Mally has stolen my heart with the Mallywood Highlighting Blush

Mallywood Highlighting Blush

It’s hard to express just how much I love Mally Beauty’s newest blush, Mallywood Highlighting Blush. I have worn it continuously since I got it. Every other blush is totally ignored, even products I’ve bought since I got this. Everything about this Mallywood blush screams my name and refuses to allow me to wear anything else.

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One reason this is so unusual is that I’m a huge fan of cream blushes and actually don’t wear powder ones that often. But Mally changed my mind with the perfect pink blush. With 4 blush shades and 2 soft highlighter shades it is perfection for my cool toned fair skin. Mallywood though isn’t just for pale princesses since it can be built up, it’s appropriate for just about every one.

Mallywood Highlighting Blush

The best way for me to use Mallywood Highlighting Blush is to swirl a blush brush around the entire surface of it. It has a unique “wave” pressing technology that allows for all the shades to blend seamlessly together for a perfect blush shade. With all but the purple shade I can use these with a smaller brush on my eyes too. The purple doesn’t seem to pick up much color individually though but it adds to the overall effect.

Mally Beauty Mallywood Highlighting Blush

Mally Beauty Mallywood Highlighting Blush

While the delightful packaging screams glitz, there’s nothing glitzy about this. The highlighters are subtle, the only glitter is the embossed glitter on the compact. These are more iridescent. I take a medium size eyeshadow brush and pick those up to highlight on the top of my cheekbones. This is so perfectly multi-purpose!


Mallywood Collection

This Ulta only blush is part of a great looking collection but most of the collection is limited edition so you don’t want to lose out by hesitating. The blush will be the best $28 you’ll spend all summer. This is holy grail territory for me!  —  Marcia



  1. Looks very pretty!

  2. Valerie C. says

    Nice! I love it. Now I have to visit Ulta this week <3

  3. I love every Mally product I have tried. Her gel eye liners are my very most favorite out of every brand I have tried. I can see why you love this new blush!

  4. This looks so pretty I would never want to use it, that’s how I am with pretty looking makeup ?

  5. This is so pretty, and I love Mally! I think that I might need this!

  6. I prefer iridescent over glitter any day. This looks lovely!

  7. I like that the purple doesn’t overpower – that’s super important!

  8. I adore this blush too and have used the other shades on my eyes. You’re right about the purple shade–not much pigment but it doesn’t matter when you swirl everything together!

  9. I love the way the way the product is displayed! Such a fun swirl of colors! Will you be providing swatches later? I’d love to see them.

  10. I am drooling over the look of this lovely palette. It’s great that you can use it on your eyes as well. But glad to hear that the purple doesn’t overpower but just adds to the overall shade. I need to go to Ulta and see this in person

  11. Jen Walker says

    I just love the packaging of it, although that would make me hesitate to actually use it. I may have to pick this up!

  12. Ehmkay Nails says

    I don’t use highliter but this is pretty packaging. Want!

  13. Jess Scull says

    The packaging is so gorgeous! Great Summer blush

  14. The packaging is stunning and the blush looks amazing. I’m going to need to get this!

  15. That blush is beautiful to behold!

  16. I love all of the Mally products that I have tried, and I’ve tried a lot. 🙂

  17. It stole mine too 🙂 What a pretty blush!

  18. 25 Sweetpeas says

    This is some gorgeous packaging!

  19. This is like 7 blushes in one! Or, as you said, blended together for one pretty shade! And wow, the packaging!

  20. Kimberly Callaway says

    I really wish I knew how to use highlighter..the right way I love these colors!1

  21. I love the look of this! I, too, would just swirl the whole thing. It’s almost too pretty to use!

  22. Clarissa Hiciano says

    So pretty and I love the packaging!

  23. patricia caradonna says

    I have not tried the Mally products but they look wonderful. I enjoy mixing all the colors and then applying.

  24. The packaging is so pretty! Love the swirl of colours

  25. Kristi Friesen says

    I’m looking for a new blush and this sounds great!

  26. Such an original blush **

  27. I’d love to try this blush! It looks very pretty.

  28. Beth Minyard says

    That looks pretty! I have never tried this brand, but I’m definitely going to have to! Thanks for sharing

  29. This compact is so pretty I wouldn’t want to use it and wreck the design.


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  2. […] come along too often but once Marcia of Beauty Info Zone started using the Mally Beauty’s Mallywood Highlighting Blush she knew she’d found her HG […]