Learn why My21 facial masks are a skincare need

MY21 facial sheet masks

We often write about facial masks on Beauty Info Zone but we know that many doubt their importance in a skin care regimen. Is it a want or a need? We think it’s a need that you may not realize and we want to teach you about our latest acquisitions –


My21 sells 4 different Pure Cellulose Face Sheet Masks, each with a specific purpose. Marcia and Lisa each received a trial pack (just $10 for one of each mask) to get an idea of which is the winner. Problem is they are all winners but that’s a solvable problem.

directions for all MY21 sheet masks

We’re going to tell you the benefits we found in each of the masks. With a Trial Kit of all 4 or a 2 mask Discovery Kit ($8) there’s no breaking the bank and we’re sure you are going to find these to be a need and not just a want. Not only do these masks have super-nutrients but they contain botanicals and plant antioxidants. They are free of harsh chemicals and parabens and are great for all skin types.


I am often the one that writes about sheet masks, I have a great appreciation for them. MY21 has impressed me to no end. Each of the masks are made with an exclusive Japanese cotton mask material and have serums that penetrate in to the skin. “Appropriately named BioCloud™, it’s biodegradable and botanical (like the ingredients it transports to the skin), composed of sturdy but permeable cellulose made from cotton plant cell walls. Each BioCloud™mask is infused with ultra-hydrating Replenishing Serum; it’s like a cloud releasing rain into your skin.”

MY21 Renew Infinity and Repair Infinity

The BioCloud™ fabric is packed with Hyaluronic Acid, moisture boosting mushroom extract, collagen for youthful suppleness and elasticity, antioxidants, and Fruit and Plant Extracts including Aloe Vera, lavender extract, Tea Tree extract, and Grape Fruit extract.

RENEW INFINITY is their Rejuvenate & Brighten Mask. Loaded with hypoallergenic nourishing serum you’ll love how you’ll look after using this. One special ingredient is Royal Jelly. I like Renew for daytime use. A special day includes applying this mask in the morning so that I can benefit for the entire day (and beyond). It gives me a glow and makes my foundation look smoother and more even toned.

MY21 Renew Infinity sheet mask

REPAIR INFINITY is meant to smooth & soothe Imperfections. I used this mask at night in order to see the outcome the next day. It contains hypoallergenic skin balancing serum. It’s infused with tea tree oil so any blemishes you have are being treated while you are wearing the mask. To continue that treatment be sure to use the remaining serum on those spots overnight. Luckily I don’t have many blemishes but when I do then it must be banished!! That’s why Repair Infinity needs a place in my skin care closet.

MY21 Repair Infinity sheet mask


Unlike my blog partner Marcia, I have never been much of a fan of face sheet masks.  I think that’s because I have a small face, so the sheet masks always seem to be too big and too heavy.  I can never get one to stay in place unless I am laying down on my back, and I want to be able to be mobile.  Happily, while the MY21 luxury sheet masks hold 13 times their weight in serum, they are wonderfully light.  The mask is tissue thin and my face doesn’t feel like it’s being suffocated while wearing one.  Plus, it is easily adjusted to perfectly position the mask, and I can walk around the house without anything dripping or falling off.  I think I am a convert.

One more quick benefit that I appreciated with these sheet masks – no messy scooping out a wet mask and applying it, then fighting to remove it.  Huge bonus.  The MY21 masks come right off and leave my skin looking and feeling beautiful. “Firmly secured against the skin, our sheet masks are made of our breathable, skin-clinging BioCloud™–which further increase ingredients’ potency and efficacy,” noted George Hung, MY21™Beauty’s CEO. “They’re made with ingredient blends that are completely synergistic, completely biocompatible, and produce optimal results.”

Every one of the masks has MY21™‘s proprietary Replenish Serum, which is a blend of plant-derived ingredients and bio-extracts. This serum has tons of great ingredients for calming inflammation, fighting free radicals, and moisturizing.  All of the masks brighten, tighten, and give skin a glow.  Each mask then has some extra, special ingredients to take the healing and treating process just a little further.

MOISTURE INFINITY is what you want if your skin is dry and flaky.  It brings skin back into balance then helps it retain that moisture.  And I am sure you know, a plump, hydrated face has less fine lines and wrinkles than a dull, dry one!  Over time, this mask will minimize pore size and even out skin tone.  For my skin issues, this is the perfect mask.

I really appreciate that this mask (like the rest of the MY21 masks) is natural and hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, uses no artificial fragrances or parabens, and is entirely free of harsh chemicals. Because these masks are so gentle, they work for all skin types, even super sensitive. 

YOUTHFUL INFINITY is an age-defying mask that plumps up skin and boosts collagen production.  Skin looks and feels firmer, which gives it a more youthful look.  I wore this mask for 20 minutes in the afternoon before going out for the evening, and once I removed the mask I just massaged in the remaining serum and then continued with my usual skin care regimen of eye cream and face moisturizer. It gave my face a wonderful ‘boost’ of hydration with a plumping effect. 

I know there isn’t a mask anywhere that would actually completely take my skin back to the good old days of nonexistent pores and no-jowel land, but some masks do a great job of making some time machine progress.  The MY21 masks definitely do some time machine magic, and they are on my repurchase list for sure.

You can find the MY21 Infinity Face Masks online at my21mask.com.  We recommend you get the trial pack then see which mask is the perfect time traveler for you!


  1. Sylwia | 18th Dec 19

    I love face masks! Sheet masks are not my favorite but they are convenient especially when I have to take it off quickly in case my son needs me for something. I haven’t heard of this brand so I will def. check them out, thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Lola Seicento | 18th Dec 19

    I am such a fan of sheet masks, and have never tried this brand! I will put these on my list!

  3. Kristi V BeginNails | 18th Dec 19

    These sound magical! I’ve only used sheet masks on a few occasions….I need to start making more time to utilize them. 🙂 These sound nice!

  4. Jennifer Mathews | 18th Dec 19

    I’m not really a mask kinda girl but those sound nice!

  5. Glamorable | 18th Dec 19

    I love face masks! I remember I used to use them every day, but switched to every other day instead because the results persist for a while.

  6. Never Say Die Beauty | 19th Dec 19

    Oh my, these sound fabulous! I have discovered that I love bio-cellulose sheet masks. I want to buy the Discovery kit – it’s a great deal!

  7. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 19th Dec 19

    I love trial packs to get a little taste of everything!

  8. Kathryne | 19th Dec 19

    I bring sheet masks when I travel, they’re convenient and handy

  9. 25 Sweetpeas | 19th Dec 19

    Love a facemask and these sound nice!

  10. My Nail Polish Obsession | 21st Dec 19

    I’m not a fan of sheet masks, but these sound like they are pretty great!

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