Keeping it clean with hand mixed artisan soaps from Soapcreek Company

There is something really special about a company that is dedicated to the health of our planet and Soapcreek Company is one of those wonderful lines that has exquisite products that are all natural, made with the best ingredients, and done with an artistic flair. Everything is made by hand without any synthetic fragrances, dyes or  harsh chemicals and their packaging is all from renewable sources.


Soapcreek Company has a lot more than soap, but soap is what I am going to review today. Their hand mixed and poured Artisan soap is incredible. It’s gorgeous and it’s actually better than the soap you buy at the store because they don’t remove the glycerin from their food grade oils before making their soap, which is something that happens in the modern soap making businesses. Retaining this glycerin makes their soap even richer and better for your skin.They also use olive, coconut, and ricebran oils which make for an amazing lather, as well as aromatherapy in their soaps. All together it makes for an incredible bathing experience.

Right now I count 22 varieties of Artisan soap on Soapcreek Company’s website. I tested two of them, Lime Splice and Lavender Honey.

Soapcreek Lime Splice Artisan Soap

Lime Splice Artisan Soap ($9.99) is a big, thick bar of “Refreshing Lime, Yogurt, and Aloe with a bit of spice from black pepper essential oil, and a touch of poppy seed for exfoliation make an awesome spa experience.” It smells exactly like you would want a spa experience to smell – with this in your shower, you are instantly transported into calm relaxation.

Soapcreek Lime Splice Artisan Soap

Lime Splice is especially good for dry skin that is flaky because it lathers up with tons of hydration thanks to the aloe vera that is so healing, plus the yogurt that has lactic acid for renewing skin and the poppy seed for exfoliating. The essential oils work overtime too – the lime helps to tone skin, and the black pepper soothes aches and pains. The Bay is what gives that calming feeling. This is a beautiful bar that is marvelous for any shower in your house and would make a very welcome gift.

Soapcreek Lavender Honey Artisan Soap

Lavender Honey Artisan Soap ($9.99) is actually two different kinds of soap in one lovely bar. The top layer is Aloe and French Clay for soothing skin, and the bottom layer is Raw Honey for moisturizing. I’m sure it’s no surprise that this bar smells of beautiful lavender – but it also has a note of citrus that gives it a bit of a twist.

Soapcreek Lavender Honey Artisan Soap

Soapcreek Lavender Honey Artisan Soap

The Lavender Honey Artisan Soap is one of Soapcreek Company’s best sellers and I am not surprised.  This bar is for all skin types and has a splendid lather. The French Clay is a great cleanser and the raw honey helps skin retain moisture. The aloe vera is very soothing to the skin. Plus the essential oils in this bar are great – the Clary Sage is a wonderful antioxidant and is excellent for skin. Litsea Cubeba helps to control sebum and of course Lavender is so relaxing.

I love these soaps! I know you will too – and there are 20 more types to choose from with all different kinds of purposes, like Lightning Mist for shaving and Jamaican Cream for neutralizing onion, garlic, and fish odors from your hands in the kitchen. Go to and have a look!  – Lisa

Lime Splice Soap Ingredients:  Saponified Oils of Coconut, Rice Bran, Olive, Palm, and Castor, Aloe Vera Juice, Yogurt, Lime, Black Pepper, Bay, Cinnamon, Essential Oils, Poppy Seed, Mineral Colorant.

Lavendar Honey Soap Ingredients:  Saponified Oils of Coconut, Rice Bran, Olive and Palm, Aloe Vera, French Clay, Raw Honey, French Lavender, Clary Sage, Litsea Cubeba, and Bitter Almond Essential Oils, Lavender Buds, Mineral Colorant.


  1. That lime splice and pepper soap sounds yummy. I know it’s not for eating but they both sound scrumptious from the description. It’s almost too pretty to want to use. That lavender one makes me think of my Grandma. Grandma scent it what it is. 🙂

  2. The lavender hone looks amazing. I love that you can feel good knowing it comes from such an ethical company.