Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette

After hearing nothing but raves for the London-based Makeup Revolution line, I couldn’t wait to dive into the Mermaids Forever Eyeshadow Palette we were sent to review. Available in the states at Ulta, this affordable cruelty-free line is fun and definitely worth checking out.

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever
Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever

When I saw the name “Mermaids Forever” I was actually expecting 32 variations of green and blue. Surprisingly, there is a wide range of shades in this pretty palette – everything from sheer light cream to deep dark plum.

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever
Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever
Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever
Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever

Mermaids Forever has 32 eyeshadow shades in a variety of matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes – definitely something for everyone in this palette! Looking at the rows vertically there are shades of cream, orange, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, and gray.

The first vertical row of lighter shades are less pigmented and take quite a bit of packing on for any oomph. The darker shades, however, have terrific pigmentation and are wonderfully blendable. I always use an eyeshadow primer and with a primer I find these shadows last all day. While the size of the eyeshadows is small, this palette has enough variety to last a very long time.

Mermaids Forever palette swatches

Cream shades swatched from left to right:  Forever, Seashell, Enchant, Future.

Mermaids Forever swatches

Orange shades swatched from left to right: Bay, Creature, Starfish, Ariel.

Mermaids Forever palette swatches

Pink shades swatched from left to right: Myth, Magic, Pretty, Pink Sea.

Mermaids Forever swatches

Purple  shades swatched from left to right: Song, Urchin, Princess, Ocean.

Mermaids Forever swatches

Blue shades swatched from left to right: Mermaids, Sea, Waves, Splash.

Mermaids Forever swatches

Green shades swatched from left to right: Fishtail, Land, Turtle, Undersea.

Mermaids Forever swatches

Brown shades swatched from left to right: Treasure, Kingdom, Mineral, Seabed.

Mermaids Forever swatches

Gray shades swatched from left to right: Imagine, Harmony, Prince, Whale.

My favorite shades are the browns and oranges, which is slightly ironic as I don’t think of those as being very mermaid-y. Regardless, I think Mermaids Forever is a versatile palette that I know will get tons of use. At the bargain price of $15 this is a palette that should be in everyone’s arsenal.  – Lisa

*received for editorial consideration

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever
Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever


  1. Christy Peeples DuBois | 17th Oct 15

    What a great price for such variety!! I can’t say that any one particular family of shades is my favorite but there are a number that I would love to play around with for different looks. Thanks for another great review.

  2. Katherine Riley | 18th Oct 15

    I love green and brown shades. There is a lot of color in that palette.

  3. Joan Kubes | 18th Oct 15

    I think these would be great shades for summer.

  4. Lisa | 18th Oct 15

    I was forced to buy their “Unicorns Unite” palette because of the name and the holographic purple box it came in. The palette itself is, sadly, plain black (and really hard to open). It contains a lovely assortment of jewel-toned shades, some of which are matte. I’m so glad to see another budget-friendly line that is cruelty-free!

  5. Susan P. | 18th Oct 15

    $15 for this palette is a great price. The colors are interesting though I don’t know if I would use all of them.

  6. Rachel R. | 19th Oct 15

    I’ve been lemming after this one. The swatches look great.

  7. Natalie Brown | 20th Oct 15

    I’ve wanted this palette for awhile now because I love the blues, greens, and pinks. Good to know it’s available at Ulta! Thanks for the fun information. 🙂

  8. Lola Seicento | 20th Oct 15

    What a great price for such a nice palette!

  9. Allison | 20th Oct 15

    Wow, look at the size of that palette! And all the gorgeous shades! I just tried my first MUR palette that I bought at Ulta and I like it a lot

  10. Destany | 20th Oct 15

    Great variety of some very pretty shades!

  11. Eugenia | 20th Oct 15

    OMG these colors are so pretty and I would so love to have these!!

  12. Aleya Bamdad | 20th Oct 15

    Very pretty palette for those who like to play. I actually like the less pigmented color better but to each her own.

  13. Mandy Chameleon Stampede | 20th Oct 15

    Awesome range of colors! You could do just about anything with this palette.

  14. Renu | 20th Oct 15

    I love Makeup Revolution eyeshadows and eyeliners! I am loving all the shades in this palette.

  15. Heather | 20th Oct 15

    I was curious about this palette because of it’s name, and I will have to check it out! I love blue shadows!!

  16. Phyrra | 20th Oct 15

    I love the hues in this palette!

  17. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 20th Oct 15

    Wow, $15 is an incredible price. It would make a nice gift too!

  18. Lisa Heath | 20th Oct 15

    That’s a great palette for the price! Nice Holiday idea too for people wanting to expand their shadow collection!

  19. Nidia - Lit From Within | 20th Oct 15

    I’ve gotten a few things from this brand, and I really like them. They are a great drugstore brand. Lots of variety in this palette, for sure!

  20. Kath TheFabZilla | 21st Oct 15

    Pretty shades I must say. Kinda reminds me of elf palettes

  21. Miranda Mendoza | 21st Oct 15

    I have the Mermaid palette and it’s gorgeous!

  22. Anastasia | 21st Oct 15

    This palette has so many bright and fun colors!

  23. Amber | 21st Oct 15

    I keep hearing great things about this brand. The shadows look pretty pigmented!

  24. Honeygirlk | 21st Oct 15

    Such pretty shades. I am really wanting to try out this brand.

  25. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 21st Oct 15

    What gorgeous shades! That’s an awesome price, too!

  26. Bailey | 21st Oct 15

    I haven’t tried this brand yet, but these shades look great!

  27. StephanieLouise | 22nd Oct 15

    Very ethereal looking!

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