Make your own moisturizer with The Ktchn Apothecary Revitalizing Facial Cream Kit

The Kitchen Apothecary Revitalizing Kit

My family jokes that while I am not very handy in the kitchen there are two things that I do very well: I make excellent ice and I can boil water with the best of them. If you can boil water, you can make your own moisturizer! I just had an absolute blast with the Revitalizing Facial Cream Kit ($45) from The Ktchn Apothecary.

This wonderful kit has everything you need to make a 2 month supply of face cream that hydrates skin, reduces the look of fine lines, brightens the complexion, and improves elasticity. And it’s a ton of fun to make, even if you are a klutz in the kitchen like me. The kit comes with:

  • Perfectly-Measured Extracts
  • Plant-Based, All-Natural Preservative
  • Heat-Safe Glass Beaker
  • Stainless Steel Whisk
  • Cobalt Blue Glass Jar
  • Flawless Mixing Guide
    The Beeswax
    The Facial Oil
    The Aloe
    The package of oats

You just need to supply a pot, some tap water, and a stove. That’s all. The ingredients are terrific. The Ktchn Apothecary says, “Our fresh-made Revitalizing Facial Cream has up to 3x higher concentration of powerful extracts to transform skin’s texture & appearance to a youthful glow in just 3 days. Naturally.” The ingredients include beeswax to fortify the moisture barrier and retain hydration; aloe to replenish hydration and renew skin surface; 7 restorative facial oils to restore elasticity and reduce fine lines; and powdered oats to improve skin texture and brighten complexion.

Making the Revitalizing Facial Cream is quick, fun, and easy. Here’s what I did:

Such a cute beaker! I am cleaning it here with the alcohol pad.

First I used the Alcohol Sterilizing Pad to wipe out the reusable beaker so it was ready to use. I put about an inch of water into a pan and got the water boiling, then put the water on low.

The Kitchen Apothecary Revitalizing Kit – it’s good for 2 months now

I wrote a date 60 days from the day of my big skin care creation experiment, since that’s how long the all-natural moisturizer lasts.

In goes the beeswax!
Pouring in the facial oil
The facial oil and the beeswax
The hardest part – boiling water.

That’s all the prep work that is needed! The rest took under ten minutes and I ended up with beautiful, silky moisturizer that was super special because, well…I made it myself. I poured the Beeswax and Facial Oil into the glass beaker and put the beaker into the hot water, mixing it with the cute little whisk until the beeswax was melted.

Pouring in the aloe

Next, I poured in the Aloe and whisked until it was fully combined. Then I removed the beaker from the water and poured in the packet of Oats, which thickened the moisturizer right up.

About to add in the oats
Mixing in the oats….
Mixing it all up….
The finished product!

And that was it!! This is a thick, creamy, lovely moisturizer that soaks right in. It is wonderfully hydrating and has a lovely herbal scent. The beaker and whisk are reusable and you can order new supplies from The Ktchn Apothecary to make more moisturizer when you run out. The Ktchn Apothecary is so confident you will love your moisturizer they will give you your money back if you don’t, including shipping costs!

Bottom line – this is a hoot. The ingredients are fantastic, the tools are great, and the cobalt jar is excellent for keeping the integrity of the moisturizer (just use a scoop to get your product out, not your fingers!). I highly recommend The Revitalizing Kit for something fun and different.  – Lisa

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  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 13th Jul 17

    Very cool. DIY is my kind of thing. This looks like fun!

  2. Lola Seicento | 13th Jul 17

    This is definitely something that I would LOVE! What fun!

  3. CosmetopiaDigest | 13th Jul 17

    What a fun process! I love that you get to control the texture and richness of the moisturiser.

  4. Kathtyne | 14th Jul 17

    OMG, you made me laugh with boiling water. In my family, our inside joke is if you don’t know how to boil egg, you failed at life, haha! Easy DIY I must say

  5. Kevin | 14th Jul 17

    Hi Lisa and friends!

    Thanks for the lovely review and comments! We’re so glad you loved your Revitalizing Facial Cream Kit! To help everyone experience the power of fresh-made skincare, now through 7/17, we’re offering $25 OFF your first kit with code FBLIKES. Discover more on our Facebook page or at

    Please let us know if you have any questions at all at [email protected]

    Thanks for making beauty better!


  6. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 14th Jul 17

    I’ve never tried making my own moisturizer, but I have made my own body butter and it’s always fun.

  7. Deb E | 15th Jul 17

    Well I think this might even be fun to create with a daughter or who knows maybe a son too! The directions are simple enough and it’s fun to create your own special product. I’ve seen kits like these and really want to give one a try.

  8. Anastasia | 15th Jul 17

    That is so clever! I love the idea of making your own skincare, and even better that the ingredients are all natural & healthy.

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