Love it or leave it? Josie Maran Argan Moonstone Drops

Josie Maran Argan Moonstone Drops

Normally I stay away adding oil to my face. I happen to have a bit of a paranoia about being shiny…my friends tease me because I constantly ask, “Is my nose shiny? Do I need to powder my nose??” So the thought of actually adding oil to my face does not sound appealing. However….the thought of adding a lovely, glowing radiance to my skin DOES sound appealing. In the interest of science and my curiosity-killed-the-cat personality, I actually couldn’t wait to try Josie Maran Argan Moonstone Drops ($48).

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Josie Maran Argan Moonstone Drops

Josie Maran Argan Moonstone Drops are “a makeup priming, holographic highlighting treatment oil powered by Josie’s quick-absorbing 100% Pure Argan Oil Light and pore-smoothing priming pearls for boosted elasticity, glowy radiance, and makeup-ready skin.” Essentially, it’s a highlighting oil that you can apply directly to the skin as a primer, or you can mix with moisturizer or foundation.

Josie Maran Argan Moonstone Drops
Josie Maran Argan Moonstone Drops

The first time I used it was a disaster. I used WAY too much. I had Moonstone Drops dripping off my face, horror show style. The second time I used one drop and it was heavenly. Just the right amount of radiance and it definitely worked as a primer, holding my foundation in place. It didn’t make my nose shiny as I had feared and yet it still gave my dry areas some much needed hydration. My skin looked beautiful – glowy, healthy, and happy.  Yes!!

I also like mixing a bit of this with my matte foundations for some depth, and on no-makeup days it’s great to mix with my moisturizer. A little bit goes a very long way, so the price isn’t bad. I give it a big thumbs up now that I know how to use it correctly!  This is a definite love, not a leave.

You can find the Josie Maran Argan Moonstone Drops online at  – Lisa


  1. Lisa | 14th Oct 17

    I too have been feared to having a shiny face. I need to look into this as the added radiance and hydration is what I would like.

  2. Anastasia | 14th Oct 17

    What a beautiful glow! It reminds me of those MAC strobing liquids, except the ingredients in this one are much better.

  3. Kristi V BeginNails | 15th Oct 17

    Oooh! Beautiful iridescent glow!

  4. Polished Hippy | 15th Oct 17

    This is nice and subtle!

  5. susan byrne | 15th Oct 17

    Beautiful, I would love to try!!

  6. 25 Sweetpeas | 16th Oct 17

    Looks like something you have to be careful with but also very pretty!

  7. Krystal E. | 16th Oct 17

    My skin is super dry so this sounds great! I just picked up a Josie Maran exfoliation powder so I wonder how the two would work together!

  8. Jen Mathews | 16th Oct 17

    I feel like this just made me shiny – maybe I haven’t used it properly!

  9. CosmetopiaDigest | 16th Oct 17

    It has a beautiful prismatic glow. Facial oils have actually helped balance my oily skin!

  10. Phyrra | 16th Oct 17

    I think I would love this.

  11. Erika | 16th Oct 17

    I love a hydrated, radiant finish, so I think that this could be a happy product for my complexion.

  12. Carleen | 16th Oct 17

    I think I would like this. I tend to like illuminators and this looks nice.

  13. The Beauty of Life | 16th Oct 17

    Ooooh! This looks fabulous.

  14. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 16th Oct 17

    Sounds great, I that shiny feeling!

  15. Norah | 16th Oct 17

    Josie Maran makes great oils.

  16. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 16th Oct 17

    I loooove Josie Maran’s line. She’s got great products for skin.

  17. Cassandra D | 17th Oct 17

    Now, this looks like something new that I have not tried before. I would like to try Josie Maran argan moonstone drops.

  18. My Nail Polish Obsession | 17th Oct 17

    That gives off such a pretty effect. But I’m the same as you, a bit leery of putting oil on my face.

  19. Painted Fingertips | 17th Oct 17

    Oh this looks so lovely! I love face oils so this might be perfect for me 🙂

  20. Katie Marie | 17th Oct 17

    I always hear great things about Josie Maran products, but that is a brand I tend to skip over..and I don’t know why! I need to check it out soon!

  21. Stacie @ | 17th Oct 17

    This is so pretty! I’m learning to embrace face oils, and I would probably buy this one just because it’s sparkly.

  22. Courtney | 17th Oct 17

    I love seeing sparkle on other people but I just haven’t talked myself into it yet. This looks fun!

  23. Tina B | 17th Oct 17

    I’ve never tried a face oil but this one is intriguing. I think moderation is the key!

  24. Ehmkay nails | 17th Oct 17

    lol I would totally apply too much too lol. But it’s a nice hint of shimmer!

  25. Louisa Dent | 17th Oct 17

    sounds great – will have to check it out

  26. Brooke | 17th Oct 17

    It sounds like a miracle worker for your skins appearance!

  27. Jana Williams | 18th Oct 17

    Hello Marcia & Lisa I Hope You Two Lovely Ladies Are Doing Well, I’m Really Loving This Cooler Weather We Are Having But Fall Just Happens to Be My Favorite Time of Year! I Am Really Excited About These Josie Maran Moondrops and I Even Love the Name “Moondrops,” How Fitting! I Would Love to Try Them Out of Course But I’m Not Working Right Now So Moondrops Will Just Have to Wait! I Do Get a Little Shiny Through My T-Zone But Not Too Bad and Like You Said if You Use a Small Amount it Works Great! I Also Love Them Because They Give You a Subtle Glow Which is Perfect for Me Because I Have Really Fair Skin and a Lot of Highlighters or Bronzers Can Be Way Too Dark or Way Too Overwhelming for Me! Well Thanks Again for Sharing Ladies, I Really Enjoyed This Post as Per Usual! Have a Blessed Day Marcia & Lisa! ????

  28. Fairytalesnails | 18th Oct 17

    THis sounds really nice good that a little goes a long way should last you for a while x

  29. Nina | 18th Oct 17

    I love this shimmer!!!! Great way to add a subtle glow!

  30. Lola Seicento | 19th Oct 17

    This is so pretty, and I love this kind of glow!

  31. Gabrielle | 19th Oct 17

    I have tried the Argan Oil, but not these drops. They look lovely as you’ve swatched them, so I may well be giving these a try.


  32. Cindi Overstreet | 25th Oct 17

    I have not tried this oil, but I might have to try this one.

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