Loving the Tarte emphasEYES aqua gel eyeliners

Ever notice how things seem to taste better on a stick?  Regular hot dog?  Meh.  Hot dog on a stick?  Yay!! I think that’s why I love my new Tarte eye pencils so much – they are gel eyeliners, but in a stick!

I love the Tarte emphasEYES aqua gel eyeliners.  I have a million eye pencils, but none quite like these.  I think the concept is absolute genius – gel eyeliner texture and wear in a pencil!  While they aren’t exactly like a gel eyeliner, they are very close. 

Gel eyeliners get a lot of love because they are highly pigmented, last a long time, and their creamy texture make them easy to work with before they dry down.  These eye pencils mimic the gel eyeliner, and have the advantage of the ease of use that comes with a pencil. 

Pictured above is the Black pencil.  It has a wonderful, deeply pigmented color and  glides on.  Another advantage to these is there is no danger of them drying up, like gel eyeliners do when the cap isn’t on tight.

Above is the Brown pencil.  I love to put the Black on my upper lid, and use the Brown on my waterline.  It has great staying power.

And above is my favorite, Plum.  This is such a great color – it’s not as dramatic as Black, yet it’s more colorful than Brown and really makes my brown eyes ‘pop’.  I also really like how these pencils don’t need to be sharpened, they twist up.

Here are swatches, from left to right:  Brown, Plum, and Black

So what are the drawbacks?  Since they are somewhat soft, they run out of product more quickly than a regular pencil.  You need to be careful not to twist up too much product because they will break.  And they don’t have a super sharp point like regular pencils, so if you want a thin, precise line you do need to use a brush.

I think the pros absolutely outweigh any cons, and these are terrific additions to your arsenal.  Other colors available include Navy, Charcoal, Green, Teal, and Bronze.  I can’t wait to get more of these gel liners in a stick!  – Lisa


  1. I absolutely LOVE these liners!! Best thing is they are super hypoallergenic, no irritation, great ingredients and really strongly pigmented!! I’m currently in love with the brown! I would have to disagree with your statement of them never drying out. It says right on the package to keep the lid on tight. When I opened my plum it was already dry, before I had a chance to use it.


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