Marcia’s Top Ten x 2

It’s time for me to stop and assess all the items I’ve blogged about since I wrote a Top Ten list in August. I’m amazed and excited about so many of the products that I’ve been introduced to over the last 3 months so I’m picking my Top Ten from the ones that are new to me. There are quite a few I’ve written about that I’ve used for years so I’m not including those, just the ones that I’ve learned about while writing  Beauty Info Zone. They aren’t in any particular order; I love them all and wanted a second chance to talk about them.

  • Senna Light and Lift Eye Cream – I’m using this every single morning and ignoring all the other little jars of eye cream on my counter. I love the light fresh feeling of this. I like how quickly it absorbs yet leaves my eyes soft and subtle underneath. I have chronic insomnia and Senna Light and Lift Eye Cream has been a lifesaver many mornings. I need just the tiniest amount so this will last me a long time making it even more of a bargain than it already was at $28.
  • Resurf.a.stic Face – Exfoliation was a rare concept for me for most of my life. I just never realized what a difference it makes for the smooth appearance of foundation. I’ve discovered a few great exfoliators lately and this is one of them. It’s so easy to use and it gets to the exact spots you need exfoliating so effortlessly.
  • Burberry foundation I have lots of foundations, I love foundation, I need foundation and this is a winner. Since my local Nordstrom doesn’t carry the brand I ordered it on faith using another blog’s swatches. When it arrived I went from glee (picking the right shade) to horror (it is so fragranced) back to glee (I can tolerate the fragrance because it dissipates quickly). The foundation imparts a beautiful finish. It’s slightly dewy and covers nicely. I especially love it when I use my Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster (see below) since it lasts so well when I use these together.
  • MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liners  – When I reviewed these I only owned two but after using them I went back to the MAC counter and picked up 4 more. I find these really easy to use, long lasting and beautiful. It came in 9 shades and most are still available on MAC’s website. I still don’t know if they are LE or permanent but I’m sure these will last so long that I don’t have to worry about it. All the colors are great so I refuse to pick a favorite!!
  • My list wouldn’t be complete without Le Metier de Beaute since that’s the cosmetic brand that has won my heart in 2010. I’ve reviewed 2 single eyeshadows (Plum and Corinthian), 4 adorable nail polishes in beautiful shades and the Le Cirque eyeshadow Kaleidoscope. I’ve got to pick my most used product for this list and that’s Corinthian eyeshadow. I love this shade. It’s a color I’m comfortable wearing any time. There’s just something so special about Le Metier and especially about Corinthian eyeshadow. 
  • Mascara. Now this is hard because I’ve found two that I really like and would repurchase.  The first is d.j.v. beautenizer Fiberwig LX. I love the curved brush on this mascara. While I still need an eyelash curler I can see how it would help create curls for someone that didn’t. This gives me definition and lengthening without smudging and flaking. I can build it up for more drama too.
  • The second mascara is Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Mascara. I really like the look this gives me and I love the good cause behind the creation of this mascara. GOGO means Get One, Give One and the one you are giving is to a City of Hope cancer patient/survivor. In addition Josie Maran is donating $1 of each sale to City of Hope. We need to stand behind cancer cures so this cause is wonderful and so generous. Not only are you buying a mascara that doesn’t smudge, gives length and definition but you are doing it for someone else at the same time.
  • Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral Foundation –  for me this seems more like a tinted moisturizer than a regular foundation. It’s very lightweight and worked well for me during the summer months when I wanted coverage but nothing that would smother my face. This Jane Iredale foundation has become a staple in my foundation wardrobe already.

It was hard to pick ten yet I already have my next Top Ten started in my head since I’m one lucky lady when it comes to the treasures of the cosmetic world. — Marcia


  1. I love fragrence in a poroduct so I admit when you say there is a fragrenence I am more drawn to it. My perfume collection is very very amazing.

    Jane Iredale’s products are beyond amazing! My skin is sooooooo healthy compared to before using her products.

    I can not wait to order the hand products~ I admit I am not a shop online girl as much so I am procrastinating LOL

    Trish mcevoy anti fatigue sounds too good to be true and cant wait to try it : )

  2. You picked an amazing group of ten.

  3. The Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Anti-Fatigue Cream sounds interesting! I love products that solve more than one skin problem at a time.

  4. LOVE Senna products~!Love this article and site THANKYOU~!LOVE smokey eyes and curly lashes!
    Makes my eyes look 3 times as big..
    I like makeup and lashes to lasts all day. My favorite Eyelash curler is the Hot Lashes 2 pc heated eyelash curler~!
    Hands down…best metal curler is identical to the Shu curler but with heat..curly lashes and concealer with lipstick and I am out the door.
    My super straight lashes stay curly till the next day with this great reviews on Amazon and also saw on the site~ Thanks for all your suggestions..Love this site~! and looking to get married next year..Yea!

  5. mally hale says:

    Also…love the Luminous Lashes curler too~! Forgot to mention that one..
    Thanks for this blog…Love you guys..

  6. Great list Marcia! I just ordered the Josie Maran boxed set from Sephora so now I’m excited to try the GoGo mascara & I really need some of the Trish booster cream now too!

  7. What about lip plumpers?
    What is your favorite?
    What do you find makes your lips
    appear fuller?

  8. That’s a great question. Lately I’ve been using Senna Sugar Scrub which actually plumps my lips. My favorite gloss for plumping is CAT Cosmetics. It’s just so silky smooth.


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