Le Metier Fresh Creme Tints – a treat for lips and cheeks

A little birdie named Carol told me that Le Metier had created 3 new Crème Fresh Tints for Lips and Cheeks. That little birdie also mentioned that these were only at select Nordstrom stores. Luckily for me the store in Troy, Michigan has one of those counters since I put my car on jet speed to get there.

Le Metier de Beaute’ currently has 2 Fresh Tints – Tenne and Poppy – that are available wherever the brand is sold. I’d already had experience with the original shades so it was a no brainer when I decided that I wanted the new ones. These are probably the most reasonably priced item that Le Metier carries at $28 each (shhh, don’t tell the company or they’ll raise the price!!). They have absolutely no fragrance so for me they really do work on both lips and cheeks.

The new shades are just beautiful. Mystique is a soft pink, Ginger Lily is a beautiful peach and Coral Nymph is obviously coral, a very soft wearable coral. The texture is divine; they are so soft to the touch and easy to apply. I always use my fingers with these. I did find that my Coral Nymph is much softer as you’ll be able to tell by my picture. I was worried at first that this would affect its performance but it doesn’t at all.

Photos taken in two different lights: Mystique, Ginger Lily and Coral Nymph. The bottom pictures show Ginger Lily truer while the top picture shows Coral Nymph better.

I love cream blushes and I have quite a collection of them. Not all have the same supple texture or the long-lasting pigmentation that these display. These aren’t tacky or sticky, they go on very creamily but dry down beautifully and they don’t settle into my pores. What especially pleases me are the pots they are in. I have several brands of cream blush that are difficult for me to use since I have long nails. With Le Metier Crème Fresh Tints I have no problem at all.

Ginger Lily:

Mystique (below) will probably only work for women that can wear cool colors but Ginger Lily and Coral Nymph should work for anyone. Even though my description is peach and coral respectively, the colors are really neutral with a touch of coolness to both.

The only one of these three that has a lot of pigment for lips is Coral Nymph, the other two are soft and may not suit everyone (for me they are right up my alley). The pictures of my lips for Mystique and Ginger Lily look similar but there is an obvious difference if you’d see me in person.

Coral Nymph:

Now that this little birdie has shared this information with you, I suggest you don’t sit on the nest too long if these interest you. — Marcia


  1. Hi! How does Ginger Lily compare to Tenne, one of the original Creme Tints? These look gorgeous!

  2. Those look gorgeous. The texture of these makes them special.

  3. Those are pretty colors.

  4. I WANT!

  5. great texture


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