Lift and lighten with Senna’s Eye Lift Powder

Sometimes something so small and simple can pack a powerful wallop. That’s the case with Senna’s Mineral Eye Lift Powder. At first when I received this I wasn’t quite sure what it would do. It just looked like a matte cream colored eyeshadow. Then I used it and realized that my eyes looked more rested and slightly brighter. I used it on and off but without any consistency. Then I started using Senna’s Lift and Lighten Eye Cream and noticed more brightening. I put one and one together and realized that by using both products I can help lighten my undereye’s appearance. My dark circles aren’t gone forever but I’m able to fake it most days. (I’ve previously reviewed Senna’s wonderful Lift and Lighten Eye Cream.)

The best way to use this powder is with a light fluffy brush. I don’t have Senna’s recommendation of either their Feather 15 or Baby Face 21 but I do have brushes that are similar in shape. The looser the brush, the better this works.

I use it a few ways: I set my under eye concealer with it. I’ll use it on my browbone for a subtle finishing touch. I’ve worn it as an eyeshadow base shade. Plus I use it in the inner corner of my eye. I always read about using a white shade there but most look so stark on me, Senna’s Eye Lift Powder though is much more natural looking on me. It can also be used to lightly highlight your cheekbones. Senna charges a reasonable $20 for this and their eyeshadows. They haven’t raised their prices in years.

We always want to have benefits to the products we use, especially when they are on or near our eyes. Here are the key ones for this:

**Golden Seaweed Extract hydrates and soothes by stimulating collagen production. Repairs damaged skin and protects from UVA/UVB damage.

**Tomato & Barley Extract hydrate and reduces skin flakiness

**Translucent HD mineral pigments give the appearance of candlelit softness while combating darkness and discoloration.

A little known fact about Senna is they have some great You Tube videos on their products. Here’s one that not only is a great makeover but also shows what a difference the eye lift powder can make.

You can probably see now why I say that this little wonder packs a wallop. It’s one of those products you’d overlook if you were at a counter but once you learned about it, you’d wonder how you lived without it. — Marcia

Disclosure: PR sample was sent for review purposes.