L.B.K. Nail Lacquers are unique and beautiful. #giveaway alert @lbknails

L.B.K. Nail Lacquer

I have the pleasure today of sharing 3 shades of L.B.K. Nail Lacquer. In total the brand has 48 shades that are 7 free, vegan friendly, as well as 100% cruelty free. These high quality polishes have lasted on me for 7 full days without a chip in sight. They looked as good on the day I changed polishes as the day that I had my manicure.

L.B.K. Nail Lacquer

What makes LBK nail polish unique is their hinged tip. If you could find these new polishes in a store or salon you could make a decision lickety split. Just slide your nail under the tip and see if you like the shade and how it looks with your skintone.

I was offered 4 polishes to review but one polish was sent twice so my lose is your gain. As usual I picked 3 cool colors and hit three formulas which helped me see how they all performed.

L.B.K. Nail Polish in Rachel’s Revolution

Rachel’s Revolution is a terrific metallic. “So you Say You want a Revolution well Here you go!! This purple Metallic  Will set it all in Motion. 7 Free, Vegan Friendly, Gel Like Formula.” The shade is a silvery lavender. Typically with a shiny metallic like this you’d find streaks but this was basically streak free.

L.B.K. Rachel’s Revolution
L.B.K. Rachel’s Revolution
L.B.K. Rachel’s Revolution (overhead light)

Saint Genevieve makes me eyes so happy. I adore blue and purple polish and this is a deep blue metallic that looks blurple in some lights. While this too is a metallic because it’s darker, it shows up differently than Rachel’s Revolution. I didn’t even realize at first it was metallic, I did realize instantly though that it was a winner.

L.B.K. Saint Genevieve
L.B.K. Saint Genevieve

Sometimes dark polishes wear away more on the edges than lighter ones but Saint Genevieve never did. It stayed beautiful for the 7 days and didn’t stain my nails.

KATIE’S WITNESS is the holographic chameleon of the trio (and the one someone will win). I’m a fool for holos and this proves why. “You will want to be Witness to this Stunning, Elegant Holographic Shade that reflects light and Radiates Sophistication.” I see a lot of purple in this polish but when I’m out and about under brighter lights I see a rainbow of colors that fill me with happiness.

L.B.K. Katie’s Witness
L.B.K. Katie’s Witness
L.B.K. Katie’s Witness (overhead light)
L.B.K. Katie’s Witness

Do you have any doubt why I’ve fallen for these? I have my eye on a few more from L.B.K. that I want and for $9.50 I can afford them. With polishes this beautiful you just can’t go wrong.  —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: The winner will receive KATIE’S WITNESS Nail Lacquer along with a mystery shade of polish from a different brand. Open to US subscribers only through 11/4. Be sure you are a valid subscriber via email to Beauty Info Zone and comment. Continue on with other entries since you’ll love winning this.

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  1. KV | 26th Oct 18

    I like to wear light colors.

  2. Lisa | 26th Oct 18

    I like to wear more neutral colors.

  3. Teresa Koedyker | 26th Oct 18

    I usually where pink or purples!!

  4. NATOYA | 26th Oct 18

    I love pinks and blues!

  5. Patty Wright | 26th Oct 18

    Any but black

  6. Ehmkay Nails | 26th Oct 18

    I haven’t heard of this brand but obviously, I’m down to try any polish! Haha.

  7. Claudia Materdomini | 26th Oct 18

    Ive never seen this brand before but wow, these colors are phenomenal!!!

  8. Carleen | 26th Oct 18

    Very pretty shades! I love the lavender shade.

  9. Tracey L | 26th Oct 18

    I wear all shades! It just depends on my mood!

  10. Michele Lower | 26th Oct 18

    I dont i am an artist so my nails are shot if i win it will go to my daughter

  11. gloria patterson | 26th Oct 18

    love the top of bottle with the nail on them you know what color you are getting.

    I wear a lot of shades of blues but then again I have red days and pink days

  12. Never Say Die Beauty | 26th Oct 18

    Wow, that blue is insane! They’re all gorgeous. Best of luck to the entrants!

  13. Lola Seicento | 26th Oct 18

    WOW, these are all incredibly GORGEOUS, and they are stunning shades on you, Marcia!

  14. Kathryne | 26th Oct 18

    I like all! Glad they’re vegan and cruelty-free too

  15. Helga | 26th Oct 18

    I usually wear soft pinks.

  16. Lynne B | 26th Oct 18

    Much to my daughter’s frustration, I tend to wear pale pinks. Thanks to my daughter, I wear other colors now too. lol

  17. Deborah W. | 26th Oct 18

    I usually wear dark colors but honestly it just depends on my mood. Never heard of this brand before but those colors are really pretty.

  18. Sarah Mathias | 26th Oct 18

    I like like to wear mauve and neuteral colors.

  19. Laurajj | 26th Oct 18

    Oh a huge variety!!! I love playing around with colors and using all different ones! I love glitters!

  20. Janet Fricano | 26th Oct 18

    I like different shades of nail polish and a little sparkle sometimes.

  21. Mary W | 26th Oct 18

    I usually wear reds, oranges and corals. I change the colors for the seasons. The polish colors you feature would be perfect for the holiday season.

  22. Cindy Ingalls | 26th Oct 18

    These polishes are great and a genius idea. Katies Witness is stunning!

  23. Adriana | 26th Oct 18

    Love to wear different shades ,no preference.

  24. Susan P. | 26th Oct 18

    I usually wear neutral colors to work.

  25. Barrie | 26th Oct 18

    I like wearing a mauve as it goes with anything. My new favorite color is denim blue.

  26. Liz | 26th Oct 18

    I love wearing all colors but yellow on my nails. When I can’t decide, my mani is usually a scattered holo and my pedi a red creme.

  27. Jennifer R | 26th Oct 18

    I love clear polish for the majority of the time on my nails but I love to go brighter and tropical during vacations somewhere warm.

  28. Terri Shaw | 26th Oct 18

    I wear mauves to purples.

  29. Nancy P | 27th Oct 18

    I like just about any color but blacks & whites.

  30. Jeanna Massman | 27th Oct 18

    I usually go for shades of pink or coral.

  31. Monique S | 27th Oct 18

    I wear light pastels like pinks and roses but love these for date nights as they look fun

  32. Edye | 27th Oct 18

    I like red!

  33. Angelica Dimeo | 27th Oct 18

    I like bright colors

  34. Rebecca W | 27th Oct 18

    I usually like to wear pink or purple. I really like red for my toe nails.

  35. Tara L | 27th Oct 18

    I’m forever changing the color of my nails throughout the week. I like pinks, or hot pink for summer and hot yellow. I love the last picture nail color on your nails and I think I’d love that one too.

  36. Vicki Wurgler | 27th Oct 18

    I wear pink shades

  37. Leela | 27th Oct 18

    I like light grey and blue shades.

  38. Cynthia Richardson | 28th Oct 18

    I like to wear different colors and designs on my nails. Currently wearing a wine matte with accent holo nail.

  39. Heather B | 28th Oct 18

    lately I am liking blue-ish green, and purples.

  40. Erica D Ardali | 28th Oct 18

    anything chrome or holo. I am a bit dramatic

  41. Steph | 28th Oct 18

    I usually wear nude

  42. Erika | 28th Oct 18

    That silver holo is gorgeous! I love that little flip out to test the colour, what a great idea.

  43. Diane | 28th Oct 18

    greys, blues and purples

  44. Heather Kaufman | 28th Oct 18

    I wear anything that is fun.

  45. Laura Rubenstein | 28th Oct 18

    i love to wear black

  46. CosmetopiaDigest.com | 28th Oct 18

    I love the blue and the holo – the blue is rich, silky and metallic, and perfect for the end of the year, while the holo is glamorous around the year.

  47. 25 Sweetpeas | 28th Oct 18

    Well these look lovely! Neat lil built in swatch stick!

  48. Susan Gillam | 28th Oct 18

    I love metallic and dark colors like black and grey the best!!

  49. Diane M Gooding | 28th Oct 18

    The colors i usually wear change with the season.

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