Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop – win $30 Starbucks

Back with a new Giveaway Hop thanks to The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island. Each stop on the hop brings you a different prize and different rules. The best part is that they aren’t connected so you can enter as many as you like and win often!

Beauty Info Zone is adding a different prize this time. We’ve done Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, and Target and today it’s STARBUCKS. We really want to know which is your favorite so that we can do that again.

The prize is a $30 Starbucks e gift card and open WW as long as you are legally able to receive this where you live. The giveaway ends June 4, 2019 at 11:59 pm EDT. Requirements are being an email subscriber to Beauty Info Zone and commenting. If comments close then you can email yours to [email protected] but don’t do that unless comments are closed. Since most dads like Starbucks I felt this was a fitting prize. I hope a real coffee lover will enjoy this. —  Marcia

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  1. DeAnna Keller | 26th May 19

    I used to prefer Amazon gc’s but as much as I go to Starbucks with my two teen daughters, This would be so helpful!

  2. Maritza | 26th May 19

    I’m a beauty/skincare junkie so I love Sephora giftcards!

  3. Christy Peeples DuBois | 26th May 19

    I thought I had commented but I do not see it, or hardly any, therefore this may be my second comment if it appears. I prefer amazon simply because I can purchase most anything from amazon that I can get at the other retailers plus amazon has so much more. But I am so glad to win any.

  4. Laurie Nykaza | 27th May 19

    I like Target to win a gift card to as well i can find usually what i need there and i like to shop.

  5. Rebecca Graham | 27th May 19

    I like Starbucks gift cards.

  6. Amber | 27th May 19

    Starbucks is my favorite because it encourages me to treat myself when I might not otherwise

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  8. angie | 27th May 19

    My favorite is Amazon.

  9. Ashley c | 27th May 19

    Ohhh target for sure!

  10. Tari Lawson | 27th May 19

    I like Amazon gift cards.

  11. Donna Clifford | 27th May 19

    Amazon ot Starbucks

  12. Andres Anibal Nunez | 27th May 19


  13. Katie C. | 27th May 19

    I like Amazon the best!

  14. Cynthia C | 27th May 19

    I enjoy all the gift cards but Amazon is my favorite.

  15. paige chandler | 27th May 19

    Amazon is my favorite.

  16. Melissa Cunningham | 27th May 19

    Starbucks is my favorite

  17. Rebecca Snodgrass | 27th May 19


  18. Lydia Goodman | 27th May 19

    Amazon for sure!! So many options, including being able to buy gifts and deliver directly to my grandkids.

  19. Debbi Wellenstein | 27th May 19

    I’m an Amazon fan. I can get just about anything.

  20. Karen DeVaney | 27th May 19

    My favorite prize is amazon gift cards.

  21. Heather S | 27th May 19

    I like Amazon

  22. chelsea ling | 27th May 19

    favorite is amazon

  23. Linda G | 27th May 19

    I prefer to win Amazon gift cards!!

  24. Shirley Emitt | 28th May 19

    I do like Amazon gift cards.

  25. Sarah L | 28th May 19

    I like Amazon GCs best since I can buy just about anything there.
    Thanks for the contest.

  26. Jennifer Dubois | 28th May 19

    Amazon is the most practical, but probably Target!

  27. Holly Thomas | 28th May 19

    Amazon, you can get anything!

  28. Emily R | 28th May 19

    I love Starbucks gift cards!

  29. Sunshine G | 28th May 19

    Starbucks – a vanilla latte goes a long way towards making a day better!

  30. Samantha Plotkin | 28th May 19

    Amazon is the most practical – but I do love an excuse to treat myself to Starbucks or Sephora!

  31. Michaela R. | 28th May 19

    I typically prefer Amazon GC’s because it gives more a variety of things that it could be used on. But, I also love Sephora and starbucks so I’m typically ok with those too!

  32. Elena | 28th May 19

    My favorite is Amazon

  33. Antoinette M | 28th May 19

    My favorite is Target.

  34. Tabitha | 28th May 19


  35. leana | 28th May 19

    I prefer amazon giftcards!

  36. kimrk56 | 28th May 19

    My favorite gift card is Amazon.

  37. GINA BLADES | 28th May 19

    My favorite gift card to win is

  38. beth shepherd | 28th May 19

    Amazon is my favorite. Thank you

  39. Lisa Walker | 28th May 19

    My favorite gift cards are for Amazon and Starbucks.

  40. Chelsea | 28th May 19


  41. Tiffany S | 28th May 19

    My favorite money prize to win is Amazon because they have almost everything.

  42. Serge B | 28th May 19

    I love Amazon GC’s!

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  44. dana germain | 29th May 19

    I enjoy winning amazon or PayPal gift cards

  45. Kyl Neusch | 29th May 19


  46. Gwendolyn jordan | 30th May 19


  47. nicky | 30th May 19

    Starbucks – this momma needs coffee!

  48. April | 30th May 19

    I always love to win a Starbucks card! I may be slightly obsessed with their coffee.

  49. Alexandra Y | 30th May 19

    I like winning Amazon gift cards.

  50. Elizabeth Brooks | 30th May 19

    I love starbucks!!

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