KBShimmer Endless Summer Nail Polish Collection!

Love summer? Love beautiful nail polish? Then the KBShimmer Endless Summer Nail Polish Collection is for you! I adore KBShimmer polishes, and their collections are always terrific. This summer’s collection is a big hit with me. All the polishes are jellies which means sheer yet vibrant color with tons of shine, and each polish has an adorable name that celebrates the best of summertime. Plus, the Endless Summer Collection comes with a few extra goodies.

The full Endless Summer 8 piece collection includes:

3- Endless Summer Polish Bottle Magnets (full set exclusive)
3- Endless Summer Polish Bottle Stickers
1- Sucker (packed in an organza bag with the magnets and stickers)
8 – Endless Summer Shades (A Love-Heat Relationship, Anything Is Popsicle, Are You Kitten Me, Hanging With My Grill Friends, Living My Zest Life, Pretty Shore, Something To Taco ‘Bout, Zoom With A View).

KBShimmer Endless Summer Collection magnets

I am loving jelly polishes for summer. Jelly is such a perfect texture – bright yet sheer color, beautiful shine and color shifting flakes. While a cream polish is like a lipstick, a jelly polish is like a lip gloss.

Endless Summer Nail Polish Collection from KBShimmer (photo by KBShimmer)

Here are the specs for all 8 of the nail polishes:

Type: Jelly w/Flakes
Base Type: 5 Free Base
Glitter Load: None
Glitter Size: None
Recommended Coats: Best worn in 2-3 coats. Glitter grabbing flat brush. Two stainless steel balls are included in every polish bottle.

Today, I have my review of half the collection – Something to Taco ‘Bout, Zoom With a View, Are You Kitten Me?, and Anything is Popsicle. Marcia will be posting her review of the other four shades, A Love-Heat Relationship, Hanging With My Grill Friends, Living My Zest Life, and Pretty Shore very soon.

Anything Is Popsicle – This is such a unique cherry red shade. It makes me think of one of the very best perks of summertime…ice cream trucks and tasty freezer treats! The jelly texture is so perfect for this shade which mimics those rosy lips you have after nursing a cherry popsicle. Anything is Popsicle is “a pink-leaning cherry jelly base loaded with micro holographic flakes for blinding sparkle in the sun, while lower lighting lets the rainbow color-shifting flakes come out to play.”

Are You Kitten Me? – Nothing is as wonderful as a cute kitten with tons of personality. Are You Kitten Me? has personality plus! It’s an orange jelly with all sorts of intriguing bling – copper, gold, and green color-shifting flakes plus tiny holographic flakes for a loose linear sparkle.

Something To Taco ‘Bout – Taco Tuesdays are definitely better in the summer when the weather is beautiful and you can have a taco fiesta outside by the pool. Something To Taco ‘Bout is the prettiest chartreuse-leaning lime green I have ever seen. I am surprised at how beautiful this is on! It has the micro holographic flakes for a loose linear sparkle, and the flakes change color from orange to green. Just gorgeous. (Note – Something To Taco ‘Bout has Yellow 10 which may stain your nails, so wear a base coat to prevent this.)

Zoom With A View – To think, a few months ago I didn’t even know what Zoom was! Now I am an expert, and sporting Zoom With a View on my nails is definitely impressive during those from home meetings! Zoom With A View lands somewhere between royal blue, periwinkle, and purple. The micro holographic flakes are stunning, and the color shifting flakes go from red to lime green to aqua. Zoom With a View is a real show stopper.

You can purchase these nail polishes for $10 each on the KBShimmer website, or you can buy all 8 shades (and don’t forget that adorable nail polish magnet set!) for $80. Stay tuned to see what Marcia thinks of her half of the Endless Summer Set! – Lisa


  1. Stacie Hamilton | 22nd Jul 20

    These are so pretty. The Popsicle shade is my favorite from the collection so far.

  2. Lola Seicento | 22nd Jul 20

    What pretty shades! Perfect for the season.

  3. Cindy E Ingalls | 22nd Jul 20

    They are all so pretty, love all the glitter!

  4. Cassie Tucker | 26th Jul 20

    These are all really pretty but I think Something to Taco About might be my favorite. For sure going to pick that one up.

  5. Nina Kasper | 27th Jul 20

    Those magnets are too cute!!! I would say Zoom With A View is my favorite, the color combo in the flakes to the base color is perfection!

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