Kissproof lips with Eddie Funkhouser Molten Metal Mania

Eddie Funkhouser Molten Metal Mania

We have a deep love for Eddie Funkhouser cosmetics and we can’t help but rave about his products. There’s something enticing about a man who loves to have bright purple hair and is amazingly creative with his cosmetic ideas. You can tell that not only does he love makeup but that he loves women too, always striving to create products that will make us feel more beautiful.

Eddie Funkhouser Cosmetics is a one man show. Yes he has a team that works with him but he’s an independent company which is harder and harder to find these days. Eddie has ethics that we look for in cosmetics: NO ANIMAL TESTING | CRUELTY-FREE | GLUTEN FREE | NO SOY | NON-GMO

Today you’ll see 8 shades of his METAL MANIA MOLTEN LIP CREMES and we think you’ll love them all. We have two sets to share ($21.99) and each shade is available as a single ($11.99).


Eddie Funkhouser Metal Mania LAVAPALOOZA & LAVA GIRL and SIZZLE & CINDER

As someone who doesn’t wear colored lip products every day it’s wonderful to find these MOLTEN Metal Mania Matte Lip Cremes that are as light as air. I can see them on my lips but I can’t feel them. That’s just short of a miracle. Metal Mania are mattes that don’t feel like mattes. They feel lightweight and feathery. They don’t dry out my lips at all. I have to go look in the mirror to make sure that I have lipstick on. That’s my kind of product.

SIZZLE & CINDER duo has two complementary colors, a coppery peach and a nude gold. They look great alone and you can always layer them for your own unique shade.

Eddie Funkhouser Sizzle & Cinder

Eddie Funkhouser Cinder & Sizzle

LAVAPALOOZA & LAVA GIRL has a coppery red and a medium pink. I love all the colors but it’s Lava Girl that really tops the list for me.

Eddie Funkhouser Lavapalooza & Lava Girl

Eddie Funkhouser Lava Girl & Lavapalooza

While these are metallic lip shades that aren’t over the top metal, it just adds shine that looks natural, even when you are over the age of metallics (but love them anyway). The next time you see me I’ll be the one wearing Lava Girl and smiling.


Eddie Funkhouser Metal Mania

Eddie Funkhouser Metal Mania

I completely agree with my partner – the texture and feel of these matte lippies is divine.  They don’t dry out my lips and in fact it feels like I don’t have anything on, which is unusual for a matte lippie.  Marcia definitely got the more demure colors in her sets – mine are much more bold and bright.

Eddie Funkhouser Metal Mania

Eddie Funkhouser Metal Mania in LAVA MARIA

The applicator is a traditional does foot which makes for easy application.  With the darker shades, I find that I need to blot after applying because the color is so deep for all except for Ring of Fire.

Lava Maria is a deep purple that is a great goth shade when it isn’t blotted.  Blotted, it leans more pink and delicate.  Lava Maria is paired with Inferno, a bright metallic red that is really gorgeous.

My other bright combo is Melted, a matte deep raspberry pink, and Ring of Fire, the most delicate of my four shades.  Ring of Fire is a matte medium pink.

Wearing Eddie Funkhouser Metal Mania Ring of Fire

As usual Eddie Funkhouser doesn’t disappoint.  The Metal Mania Metallic Metal Lip Cremes are whatever you like…bold or demure…and they are unique for a matte lip in that they have a feathery light feel and texture.  Be sure to check them out, especially while there are great Valentine’s Day specials available!

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  1. I love those colors and the packaging is so cute and clever! Great for a night out.

  2. I love Lava Girl & Lavapalooza!

  3. What great shades! You know I love the reds!

  4. Those are nice – I want to try Inferno!

  5. The pinks and purples look really fun, but I usually stick to subdued shades myself

  6. These all look really fun! I didn’t realize he did everything himself!

  7. Cinder and Sizzle really speak to me, I have to go check this out!

  8. Ehmkay Nails says

    I love matte lippies! And this brand reminds me of curb your enthusiasm lol! Almost confused me!

  9. I love Eddie too, I wish I could wear metallic lippies.

  10. The packaging looks a bit like Kylie kits!

  11. I really like Inferno!!! That is so my shade! Thanks for sharing!

  12. 25 Sweetpeas says

    Melted looks pretty, and I’m totally getting a Kylie packaging vibe!

  13. Gorgeous colors!! I wish I could pull off metallics 🙁

  14. Dang, I wish they weren’t metallics, I love all of the shades! I’m glad they’re not over the top metallic, like you said. Inferno is my jam!