KBShimmer has all the glimmer!

It’s hard to ignore all the beautiful polishes from KBShimmer. Both of us on Beauty Info Zone are huge fans of this brand and we sort of fight over who gets to review which ones. But we’re good about trading bottles with each other so that we can both enjoy the greatness. I’m wondering which of these I’ll be sharing with Lisa.


These 4 polishes are from the Up and Autumn collection. You can find 3 others from this collection on Lisa’s review .There are other shades in the Autumn collection too so there’s a lot of fun to choose from.The polishes I have are quite unique. The two thermals, All Fired Up and Apple-y Ever After, are unlike the other thermals I have from KBShimmer. These matte polishes have a more dramatic change than a lot of thermals.

KBShimmer Up and Autumn

All Fired Up starts as a black polish with beautiful fiery red flakes but it changes to a smokey gray shade. In that transition is when All Fired Up shows its true colors with “shifts from a burning red to a sizzling orange, to a warm yellow, and is further accented by a magical red to green shimmer”. Top it with your favorite top coat to see the beauty of it.

KBShimmer All Fired Up cold

KBShimmer All Fired Up Warm

KBShimmer All Fired Up

Apple-y Ever After starts as a rich brown hue, almost a russet, but ends with a Granny Smith green when warm. It’s quite a combination that screams autumn and cider mills. This contains micro-glitter to give that glimmer that KBShimmer is famous for.

KBShimmer Apple-y Ever After

KBShimmer Apple-y Ever After changing

My favorite of today’s polishes is TREND SWEATER. I really can’t get enough of this polish and it’s a prime example of what KBShimmer can do with holographic shimmer. Trend Sweater is considered a microchrome that starts as a bright fuchsia shade but it changes with the light. “As angles and light shift, hues of rose and lavender fade into an almost golden coppery pink.”  I’ve been wearing this for 4 days now and gotten 4 compliments already.

KBShimmer Trend Sweater

KBShimmer Trend Sweater

KBShimmer Trend Sweater

Trend Sweater will be worn over and over by me from fall through spring. It’s that gorgeous.

Last but not least is a wonderful autumn and holiday polish, VESTED INTEREST. When I first opened the bottle I expected it would be a blue shimmer but it’s much more interesting than that. It’s blue, teal, and green all in one shimmery shade. It changes all the time. As soon as it was on me my manicurist said she wanted it for Christmas.

KBShimmer Vested Interest

KBShimmer Vested Interest

KBShimmer Vested Interest

The shimmer comes from Multichrome Holo Glow Flakes and are small in size. This is one of the shiniest polishes of the season.

No matter which you choose you can’t go wrong. KBShimmer wears like iron on me. I went for 6 weeks in between manicures due to my surgery and the polish looked the same all the way through (except for nail growth). That’s what we want in a polish. Whatever your needs, KBShimmer is sure to fill them.  —  Marcia


  1. Wow, Trend Sweater is extraordinarily beautiful! It’s also a perfect color for you, Marcia!

  2. OMG!!!! I am obsessed with Trend Sweater! It looks great!!

  3. Wow, all lovely but it’s Vested Interest for me!

  4. Great polishes. Love the thermal 😀

  5. I love their polishes!

  6. Trend Sweater is my favorite of the bunch!

  7. 25 Sweetpeas says

    Thermals are always fun!

  8. I love Vested Interest!!! Such a beautiful lacquer and you captured the color shift perfectly!

  9. love vested interest–has the mermaid look

  10. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    That was definitely a fab collection! All Fired Up is awesome!

  11. Trend Sweater is right up my alley, and I’m also a sucker for a good pun!

  12. I am drooling over all of the beautiful polishes KB Shimmer is releasing, this season.

  13. OMG Sweater is amazing!

  14. I LOVE my KBShimmer polishes! The formulas are always so perfect and the colours are gorgeous!

  15. I only have a few KBShimmer polishes in my collection, but boy are they some of my favorites — the formula JS SO outstanding!!!

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