Let’s meet Geri G (and her Transceutical™ Canvas and Innocent Foundation)

Geri Giagnorio creator of Geri G Cosmetics

Geri Giagnorio creator of Geri G Cosmetics

This beautiful woman is named Geri Giagnorio and she’s a licensed aesthetician, make-up artist, product developer and Certified Nutritional Consultant and Coach. She’s also the persona behind Geri G Skincare and Cosmetics. She has developed a line of all natural skincare and cosmetics after spending her life learning about how to put your body into a healthier state, including through nutrition.

I was introduced to Geri G Cosmetics via Wantable. The Geri G Innocent Foundation was in my December 2014 box and it amazed me then and continues to do so to this day. It is so rare for a foundation to be a perfect match in a subscription box but the lightest shade is ideal for me. This comes in 4 shades (Light, Medium, Tan and Dark) ($38).


Geri G Innocent Foundation in the lightest shade

Geri G Innocent Foundation in Light

Geri G Innocent Foundation ranks right up there with my favorite foundations. While it’s considered to be a foundation that can be sheer or built up for moderate coverage, I find it to be a medium coverage on me. I didn’t use it as much this past summer as I used it in cooler weather but I did use it. This is a water based formula that has a matte finish that looks great on my normal to dry skin. It has some wonderful ingredients that help with moisturizing. It uses Squalen Oil from olives, green tea, and white tea. Plus it contains radiant pigments that help to conceal imperfections (of which I have many) and work to illuminate my complexion.

Geri G Innocent Foundation is my most used and loved product from all the ones in my many Wantable subscription boxes. Therefore when the company offered their Transceutical™ Canvas primer for me to test I knew instantly that I wanted to explore their line more and what a great start.

Geri G Transceutical Canvas and Innocent Foundation

Geri G Transceutical Canvas and Innocent Foundation

Geri G Transceutical Canvas and Innocent Foundation Light swatches

Geri G Transceutical Canvas and Innocent Foundation Light swatches

Transceutical™ Canvas contains a signature formula, Nanomarine-5®, that absorbs into the skin and offers a protective barrier between the skin’s surface and the cosmetics you apply. What makes this so interesting is that they recommend that you mix this primer in with your Innocent Foundation in a 1 to 2 ratio (1 pump Transceutical™ Canvas to 2 pumps Innocent Foundation). Not only that but it’s also recommended to be used alone as the final product in your skincare regime before you go to bed and the first product you apply in the morning. This is amazingly versatile.

Geri G Transceutical Canvas

Geri G Transceutical Canvas

I haven’t been using primers much lately as I’ve been much more concerned with serums to get added skincare but using Transceutical™ Canvas is the best of both worlds. This is an anti-aging product that helps with moisturizing and healing.

When I first received it I hadn’t looked at the website to see their recommendations for use so I started using it alone on my skin and then later applying my Geri G Innocent Foundation (I now mix it though). I continued testing Transceutical™ Canvas with half a dozen other foundations and CC Creams in order to see if these two needed to be used in conjunction with each other. What I found was that they are both great on their own as well as together. Transceutical™ Canvas is also a great base for powder foundations which to me is wonderful because I have several and never hit upon the right combination before.

Geri G Transceutical Canvas ingredients

Geri G Transceutical Canvas ingredients

Geri G calls this a moisturizer, primer and cosmetic transformer all in one. Along with Nanomarine-5® complex it is Aloe-Vera based and contains vitamins A, C, and E. So we’ve got anti-aging and protection in this great product. What started out, in my mind, as a test of a primer has instead turned into a product that does so much more. It even helps foundations become water resistant.

I’m glad that the Transceutical™ Canvas has given me a chance to learn more about this great line as well as helping to make the foundation an even better product than I thought it was. Have you heard of the Geri G line before? — Marcia


 *Transceutical™ Canvas sent for consideration

“NanoMarine-5®—The Nutrient-rich Ingredient-Exclusive to Geri G.®

Proprietary ingredient created by Geri G. Nanomarine-5® is nutrient dense formula exclusively created of sea and land based proteins vitamin, mineral, and omega that are cell permiable and easily absorbed into the skin, Nanomarine-5® ingredients are all-organic a from nature. Nanoamarine-5® is in every one of Geri G.® products. Nanomarine-5® strategically optimizes skin health via botanical hydrators, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and nutrients. The cells absorb nutrients better from Nanomarine-5® and can be absorbed without upsetting the PH balance of the skin.”


  1. Why haven’t I ever heard of this line?! Both the primer and foundation sound amazing! What great ingredients, too!

  2. I definitely need to go back to bed (I’ve been under the weather lately). When I read your post and saw “Geri G Innocent Foundation”, I was waiting to get to the part that I thought would be coming about her charitable children’s foundation in addition to her makeup line. I think it’s the liquid diet that’s messing with my brain. Anyway, I love the packaging of her products to start with. And the primer/canvas sounds like a terrific multi-tasker!

  3. Naps are good for the soul Allison. But you are right that I did make it sound that way.

  4. I have often wondered why brands don’t make primers with more skincare benefits, since it is the first layer of “makeup” we apply. Transceutical Canvas is something I want to try!

  5. These sound so great!

  6. The foundation sounds nice. I’m definitely a fan of primers with skincare benefits. Transceutical™ Canvas sounds like it would be perfect for my sensitive skin.

  7. These both sound great! I haven’t been wearing primers much lately and I think I need to go back to them!

  8. I’ve never heard of this line but it sounds fabulous!

  9. I love products like this that are skincare and makeup in one, and also enhance other makeup I wear. Sounds like a great product! Thanks for the intro to this brand.

  10. Both the foundation and primer sound really interesting, but I especially like that the primer works with powder foundations. I never know what to use under them and still have them apply well.

  11. I have not heard of this brand but I want to try it out!

  12. I haven’t heard of this line before! They sound really nice

  13. I had not heard of Geri G before today! This foundation is on my wish list now, great review.

  14. These both sounds great, but that Foundation sounds really fantastic!

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