Less hips, less thighs with Phytomer Lotion P5

Some of us want more hips and thighs, some of us want less.  I am definitely in the less column – I’ll try anything that promises me a slimmer lower half!  I’ve actually tested many fat shrinking potions, and the ones that have consistently given me great results are from Phytomer.  Phytomer’s LOTION P5 TARGETED CURVE CONCENTRATE ($115 for 5 oz) is their latest entry into the slimming market, and I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint.

Phytomer Lotion P5

Phytomer’s Lotion P5 promises ‘overall slimming for less unwanted curves’.  The P5 refers to the five main ingredients, which are marine based like everything in Phytomer’s line up.  OLIGOMER® is a seawater concentrate that acts as a fat burner, and then there are four extracts of algae that assist by supporting the fat burning and firming up skin structure.

OLIGOMER®: Fat burner. This signature seawater concentrate brings together all the active compounds of seawater to replenish cells with trace elements and minerals. Thanks to its unique composition, it stimulates cellular metabolism in all cells, including fat cells.
POLYSIPHONIA RED ALGAE: Boosts fat burning process by countering the effects of cortisol which slows down the natural elimination of fat. Inhibits the production of proteins that act as protective shields of lipid droplets.
LAMINARIA DIGITATA BROWN ALGAE: Limits the amount of fat entering the fat cells and actively helps burn it.
PALMARIA PALMATA RED ALGAE: Can activate the micro-circulation of the skin to improve drainage and eliminate fat
CHLORELLA GREEN MICROALGAE: Stimulates skin structure proteins for a firming effect.

Phytomer always conducts clinical trials, and according to their results, when used twice a day the fat-burning process is boosted and 66% more fat is broken down.  So not only does it break down current fat deposits, it also slows down the production of new fat.

Phytomer Lotion P5

The lotion is thin and clear, and it soaks into skin quickly.  You apply it twice a day, morning and night, and massage it in with and upward circular motion to whatever areas you want to address.  I went for thighs, hips, and abdomen this summer.

Phytomer Lotion P5

The lotion is heavily scented, so if you aren’t fond of fragrance this would not be a good product for you.  The scent is clean and oceanic, with lots of ozone thrown in.  It’s pleasant, and it lingers.  I used the Lotion P5 for about six weeks, and I am impressed.  It works.  Now, you aren’t going to lose 20 pounds…but for sure my lower half lost inches, and my skin looks and feels better.  It took about two weeks before I felt some results and could tell the difference on my legs and stomach.

It’s been six weeks and I have about an inch of lotion left in the bottle.  I am not sure what will happen once I stop using my Lotion P5, but I’ll bet that my fat burning goes back to normal.  The Phytomer Lotion P5 is expensive, but if it’s in your budget it is a great slimming product.  I found it on Lovelyskin.com for $92, and Dermstore also carries Phytomer and often has great sales.  Otherwise, you can find this magical hip and thigh shrinker online at phytomerusa.com.  – Lisa


  1. Shannon D Citrino | 14th Aug 19

    Do you know where it can be purchased besides the brands own site or o li e?

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