Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop – win $30 Starbucks

Back with a new Giveaway Hop thanks to The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island. Each stop on the hop brings you a different prize and different rules. The best part is that they aren’t connected so you can enter as many as you like and win often!

Beauty Info Zone is adding a different prize this time. We’ve done Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, and Target and today it’s STARBUCKS. We really want to know which is your favorite so that we can do that again.

The prize is a $30 Starbucks e gift card and open WW as long as you are legally able to receive this where you live. The giveaway ends June 4, 2019 at 11:59 pm EDT. Requirements are being an email subscriber to Beauty Info Zone and commenting. If comments close then you can email yours to [email protected] but don’t do that unless comments are closed. Since most dads like Starbucks I felt this was a fitting prize. I hope a real coffee lover will enjoy this. —  Marcia

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  1. Tiana Senn | 31st May 19

    I love all of those GC! I shop at all of those retailers and all of them are a part of my everyday life.
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway! =)

  2. Jennifer R | 31st May 19

    Of those choices I prefer Amazon. There is always something I need from Amazon.

  3. Renee Grosskreuz | 31st May 19

    I like Amazon the best.Many choices to choose from.

  4. Becca | 31st May 19

    I love Target so that I can shop in person!

  5. Michelle C | 1st Jun 19

    Amazon is my top choice, but Target and Starbucks are up there, too!

  6. Theresa | 1st Jun 19


  7. Cassandra D | 1st Jun 19

    I would say Amazon.

  8. Breanne | 1st Jun 19

    I’d like Amazon.

  9. Kelly Grant | 1st Jun 19

    Amazon or target

  10. Barbara Long | 1st Jun 19

    My favorite money prize of those listed is Amazon.

  11. Debbie Jensen | 2nd Jun 19

    My favorite is amazon!

  12. Sara | 2nd Jun 19


  13. Beatrice P | 2nd Jun 19

    I would love Amazon

  14. Megan Wilson | 2nd Jun 19


  15. Jenn E | 2nd Jun 19

    Starbucks is always a nice treat!

  16. Jeanna Massman | 2nd Jun 19

    Amazon cards are my favorite but I love them all!

  17. Daniel M | 2nd Jun 19

    i would choose amazon

  18. Nancy | 2nd Jun 19

    All the gift card choices are good. My favorites are Amazon and Target.

  19. Anita Duvall | 2nd Jun 19

    If I had to choose, Amazon would be my first choice. All are appreciated greatly!

  20. Janice B | 2nd Jun 19

    My favorite is Amazon but I do like Starbucks too so I can get their vanilla chai.

  21. adriana | 2nd Jun 19

    amazon and target.

  22. Robyn Bellefleur | 3rd Jun 19

    My favourite is Starbucks.

  23. Lisa Williams | 3rd Jun 19

    I love all of those choices but my favorite othose would be Amazon because I can buy most anything from them.

  24. Beth Smith | 3rd Jun 19


  25. Sandra Dufoe | 3rd Jun 19


  26. Jillian Too | 3rd Jun 19

    I like to win Amazon gift cards.

  27. Klydra Pugh | 3rd Jun 19

    Thanks for the chance

  28. Cheryl VanBrunt | 3rd Jun 19

    I like Amazon

  29. Stephanie Larison | 3rd Jun 19

    Target is my favorite, I’m always there for something.

  30. LeAnn Harbert | 3rd Jun 19

    I like to shop at Amazon.

  31. Ed | 3rd Jun 19

    I heart Starbucks!

  32. Lisa V. | 3rd Jun 19

    Mine is Starbucks.

  33. Michelle H. | 3rd Jun 19

    Amazon is my favorite.

  34. Erin | 3rd Jun 19

    Amazon is my favorite.

  35. Teresa Moore | 3rd Jun 19

    I think Amazon is my favorite but Starbucks or Dunkin is right behind it!

  36. shawna | 3rd Jun 19

    Any of them except Amazon..I would rather support brick and mortar stores.

  37. debbie wilson | 3rd Jun 19


  38. Kathy Hanley | 3rd Jun 19

    I like to win Sephora because it is a great gift for my daughter in college!

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