Keeping it real! Zone Naturals Bust Balm and Chub Rub

Let’s get real. The female body is incredible – soft, firm, curvy, flat…they are all miracles that produce even more miracles. But the female body can also be a real pain. Thighs, underarms, breasts, you name it, that body part can rub against another or against clothing which makes you forget all about how miraculous your body is. We need products that get real so we can really eliminate the friction that turns into chafing, irritation, rashes…ouch.

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So, girls have ‘the girls’, which can be a real problem. Chafing along the bra line is incredibly painful. Zone Naturals has the answer – Bust Balm All-Natural Bust Chafing Prevention ($11.99). Bust Balm can be used every single day to prevent chafing. 

The Bust Balm is an all-natural salve that is really good for skin in general, and when you swipe it along the bra line it creates a barrier that stops skin from chafing. It works for every type of bra, from sports bras to fancy lingerie. 

The ingredients in Bust Balm are ones that skin just loves in general – shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin E, and organic coconut oil. All of the ingredients not only create a barrier between your skin and your bra, they also fight free radicals, prevent inflammation, and even out skin tone. Everything is organic and 100% natural so it should work for every type of skin including extremely sensitive.

I was a little worried that the Bust Balm might stain my delicates but it doesn’t. There is no staining at all, and the balm isn’t greasy and messy. Plus, it’s paraben-free and cruelty-free. Bust Balm is a fabulous way to take care of ‘the girls’ and chase away the chafe.

Another product from Zone Naturals made just for women is the hilariously named Chub Rub. It’s probably NOT what you think, so read on!

The most famous of the four ‘sticks’ from Zone Naturals is their Chub Rub All-Natural Anti-Chafe Stick For Her ($11.99). Chub Rub can be used anywhere on the body but it was created to tackle the issue of chafing on inner thighs.

Do you see the seal in the upper left corner of the photo above? It means Parent Tested Parent Approved.  Zone Naturals says, “Products that won the PTPA Seal of Approval did so because parents across North America participated in the testing process, at no cost to them. They evaluated the products with their families in real-life environments, rather than simply conducting a consumer vote. Feedback and evaluations were carefully tallied and curated, and products that meet their standards earn the coveted PTPA Seal of Approval. The PTPA Seal of Approval ranks among the most recognized seals in North America.”

Chub Rub is an all natural balm that prevents chafing. It is chemical-free and all the ingredients are natural. It has a different feel than the Bust Balm. Chub Rub is thicker, less delicate feeling than Bust Balm. Chub Rub gives super tough protection against friction for areas that experience lots of movement.

Chub Rub is great for thighs and it’s great for any other problem area. Underarms, knees, tummy…it works anywhere your skin rubs together. The ingredients include organic coconut oil, which is so good for skin, and while the formula is thicker than the Bust Balm it isn’t greasy or sticky.

I like the method of application. The balms are in a container that resembles a stick deodorant so they apply directly to the skin without having to stick fingers into a jar. The balm lasts for several hours so if you have a very long day you’ll want to bring the stick for reapplication if necessary.

You can buy Bust Balm and Chub Rub online at Zone Naturals as well as at Amazon. So get real regarding chafing and get yourself some! – Lisa


  1. Lola Seicento | 19th May 20

    What interesting products!

  2. Kathryne | 19th May 20

    Good to know it doesn’t stain underwear. Interesting concept!

  3. Miranda | 19th May 20

    YES!! I could have used this the other day because my thighs have gotten thicker in quarantine and now that it’s shorts weather, my run caused a bit of irritation, LOL!

  4. 25 SWEETPEAS | 20th May 20

    This sounds like a really nice product and helpful for shorts and dresses season!

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