice these days? I’m always on the prowl. Two new ones are waiting for me – a mini Hourglass Caution and a full size MILK Kush. Do I have to wait??  — Marcia

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  1. Lynne B | 7th Sep 18

    I love mascaras, too! I’ve stayed away from some brands after trying multiple mascaras. L’Oreal was one of them. Until Lash Paradise and Luminous Superstar XFiber. The latter is double-ended, with a primer on one end, mascara on the other. Aside from the amazingly long and thick lashes it gives me, the primer is black instead of white. SCORE! No trying to cover up white primers anymore. This mascara gives me similar results to Clinique High Impact, which amazing. I just tossed my Maybelline Lash Sensational, another fave in the rotation.
    I always get waterproof mascara because they’re the only ones that hold the curl. The only non-waterproof I’ve liked is Tarte Lights Camera Lashes but only during the winter when the humidity doesn’t kill the curl.
    Sorry to go on about it. I love mascara! 😉

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 7th Sep 18

    Everyone’s reactions to mascaras are so different! Bad Gal Bang has been my fave since it came out! I rate it an A- and I always buy the travel size

  3. Lola Seicento | 7th Sep 18

    I have so many mascara samples open, and like you I open far fewer full size mascaras. Wow, the MAC mascara is definitely a big miss!

  4. Stacie Hamilton | 7th Sep 18

    Fun post! I love mascara too and feel the same way about full size vs sample size. LOL! I finally just got the L’Oreal one and can’t wait to give it a try. Mally is a brand that I’ve loved in the past as well. I’d pass on the MAC one just because that brush is boring.

  5. Kristi V BeginNails | 7th Sep 18

    I’m currently using a sample size Sephora brand one and I’m loving it. I had just finished up Dior which was amazing, but towards the end my eyes looked like little raccoon smudges. I need to try the ones you ranked as A’s!

  6. Kathryne | 8th Sep 18

    So far, the only mascaras that I like but not really the best are: Tarte (really volumizing but smudge) and Pixi (doesn’t smudge but not volumizing). I’m always on the hunt!

  7. Jen Walker | 8th Sep 18

    About a year ago, I started having issues with all mascaras smudging and giving me horrible raccoon eyes. I’m not sure why other than skincare, but even when I do makeup hours after applying eye creams, it would still happen. I since switched over to a tubing mascara (L’Oreal Double Extend) and haven’t had issues with it. Whenever I go back to a traditional mascara, the raccoon fest starts again. I just need to stick with tubes I think.

  8. Cindy Ingalls | 8th Sep 18

    mascara is my jam! I like lash paradise & bad gal bang a lot!!

  9. Polarbelle | 9th Sep 18

    I’m really loving Bad Gal Bang. I buy the mini size…I love a mini with a full sized wand. Those seem to work best for me. And this doesn’t melt in the Phx heat

  10. Ehmkay Nails | 9th Sep 18

    I appreciate this post. I’m still on the lookout for my favorite mascara

  11. 25 Sweetpeas | 9th Sep 18

    Lash Paradise has a pretty good rep! I use Maybelline LashSensation and I love it!

  12. Susan Gillam | 10th Sep 18

    I love trying new mascaras. One of my favorite things!

  13. My Nail Polish Obsession | 10th Sep 18

    I do enjoy trying new mascara but I am pretty loyal to the 2 brands I use. Cover Girl Lash Blast and the non-fiber one from Younique. I go back and forth between them.

  14. Polished Hippy | 13th Sep 18

    I like minis because they seem to last at least 6 months for me. I could never use up a full tube before it dried.

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