KBShimmer Where My Beaches At?

My final shade from the KBShimmer Beach Break Collection is the moody one – she’s got multiple personalities. Where My Beaches At? is a beautiful thermal, with a bold orchid base and pink, green, orange, and gold flakies. I think this may the most sensitive of all the KBShimmer thermals that I have tried – it is incredibly reactive to temperature.

I love a pink polish in the summer anyway, and how fun is it to get multiple shades out of one nail polish? Just the best. Where My Beaches At? varies from a deep orchid pink in colder environments to a pale violet – actually almost totally white – when the temperature rises.

Here is a progression from almost the deepest – it was just too hot outside for me to be able to capture the absolutely deepest shade – to close to the lightest. The very lightest shade is actually almost see through, but I didn’t get a good picture of it. All of the polishes in the Beach Break Collection look perfect with two coats, but since Where My Beaches At? gets so sheer at high temps I think you are better off with three coats.

It was so hot out when I took these pics – about 88 degrees. I was snapping as fast as I could, but not only did I not get the deepest shade, I also couldn’t stand being outside long enough to get the lightest one!

I think that Where My Beaches At? is simply stunning. It’s the perfect beachy shade…I guess I should actually say the perfect beachy shades! KBShimmer is always aces when it comes to punny names, but I think that the cheeky Where My Beaches At? is my favorite. You can buy the entire 9 piece Beach Break Collection for $81, or individual shades for $10 each on the KBShimmer website. Have a wonderful summer! – Lisa


  1. Brandon Sparks | 10th Jun 20

    My daughter would really love these colors..

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