Mad scientist experiments with Demeter Coconut and friends!

If you have a bit of mad scientist in you, then Demeter is the perfect place to create the signature scent of your dreams. Demeter is a wonderfully fun line – who else offers such intriguing scents as Clean Windows, Earthworm, Glue, Fuzzy Balls, Lobster, and Mildew? They sound odd, but Demeter knows exactly what it’s doing. Their fragrances are clear, nature based notes that are meant for layering and experimentation. By layering the scents, you can create your own signature fragrance with top, middle, and bottom notes.

In my world, everything is better with coconut. Coconut is by far my most favorite scent, so I started in the Demeter classic library and found Coconut (1 oz $15), described as ‘the scent of freshly picked coconut, slightly sweet, fresh, crisp and green – not the sweetened, processed variety. A true delightful Hawaiian staple, the scent is almost edible!’ I usually go for more of a toasted coconut scent, but Demeter’s version is lovely. Very natural and true to fresh coconut.

I spent about 3 hours totally lost down a rabbit hole looking at all the single scents that I could combine with Coconut, but ultimately ended up going for a sampler pack. I chose the Classic Foolproof Blending Sampler Pack ($21.60), which has these fragrances: Baby Powder, Clean Skin, Kitten Fur, Myrrh, Pure Soap, Rain, Salt Air, and Sunshine. I decided it would be too complicated to creates scents with a top, mid, and base note, so instead I just combined Coconut with each separate individual fragrance in the sampler pack. Here are the results from my mad scientist combining.

Coconut + Sunshine: sounds like a natural fit, doesn’t it? To me, Sunshine smells sweet, like a combo of citrus, vanilla, and sugar. Is it fabulous combined with Coconut? Oh my goodness YES.

Coconut + Rain: Rain is a very clean, crisp scent. Oddly, paired with Coconut it smells like cucumbers. Just straight up cukes.

Coconut + Salt Air: I like this one even better than Coconut + Sunshine. The Salt Air couldn’t be a more perfect salty air scent, and when mixed with Coconut I am totally transported to the beach.

Coconut + Kitten Fur: By itself, Kitten Fur is both feminine and cuddly. It is a sweet mix of baby powder, sage, lemongrass, with a slight musky edge of sandalwood. Mixed with Coconut, the scent gets deeper and sexier. Coconut and Kitten Fur are a dynamic duo!

Coconut + Myrrh: I had a rough time even imagining what this combo would smell like. To me, Myrrh smells like a memory. It’s warm, woodsy, and just slightly spicy. Adding in Coconut gives it a green edge that is definitely intriguing and like nothing I have ever smelled. I love it.

Coconut + Baby Powder: Baby Powder smells so true you won’t believe it. Paired with Coconut, the combo smells like….baby powder. Unfortunately the Coconut is completely lost.

Coconut + Clean Skin: This one is tough to describe. The combination smells a little spicy, a little citrusy. It’s very pretty and is a combo I will use for sure.

Coconut + Pure Soap: For my final experiment I took Pure Soap, which smells clean, like skin after a long soapy shower, and mixed it with Coconut. The end result smells exactly like my skin after drying off from the shower then applying coconut scented body oil. It’s good…but I smell like this all the time, so no need to add more of the same.

Overall, I found a number of duos that I am smitten with. My favorites are Coconut + Myrrh, Coconut + Kitten Fur, Coconut + Sunshine, and Coconut + Salt Air. The big NO’s for me are Coconut with either Rain or Baby Powder.

When I peruse the Demeter library, I see quite a few trios that I would love to try. Coconut + Caramel + Hawaiian Vanilla, or Coconut + Honeysuckle + Pixie Dust, or how about Coconut + Riding Crop + Sandalwood? The possibilities are truly endless!

Satisfy your inner mad scientist with some all of the wonderful Demeter fragrances at Zulily, Amazon, Walmart, and online at – Lisa


  1. NeverSayDieBeauty | 6th Oct 20

    Oh, I loved reading about your concoctions, Lisa! This entire idea of mixing scents is right up my alley.

  2. Lola Seicento | 6th Oct 20

    I haven’t tried anything from them in years, but what fun this is!

  3. Kristi V BeginNails | 6th Oct 20

    So fun! I got a mix and match set of scents once and loved it -but I tended not to experiment much. I’m with you in that Coconut is AMAZING so this sounds super fun!

  4. Jen Mathews | 6th Oct 20

    So funny – I just bought Thunderstorm and Petrichor because I LOVE the smell of the earth after it rains, and it never freaking rains in LA!

  5. Jen Walker | 6th Oct 20

    Coconut is so good for layering scents! Added with Clean Skin it sounds like my kind of scent!

  6. Glamorable | 7th Oct 20

    I’m always so intrigued by their names! Milder and Fuxxy Balls – who knew those could be a fragrance? I kinda want to smell those now 🙂

  7. Krystal | 7th Oct 20

    I’ve never thought to layer scents like that before but what a great concept! I love the idea of having a sampler pack.

  8. Nina Kasper | 11th Oct 20

    I love that they offer a sample pack so you can find your perfect scent before buying a bigger bottle. I am right there with you on coconut, that I would probably buy big just because I love the scent so much!

  9. Angie | 12th Oct 20

    Hi, Lisa – Love this! So inspiring…I’m on my way over to add some into my essential oils right now. Lol! – Angie,

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