Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners – makeup meltdown solution

I’m in the midst of a makeup meltdown. This summer has been particularly difficult for me with the heat and the humidity. I don’t like to leave home without wearing some makeup  yet most things just melt away making me feel even worse. Happily my eyeliner is sticking around because I feel totally naked without eyeliner and NO ONE wants to see me naked. I picked up a few Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners (Precision Waterproof Eyeliners) when I was at the IMATS show and they’ve helped make this summer more tolerable.

The MUFE Precision Waterproof Eyeliners come in 15 shades from wild to classic yet all are sublime. The pigmentation on Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners is beautiful and they glide on so easily. What I love about them is that the tip is very pointy and very precise. The tip is firmer than a lot of liners I’ve tried but that’s what makes it so easy to get a thin line if you like. These come in matte shades, iridescent and diamond shades. They are $23 each and available at Sephora.

What I came home with and what I use are two different things. You’d think a former elementary school teacher would know the difference between a 6 and a 9 but she (meaning me) was so excited to buy these that she rushed and came home with #9 instead of #6. That means I have a hot pink #9 instead of a rich blue#6. What I do use all the time though are #7, #12 and #15.

Number 7 seen below is a ‘diamond black purple’. It looks more purple on my hand than it does on my eye but it does have enough purple tone to it to work perfectly with grays and purples. There’s just enough of the diamond finish to brighten things without anyone knowing my secret.

Number 12 is ‘mat mocha’ and fits my daily life perfectly. It’s a dark rich brown and has taken the place of my gel eyeliner.

Number 15 is ‘iridescent anthracite’. I didn’t need another black liner so this one that’s more of a charcoal gray is the answer. Interestingly enough when I picked these three shades I didn’t realize that I would end up with all of the finishes that MUFE sells. Top swatches are #15, charcoal; bottom are #12, mocha.

After writing my original draft for this review I was fortunate to get #6, Iridescent Navy Blue. What a gorgeous shade this is, both on my hand and on my eyes.

If you go to MUFE’s site, you can click on the liners to see what the shades are like. I find they are quite accurate. The one thing to remember with these liners is to SHAKE them up before using.  When removing these liners you’ll notice that they come off in flakes which is typical of a waterproof liquid eyeliner. That’s a great sign since it won’t wash away while you are off having fun in the sun. — Marcia


  1. LOVE these! I have the navy and anthracite and I love them both–so easy to use and budgeproof! I’m currently trying the Stila version (sparkle liners) and liking them too!

  2. I have yet to try these.. though I’m curious how they stack up to all the similarly packaged liners from MAC, Stila & Urban Decay.

  3. Nice. I’ll have to try these out. I tried their Aqua Eyes pencil liner and wasn’t impressed, but liquid looks like it’s the way to go for MUFE liners!

  4. Urban Decay and MUFE aren’t terribly different in how they wear but MUFE has a choice of 3 different finishes plus more colors. I have Stila, UD and MUFE and all have wonderful aspects but the MUFE seems to last the longest. The blue shade and anthracite MUFE shades are truly wonderful.

  5. I love that they have been kind to me through my hot flashes. I find them easy to use and they won’t disappear with heat and humidity.

  6. I love these eyeliners. They are the best! I think my favorite is the purple. By the way, what did you do with the hot pink?

  7. Wow, these look incredible! I am a total eyeliner person, and these look really nice. I always have a hard time with liners smudging to my upper lid (thanks to hooded, super oily lids), but it sounds like these last a long time. 🙂 Thanks for the review!


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