KBShimmer knows fall nails

There’s excitement in the air when seasons change and fall is a big change from where we’ve been. KBShimmer has created a beautiful fall nail polish collection and I have 2 to show you that are absolutely perfect for the cool weather change.

ALL THE FALL THINGS is KBShimmer’s entry into fall weather. There are 9 stunning polishes in this collection and today I have two that are perfect for my current Michigan weather. Lisa has shared some already and soon I’ll have 3 more that will complete the set.

All the Fall Things Collection – photo by KBShimmer

As the leaves are rapidly turning in my neighborhood I’ve got Quantum Leap and Bittersweet Symphony to mimic the weather.

KBShimmer: Quantum Leaf and Bittersweet Symphony

Quantum Leaf is actually a 2012 polish that has been reformulated. KBShimmer has updated their formulas over the years and this is one they felt deserved it. Using their words it’s a rustic yellow gold that contains a mix of different size glitters. The glitters are in hues of orange, copper, and gold which are the colors of fall leaves.

KBShimmer Quantum Leaf

The red glitters are the largest and most prominent as they stand for the bright red of the sugar maple trees. The small gold shimmer brings warmth to the polish. I used two coats and had no problem with getting a lot of the glitters out. This is truly fall.

KBShimmer Quantum Leaf

My favorite of these two though is Bittersweet Symphony since it’s friendlier on my cool toned skin. The base is a very light taupe, almost a cream shade. The glitter is in shades of red, berry, and orange. These are small glitters so it’s not as bold as Quantum Leaf. Normally my husband doesn’t like polishes like this on me because he feels they are too youthful for this old lady but this is one he appreciates.

KBShimmer Bittersweet Symphony

I was surprised when this covered completely in 2 coats since my long nails often show visible nail lines but the contrast isn’t stark enough for that to happen.

KBShimmer Bittersweet Symphony
KBShimmer Bittersweet Symphony

KBShimmer calls this a crelly with glitter. The glitter load is light with micro shimmers. It’s subtle enough for work but snappy enough for fun.

This is the perfect time to wear these two shades. Be sure to check out Glazed & Confused, Slay Cozy, Thyme on My Hands, and Fully Booked on Lisa’s review. The next step is picking these up and enjoying fall. — Marcia



  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 26th Oct 20

    I’m drawn to Quantum Leaf because it is so autumnal as well as quite unusual. Lovely collection. And you were right about how long KB Shimmer polish lasts. I just removed Leaf of Faith after it lasted for 8 days!

  2. Kristina Vieweg | 26th Oct 20

    These are so unique! I really love the nude with red glitter. I have to try some KBShimmer someday!

  3. Krystal | 28th Oct 20

    I really love KBShimmer’s take on fall – she’s doing an amazing job!

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