Let’s get nude (and neutral) this season with Sally Hansen Color Therapy Modern Neutrals!

Get nude?  But…but…but…it’s so cold!! I know, I know. It’s freezing out there. However, nude nails NEVER go out of style, and Sally Hansen has a truly gorgeous collection with their Color Therapy Modern Neutrals ($7.99), a lovely array of shades from flesh tones to deep jewel hues.  Every shade is neutral and flattering and if you go all out and purchase the collection you have a nude/neutral shade for every occasion, taking the guesswork out of what can be an overwhelming task with the tons of nudes and neutrals on the market.

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Sally Hansen Color Therapy Modern Neutrals

Here are the six beauties in the Color Therapy Modern Neutral Collection:

Sally Hansen Diffused Light

Diffused Light Evoking modern minimalist linens, this rich cream hue calls for calm serenity. The lightest shade in the bunch, this was tough to photograph – it actually has a beautiful soft luminescence that is subtle, classy, and gorgeous. A great shade for pedicures too.

Sally Hansen Cashmere Calm

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Modern Neutrals Diffused Light and Cashmere Calm

Cashmere Calm Cuddle up in this cozy warm buff shade. A wonderful soft nude matte that is fabulous for cool weather.

Sally Hansen Dusty Plum

Dusty Plum Paint on a marvelous mauve tint for a soft, ladylike effect. This is a gorgeous neutral mauve that is fantastic with my fall and winter wardrobe colors! I find myself reaching for this shade quite often.

Sally Hansen Pink and Harmony

Pink and Harmony Set the tone in a symphonic fusion of classic medium pink and subtle iridescence. Another tough one to truly capture in photographs – this is a real sleeper. At first glance it looks very demure and simple, but the iridescence gives it a sneaky sass.

Sally Hansen Bronze Reflection

Bronze Reflection Look within and center your soul in a multi-faceted copper shimmer. This shade was puzzling to me at first. One coat and I thought what is this?? It went on so sheer I couldn’t figure out if it was a top coat or what. Two coats and it suddenly became a stunning shimmery copper. Love it.

Sally Hansen Falling Deep

Falling Deep You’re definitely catching feelings for this rich, sparkle-tinged crimson hue. The darkest shade of the bunch, this neutral crimson is a fabulous shade that takes you right through to the end of the season.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Modern Neutrals Dusty Plum, Pink and Harmony, Bronze Reflection, Falling Deep

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Modern Neutrals Bronze Reflection

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Modern Neutrals applicator

I love the application brush for the Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish – it’s wide and flat and makes application a breeze. The polish dries quickly and lasts for two weeks on me. It’s seriously good stuff.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Modern Neutrals

I have to say that I love all of the shades in the Sally Hansen Color Therapy Modern Neutrals Collection, although my overall favorite is probably Diffused Light. Which one makes you want to get nude (or neutral!) in the cold weather?  – Lisa


  1. What beautiful neutral shades! Their polishes are really great and they are affordable and easy to find!

  2. I really love the neutral colors. They are great to be able to go from day to evening and wear to work and for play.

  3. Dusty Plum looks amazing! I really like their brush on this line!

  4. Gorgeous affordable neutrals. Sally Hansen is such a standard in drug store beauty!!!

  5. I can’t do whites and opaque light shades, but those med to dark shades are pretty!

  6. Neutral shades are so classy and flattering. Wow, Bronze Reflection is a stunner!

  7. Pink and Harmony looks like such a great pink-nude option! How pretty!

  8. I really enjoy SH polishes. Nude is in!!

  9. My favorite colors

  10. I’m always drawn to wearable shades like these! Always so finger lengthening!

  11. Their color therapy line has been releasing such gorgeous shades recently! Love the shifty one.

  12. Falling Deep and Dusty Plum are really gorgeous shades. I love how cozy they are.

  13. Ehmkay Nails says

    I enjoy color palettes like this. I love neutrals for nail art!

  14. 25 Sweetpeas says

    Bronze reflection is a neat one!

  15. 25 Sweetpeas says

    Bronze reflection is a neat one! Neat shift in it!

  16. Falling Deep is literally calling my name! I must have it!

  17. I absolutely love this collection, so feminine and pretty

  18. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    These are all nice shades, easy to wear on the daily!

  19. What a lovely collection! I like the shimmers.

  20. Beautiful colors! I would wear all of these!