Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss – swatches for VIP, Set List, Drumroll, Groupie, Mixtape

Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss

The gorgeous Marlena, aka Makeup Geek, has some fantastic lip products and we have lots of swatches for you!  This week I have Foiled Lip Glosses ($15), and next Sunday Marcia has Showstopper Cream Lip Stain Lip Glosses.

Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss

The Foiled Lip Glosses are truly dreamy. My oh my these are good!! The texture is incredible – soft with great slip, yet they last for about six hours. The pigment is fantastic, with tons of reflective metallic shine. This is the most comfy lip gloss ever and I just can’t believe the finish…anything else I’ve worn with a mirror gloss is somewhat uncomfortable, but this is sooo nice. Amazing!

The gloss is NOT sticky and it is NOT frosty. The shine is on point, the shimmer is fab, there is no taste and no fragrance. Makeup Geek has a 100% total winner here. Wowza.  I have five of the ten shades available with swatches for you.  First up is the lightest shade, VIP.

Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in VIP
Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in VIP
Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in VIP (from Makeup Geek website)

VIP is a light peachy pink.  It’s dark enough to work for my thin lips…anything too nude and I just look washed out, but this has enough tint to show up.  Actually, I find that if I apply another coat the color gets more intense and deeper. It’s a very pretty, girly shade that isn’t frosty. I love it.

Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Set List
Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Set List
Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Set List (from Makeup Geek website)

Set List is a medium rose with light pink reflects. This is my favorite of the five shades. Look at how beautiful this is!!  This is a perfect spring/summer shade, and if you are only going to buy one lip gloss to transition into the new season this should be it.

Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Mixtape
Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Mixtape
Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Mix Tape (from Makeup Geek website)

Mixtape is a rosy plum that is really gorgeous – look at the foil effect with this one! It’s not very flattering on my thin lips, but if you have full lips you will rock it. I think this will especially remarkable on darker skin tones.

Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Drumroll
Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Drumroll
Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Drum Roll (from Makeup Geek website)

Drumroll is a mid-toned purple with pink reflects, another darker shade that has a marvelous metallic finish. The wear time for this baby is insane – I put this on and I swear it lasted a full seven hours.

Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Groupie
Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Groupie
Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss in Groupie (from Makeup Geek website)

Groupie is a brightened fuchsia with purple reflects. This is not as bright with one coat, which is how I wear it and it still lasts a good six hours.  If you want it bright, add another coat and it really gets that mirror effect.

Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss swatches, left to right: Set List, VIP, Groupie, Drumroll, Mixtape

I think the Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Glosses are to die for. I am beyond impressed by these lovelies! Other shades available include Acoustic, rich ox blood-red; Backstage,  deep purple with royal blue reflects; Headliner, rich copper; Replay,  bright pinky coral; and Vinyl, a medium taupe with silver reflects and subtle purple undertones.

Be sure to check out Marcia’s review next Sunday on Makeup Geek’s Showstopper Creme Stains!  – Lisa


  1. Helga | 8th Apr 18

    I have to try these lip glosses! I love how they last so long and the texture sounds wonderful.

  2. Dana Rodriguez | 8th Apr 18

    Oh my! These colors are GORGEOUS! I want to get a few of these 🙂

  3. Teresakoedyker | 9th Apr 18

    These are all stunning!! I am definitely going to buy a couple of these to add to my collection!!!

  4. Kristi V BeginNails | 10th Apr 18

    These colors are gorgeous and the finish is stunning! So pretty!

  5. Jen Mathews | 10th Apr 18

    Oh wow those are so pretty!

  6. Glamorable | 10th Apr 18

    Those look intense! Metallic finish doesn’t look too great on me, but I love the shades.

  7. Painted Fingertips | 10th Apr 18

    All of these look so pretty on you! I like that shine!

  8. Never Say Die Beauty | 10th Apr 18

    Oh my, these are gorgeous! I like the first shade on the left in your swatches. Is that Set List?

  9. Kathryne | 10th Apr 18

    I like all shades. I feel like I can still wear them to the clinic!

  10. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 10th Apr 18

    Wow, these are really pretty! I love the finish, and it doesnt seem to accentuate lines!

  11. Ehmkay nails | 10th Apr 18

    Drumroll is super awesome. Love that one

  12. Louisa Dent | 11th Apr 18

    they look great – might have to check them out

  13. Emily Draher | 11th Apr 18

    I’d love to try these! I love the metallic look, but have yet to wear it myself!

  14. Stacie @ | 11th Apr 18

    Your swatches are beautiful! I am so into these shades.

  15. Lola Seicento | 11th Apr 18

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS! I want Set List!

  16. My Nail Polish Obsession | 11th Apr 18

    Those are very pretty! The color payoff on the last 3 is great!

  17. Cassie Tucker | 11th Apr 18

    7 hours for a foiled lipstick?! That is amazing longevity. Now I’m going to need to pick up one or two of these!

  18. Cindy | 11th Apr 18

    As long as it’s not too frosty, Set List is gorge!

  19. 25 Sweetpeas | 11th Apr 18

    All of those are really pretty!

  20. Nina | 11th Apr 18

    These are all so pretty!!! I normally avoid shimmery shades but I like all of these!!

  21. Sahrish Adeel | 12th Apr 18

    I am more into matte lipsticks these days but the swatches look so amazing. I am a huge fan of MUG products. 😀

  22. Courtney B | 12th Apr 18

    What an interesting set of lipsticks!

  23. Yvette Price | 13th Apr 18

    This set is really nice, I like all the colors in it. Acoustic speaks to my dark soul!

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